Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Chapter 8 Cell Biology And Biotechnology

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 8 – Cell Biology And Biotechnology

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 8: Cell Biology And Biotechnology. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Cell Biology And Biotechnology full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 10
Subject Science Part – 2 Solution
Chapter Cell Biology And Biotechnology


CHAPTER: – 8 (Cell Biology And Biotechnology)


Exercise: –


1) Fill in the blanks and complete the statements.

a.) Methods like artificial insemination and embryo transplant are mainly used for –improving the quality of the product

b.) –Stem cell technology— — — is the revolutionary event in biotechnology after cloning.

c.) The disease related with the synthesis of insulin is —diabetes– — —.

d.) Government of India has encouraged the –people– –forpsiciculture– — — for improving the productivity by launching NKM-16.


2) Match the pairs.


a. Interferon 1. Diabetes
b. Factor 2. Dwarfness
c. Somatostatin 3. Viral
infectiond. Interleukin.
5. Haemophilia. 4. Cancer


Ans: –

Group A Group B
a. Interferon 3. viral infection
b. Factor 5. Haemophilia
c. Somatostatin 2. Dwarfness
d. Interleukin 4. Cancer


3) Rewrite the following wrong statements after corrections.

a.) Changes in genes of the cells are brought about in non-genetic  technique.

Ans: – Change in gene of the cells are brought in genetic technique.

b.) Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis is introduced into soyabean.

Ans: – Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis is introduced into cotton plant.


4) Write short notes.

a.) Biotechnology: Professional uses.

Ans: – The uses of biotechnology are increasing with the increasing of huge population demand. Here are some examples of uses of biotechnology –

  • Food processing industries uses this technology.
  • For the production of biopolymer.
  • Neutralize the industrial waste.
  • For making life saving drug.

b.) Importance of medicinal plants.

Ans: –  There are various medical plant are uses to produce the life saving medicine. For example –

  • For the treatment of malaria Quinine of cinchona plant are used.
  • For hypertension the medicine is produced from sarpagandah plant.
  • Eucalyptus is used for making medicine.


5) Answer the following questions in your own words.


a.) Which products produced through biotechnology do you use in your daily life?

Ans: – We used various product in our daily life which are produced through biotechnology these are –

  • Antibiotic, vaccine for medical purpose.
  • Different dairy products.
  • Vitamin and enzymes are produced.
  • Vinegar is produced by biotechnology.


b.) Which precautions will you take during spraying of pesticides?

Ans: – The precautions which must be followed while spraying of pesticides are –

  • Cover the face specifically the eyes, nose.
  • Avoid in contacting to the clothes while spraying.
  • Take away children from these places. etc.


c.) Why some of the organs in human body are most valuable?

Ans: – Some of the organ in human body are most vulnerable because if by any chance these organs stop working properly then our normal activity of the body become slow. And for not working these organ properties we will face different diseases. These organs are kidney, heart, liver, eyes.


d.) Explain the importance of fruit processing in human life?

Ans: – Fruit supply the vitamin in our human body. These are the rich source of valuable material in our body. Although the fruit doesn’t store for a long time they store in cold ice. Fruit kept mostly by making jams, jelly’s, juice from it.


e) Explain the meaning of vaccination.

Ans: – For the protection of our body from different types of bacteria or vulnerable virus or other pathogens we take some medicine which is known as vaccine. The antibodies of some disease which is produce from the vaccine in our body always protect our body from that disease.


6) Complete the following chart.

Ans: –

7) Write the correct answer in blank circles.

Ans: –


8) Identify and complete the following correlations.

a.) Insulin: Diabetes: Interleukin: –Cancer– — —

b.) Interferon:viral infection–:Erythropoietin: Anaemia.

c.) —-Somatostatin—:Dwarfness: Factor VIII: Haemophilia.

d.) White revolution: Dairy: Blue revolution: — –aquatic organism– — –.


9) Write a comparative note on usefulness and harmfulness of biotechnology.

Ans: – Biotechnology create a huge revolution in the engineering fields with the medicine, vegetable, pesticides etc. Although there are uses of various product of biotechnology but some pros and cons remain always.

Pros of biotechnology:- In agricultural fields in make a great impact on producing the varites of seed by which helps more useful vegetables are produced. In food processing it also creates a huge impact. Its use in medical field is uncountable.

Cons of biotechnology: – To much uses of genetic technology the biotechnology disrupt the genetic make-up. Seed sterility are seen by using of it.  Some time it works against the nature like different bacteria are coming or muted by using uncontrollable using of biotechnology.



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