Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Chapter 1 Maharashtra before Shivaji Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 1 – Maharashtra before Shivaji

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 1: Maharashtra before Shivaji. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 4 get here Maharashtra before Shivaji full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 4

EVS Part 2 Solution


Maharashtra before Shivaji


1) Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option.

a) The time in which Shivaji Maharaj lived was that of the period.

(Ancient, medieval, modern)

Ans- Medieval

b) Shivaji Maharaj established Swaraj in ………. .

(Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh)

Ans- Maharashtra

2) Match the pairs.


a) Emperor of Vijaynagar

(1) Nizamshah

 b) Sultan of Ahmadnagar

(2) Adilshah
c) Sultan of Bijapur

(3) Krishnadevraya



(4) Emperor Akbar

Ans- a) Emperor of Vijaynagar- Krishnadevraya

b) Sultan of Ahmadnagar- Nizamshah

c) Sultan of Bijapur- Adilshah

3) Write the answer in one sentence.

a) Name the kings who looked after the welfare of their subjects.

Ans-Some kings are did very good work in their emperor. For example, Moghal emperor Akbar in the north region of India, krishnadevraya king of vijaynagar in the south region of india and Shivaji maharaj in Maharashtra.

b) What noble task did Shivaji Maharaj undertake ?

Ans-Shivaji Maharaj wants to spread happiness in people hence he took noble task of establishing ‘ swaraj’.

c) Who did Shivaji Maharaj fight against ?

Ans-Shivaji Maharaj fought against such powers which badly ruled on peoples and defeated them.

4) Find the odd-man-out.

a) Swaraj, slavery, freedom

Ans – Slavery

b) People, subjects, king

Ans – King

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