Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Chapter 3.1 It Can Be Done Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 3.1 – It Can Be Done

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 3.1: It Can Be Done. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here It Can Be Done full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

English Solution


It Can Be Done

(1) Answer the following questions in one sentence each.

(a) Who misses all the fun?

Ans: – The man who says, “it can’t be done’ misses all the fun

(b) What does the title of the poem say?

Ans: – The title of the poem says that we can do anything as we wish to.

(c) What does the man who misses all the fun do?

Ans: – The man who misses all the fun remains unfriendly and distant, not getting involved in Anything.

(d) Why does he ‘miss all the fun’?

Ans: – He misses all the fun because he believes that dangerous tasks, cannot be done.

(e) What would he do if he had the power to do it?

Ans: – If he had the power, he would even wipe out the history of the human ____

(f) What examples of man’s progress have been given in the poem?

Ans: – The invention of radio, electricity motor car, telegraph and telephone are the examples of man’s progress.

(g) What should human beings do in order to make progress?

Ans: – Human beings should have a positive thing towards life which will help them to overcome from their fears and difficulties. It helps them to go ahead in their life path.

(3) Form pairs. Discuss and prepare a list of things which can be and will be done in future. (5 things) Spot the modal verbs in your answer. (See page 37.)

Ans: – (1) we could have floating homes on water

(2) All the work will be done by machine

(3) Cars will also be travelling through air.

(4) People might make trips to the moon for a vacation

The meat verbs are – could, will, might

(4) Complete the following sentences using your ideas:

(a) I can……………

Ans: – Succeed

(b) They can………….

Ans: – overcome their problems

(c) We can…………

Ans: – complete our duties

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