Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Chapter 9 Social Health

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 9 – Social Health

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 9: Social Health. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Social Health full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 10
Subject Science Part – 2 Solution
Chapter Social Health


Chapter: – 9 (Social Health)


Exercise: –


1) Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

a.) Laughter club is a remedy to drive away — –mental stress– — –.

b.) Alcohol consumption mainly affects — nervous — — — system.

c.) The act — – 2000– — — is to curb the cyber crimes.


2) Answer the following.


a.) Which factors affect the social health?

Ans: – There are various factor that works for social health. Now a days mental stress is the main issue. To much work pressure, financial   pressure, less sleep, family pressure is increasing which creates a mental stress in our health.


b.) Which changes occur in persons continuously using internet and mobile phones?

Ans: –  If someone get addicted to internet and mobile phones all the time various mental and physical problem he will face. For example, he or she will lose patient, there will no development in their carrier. Headache, insomnia, joint pain, over weight will be a regular problem for a person who is to much addicted to mobile.


d.) Explain the importance of good communication with others.

Ans: – To understand some one we must communicate with the person without ignoring him. Communication knowledge of a person shows about his personality or confidence. The lack of confidence is seen someone communication to other which impact in working life.


3) Solve the following cross-word

1.) Continuous consumption of alcoholic and tobacco-materials.

2.) This app may cause the cyber crimes.

3.) A remedy to resolve stress.

4.) Requirement for stress free life.

5.) Various factors affect — — — health.

6.) Art of preparing food items.

Ans: –


4) Which are various ways to minimize stress?

Ans: – There is some steps for minimizing our stress, these are –

  • We must think positive all time.
  • Few some time for our hobbies.
  • Meditation would be helpful.
  • Spend more times with family or friends.


5) Give three examples of each.

a.) Hobbies to reduce stress.

Ans: – There are different hobbies for different person. One person wanted to spend his time by singing or dancing or by listing song in free time. And one person tries to spend his free times in drawing or watching television. Watching cricket, football, playing chess or other game is someone hobbies.


b.) Diseases endangering the social health.

Ans: – There are some diseases which can endangering the social health of a person. If someone has AIDS then in her or his life going to very painful and always be detached from society. The other endangering disease are leprosy, mental disorder.


c.) Physical problems arising due to excessive use of mobile phones.

Ans: – The physical problem for using excessive use of Mobile phone is –

  • Headache is the main problem for excessive use of mobile.
  • Insomnia also be seen.
  • Joint pain also be seen.


d.) Activities under the jurisdiction of cyber crime laws.

Ans: – The various activity which came under the cyber crime is –

  • Hacking someone person data.
  • Misuse of someone writing.
  • Create heartrate by publishing various unethical content.


6) What will you do? Why?


a.) You are spending more time in internet/mobile games, phone, etc.

Ans: – We should spend more time by studying, playing or moving around instead of wasting time by using mobile phones or internet. There are various reasons for avoiding the mobile, internet excessive as to much use create headache and mental stress for a person specially the students are more affected by this.


b.) Child of your neighbour is addicted to tobacco chewing.

Ans: – I should stop the child when he or she chewing the tobacco. I should aware the child for the bad effect of tobacco in their life. If it is necessary to keep him away from another child the I will do it for keeping him or her safe.


c.) Your sister has become incommunicative. She prefers to  remain alone.

Ans: – I should find the main reason of incommunicative of my sister then I will help her to find solution of that problem. If it is necessary to take advise from expert then I will do that. Try not to spend her in lonely and advise her to spend much time with her friends.


d.) You have to use free space around your home for good purpose.

Ans: – There are various way to fill up a free space in our home. If I have any free space then I will try to fill the gap tree plantation as now a days it is very important to have more trees as our population is increasing. After doing that is some space remain then there, I will install a box where unused necessary things of someone will kept in that and some one needy person take it as a free.


e.) Your friend has developed the hobby of snapping selfies.

Ans: – I will stop my friend not to take snapping selfies as it some time create mental stress.  I will put some dangerous results that was happening while practicing this.


f) Your brother studying in XII has developed the stress.

Ans: – I will suggest him not to take to much pressure because if he took to much pressure then his study will be hampered. I will make him understand that there is nothing is impossible for him to do in her life. And finally tell him study some time and also do some hobbies that he likes.


7) What type of changes occurs in a home having chronically ill old person? How will you help to maintain good atmosphere?

Ans: – An old age person in family most of situation it seen as a burden but I will suggest the family members not to take that way. As if all members in a family think in positive way, then there will be stress at all.

In this situation the most necessary things are that not to leave him lonely if he or she feels loneliness then it will be harmful for health. I will suggest all the member that one person must be at a time beside him or her all time for protection or medicate.



Here is your solution of Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Chapter 9 Social Health

Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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  1. You have not put the answer of Q. 2 c

  2. Q2 c answer:
    Cyber crime is a crime which uses the computer for carrying out illegal actions, such as hacking data, misuse/illegal sale of literature, etc. There are various effects which cyber crime has on the mental social health of an individual. It can lead to monetory loss, leak of data and personal information of individuals and organisations etc. Such kind of actions leaves a person traumatise and disturbs the mental peace of an idivisual. This mental disturbance is reciprocated in the form physical and social effects which directly or indirectly affect the interpersonal relationship of individuals.

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