Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Chapter 2 Work of the Saints Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 2 – Work of the Saints

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 2: Work of the Saints. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 4 get here Work of the Saints full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 4

EVS Part 2 Solution


Work of the Saints


1) Fill in the blanks :

a) Sant Namdeo was a great devotee of ………..

b) At a very early age, at near Pune, Dnyaneshwar took ‘Samadhi’.

c) Sant Tukaram drowned in the river ………., all the record of loan papers he  

d) To popularize the worship of strength, Samarth Ramdas raised the temples of

………. .


a) Vitthal

b) alandi

c) Indrayani

d) Hanuman

2) Write the answer in one sentence.

a) What discrimination did Shri Chakradhar Swami not believe ?

Ans- shri chakradhar swami is one of the great saint earned by Maharashtra. He did not believe in any discrimination based on gender or caste. He moved all over Maharashtra with spreading equality.

b) What desire did Sant Namdeo instill among the people ?

Ans- saint Eknath buried a seed of faith and deep devotion of God in the peoples also he instilled them to protect their region.

c) What advice was rendered by Sant Eknath?

Ans- Saint Eknath gives advice to peoples about discrimination. He teaches peoples to do not accept any discrimination of high and low.

d) What message was propagated by Samarth Ramdas?

Ans-Samarth Ramdas gave massage to peoples be strong and be united for the more power.

3.) Give answers in three or four sentences.

a.) Why did Sant Dnyaneshwar lock himself in his hut ?

Ans- Saint Dnyaneshwar was the one of the best saint earned by Maharashtra Dnyaneshwar generally wander for begging day no one give him alms. Instead of alms many peoples insulted him for his father. His father was taken sanyas and returned home. Hence many peoples abuse them due to abusive language he feels deep pain. That is the reason he locked himself inside the hut.

b.) What message did Sant Tukaram give?

Ans-saint Tukaram spread his good thoughts in the peoples which was based on forgiveness and peace of mind. He conveys his massage in the form of abhangas. He said a beautiful lines to peoples for convince them like, ‘He alone is a saint and god dwells with him who calls the weak and downtrodden as his own ‘ his thoughts depends on equity.

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