Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 2.4 The Pulley Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 2.4 – The Pulley

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 2.4: The Pulley. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here The Pulley full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10

English Solution


The Pulley

Q.)‘The Pulley’ is a mechanical device. Try and write down places where it can be used, and for what purpose.

Ans. Pulley can be used in the elevators, in theaters to pull up the curtain, to lift up heavy objects at construction sites etc.

Q.) What did God’s glass of blessings contain?

Ans. The God’s glass of blessings contained all the riches, wisdom, pleasures of the world and honour.

Q.) What would the human being do if God gifted him with ‘Rest’?

Ans. If God would have adored mankind with his gift of ‘rest’, man will start adoring only this gift and other luxuries provided by God  instead of him, and he will rest in nature, not in the God of Nature.


Q.) Choose the correct alternative from the following.

(a) Herbert’s poem ‘The Pulley’ displays . . . . . . . . as the two main themes.

(i) Origin of Morality/Spirituality

(ii) Origin of species

(iii) Origin of the universe/galaxy

(iv) Origin of the earth/space

Ans.Origin of Morality/Spirituality

(b) The theme of the poem ‘The Pulley’ is (Find two correct statements from the given alternatives.)

(i) To focus on the mechanical operation of a pulley

(ii) To teach a lesson to a creation (man) by the Creator (God)

(iii) To know the different gifts bestowed on man by God.

(iv) To remind man about his creator in his exhaustion.

(v) God pulled man towards Him by making him restless and weary.

Ans. The two themes are- i) To remind man about his creator in his exhaustion.

ii God pulled man towards Him by making him restless and weary.

(c) In the poem, ‘The Pulley’ is considered

(i) A mechanical device.

(ii) A gift to mankind

(iii) An image to lift objects.

(iv) An image by which God compels people to become devout.

Ans. An image by which God compels people to become devout.

(d) . . . . . . . . is an example of Pun from the poem.

(i) Rest in the bottom lay.

(ii) So strength first made a way

(iii) Having a glass of blessings . . . . . .

(iv) So both should losers be

Ans. Rest in the bottom lay.

(e) . . . . . . . . is an example of Paradox from the poem.

(i) And rest in Nature, not the God of Nature

(ii) He would adore my gifts instead of me

(iii) Let him be rich and weary

(iv) WhenGod at first made man

Ans.Let him be rich and weary.

(f) . . . . . . is an example of Synecdoche from the poem.

(i) So both should losers be

(ii) Then beauty flowed

(iii) “Let us” said he “pours on him”

(iv) May toss him to my breast

Ans. May toss him to my breast.

(g) . . . . . . is an example of Alliteration from the poem.

(i) Made a way

(ii) Bottom lay

(iii) Repining restlessness

(iv) Keep the rest

Ans. Repining restlessness

(h) . . . . . . is an example of Inversion from the poem.

(i) Contract into a span

(ii) So both should losers be

(iii) Bestow this jewel

(iv) And rest in nature

Ans. So both should losers be.

(i) The rhyme scheme of the poem is . . . . . .

(i) aa b b c.

(ii) a b c b c.

(iii) a b c c b.

(iv) a b a b a.

Ans. a b a b a.


Q.) Discuss and answer in your own words, and write in your notebook:

 (a) The poet has used the word REST thrice in the poem. Write what the word implies in each of the three lines it occurs.

Ans.First time the word ‘rest’ is used in the 2nd stanza, 5th line, which implies Rest is used as an object of contentment and satisfaction  which was lying at the bottom of God’s glass of blessings.

Second time it is used in the 3rd stanza, 4th line, here it means that men will give importance only to this particular gift of ‘Rest’ given by God and will forget to adore him instead.

And third and the last time the word is used in the 4th stanza, 1st line, which means ‘the remaining.’

(b) What does God want in return from man, for the gifts He has bestowed upon him?

Ans. God only wanted man’s love and faith on him in return; he thought that with these gifts, man shouldn’t forget him, instead they should adore God.

(c) Why did God withhold the gift of ‘Rest’ from man?

Ans.He thought if he gives away all his blessings to mankind, they surely will lose their faith in God and will stop loving him back and praying him. So he kept that one last gift of ‘Rest’ with him so that men will keep on turning back to God in their needs and hard times.

(d) Besides those given in the poem, what other gifts has God blessed mankind with above his other creations? Enlist them.

Ans. Besides, these gifts God have bestowed man with everything he has today. His ability to walk, talk, eat, everything around him, the beautiful things of nature are also God’s gift to mankind.

(e) When does man generally turn to God? Give one example to support your response?

Ans. Man generally turns to God whenever he faces some trouble or difficulties in his life. He has faith that God is only capable of taking away these untimely sorrows of life.


Q.)  Discuss with your group and justify the title of the poem ‘The Pulley’ in your own words:

Ans.A pulley is used to lift something upwards which is actually heavy. In this case, God tries to lift man, when he is full of sins and heavy with all the wrongs he has done and has nowhere to go except to God. This poem shows man’s immense faith on God and how God also wants his children to adore him and have faith on him. Paradoxically, if God pulls up the rope of a pulley, something heavy is lifted upwards, here in this case mankind is uplifted towards God.


Q.) Pick out two lines that contain the following figures of speech.

(a) Antithesis.

i) When God at first made man.

ii) Let the world’s riches. Which dispersed lie, contract into a span?

(b) Alliteration

i) “Ripping restlessness’ ii) “made man”

(c) Inversion.

i) “So both should be losers.”


Q.) Explain the Figures of Speech in the following lines:

(a) Rest in the bottom lay-PUN because

Ans. It is an example of pun because here rest implies two meanings, one is the remaining or the last one and it also means relaxation or peace of mind.

(b) Bestow this jewel also on my creature-METAPHOR because

Ans. This line is an example of Metaphor because ‘Rest’ is here compared to a costly jewel.

(c) And rest in nature, not the God of Nature-REPETITION because

Ans. The word ‘nature’ is repeated to put a stress on the line and its meaning.


Q.) Pun’ can be defined as play on words based on their different meanings. Example : ‘Writing with a broken ‘pencil is pointless.’ In this poem there is an example of Pun. Find and make a sentence of your own. Share a joke with the class where the use of ‘Pun’ creates humour.

Ans. Example of Pun- Its hard to beat a boiled egg for breakfast.

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