Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Chapter 2 Daydreams Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 2 – Daydreams

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 2: Daydreams. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here Day dreams full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5


English Solution




Chapter – 2

Day dreams


(2) (1) What did the husband want to buy ?

 Ans: The husband wanted to buy some cows.

(2) What plans did the wife make ?

 Ans: The wife made many plans like they would have plenty of dahi, butter and ghee. She would use one of the earthen pots for milk, one for dahi and the other for butter. For ghee, she would put in to the jar. She would was the remaining earthen pots to send milk to her sister.

(3) What did the husband want to do with the extra milk?

Ans: The husband wanted to sell the extra milk in the market.

(4) What did Gopal Bhand say he was doing?

Ans: Gopal Bhand said that he was drawing away their greedy cows who have ruined his field of beans and cucumbers.

(5) Did Gopal Bhand have a field?

Ans: No, he did not have a field.  

(6) What did Gopal Bhand want to tell the husband and wife?

Ans: Gopal Bhand wanted to tell the husband and wife that they should not fight over things that they do not even have.

(7) What is the difference between a ‘dream’ and a ‘daydream’?

Ans: The difference between a ‘dream’ and ‘a day dream’ is that a dream that a person has at night while sleeping, whereas, a daydream that a person has on their mind while full awake.


(5) * a > a lot time, a stout stick, in a corner.

* an > There is no phrase of ‘an’

* the > One of the pots all the hard work, through the air.


(2) * an earthen pot

* a cow

* a jar

* a sister

* a stout stick

* a lovely field

* an eyebrow


(3) * cow – cows

* pot – pots

* jar – jars

* sister – sisters

* market – markets

* drop – drops

* stick – sticks

* corner – corners

* field – fields

* cucumber – cucumbers


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