Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 1.2 A Thief’s Story Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.2 – A Thief’s Story

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.2: A Thief’s Story. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here A Thief’s Story full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10


English Solution


A Thief’s Story





Answer the following questions:


  • What is the narrator quite successful at?

Ans. The narrator of this story is a thief. He is quite successful at stealing things.

  • Who dies ‘I’ refer to in the story?

Ans. ‘I’ in the story refers to the narrator.

  • Why did the narrator change his name every month?

Ans. The narrator changed his name every month to keep himself ahead of the police and his former employers.

  • What favours did Anil do for the narrator?

Ans. Anil taught him cooking, how to write his name and he said Hari will soon be able to write whole sentences and to add numbers.

  • What proves that the narrator still practiced deceit?

Ans. Anil used to give him small amounts every other day to get the daily supplies from the market and whatever change Hari used to get, he used to keep it with himself instead of returning it to Anil. This shows that the narrator still practiced deceit.

  • What could have caused the scars on Hari’s face?

Ans. He was a thief after all. There might have some incidents happened in his life when he was caught while stealing or robbing people and was beaten hard or might be he was even caught by the police.

  • Why did Hari hesitate to board the train?

Ans. Anil was a very simple and innocent man, and Hari had guilt within for robbing Anil. He, somehow felt that if Anil’s trust will be broken, it will hurt him badly. Hari too developed a soft corner for Anil, who helped him with a lot of things.

  • Why does Hari feel that friends were more trouble than help?

Ans. Hari was a thief and being a thief, it would have been difficult for him to maintain a good friendship as his friends will know his truth and his real name and everything about him, which would have made it easier for the police to catch him.

  • What were Hari’s regret as he pondered over his theft?

Ans. Hari felt that he won’t be able to go to cinema with his honestly earned money, or he won’t be able to learn writing his name. He thought it was easy to steal, but to be a respectable man it needs a big heart.

  • Does Anil realize that he has been robbed?

Ans. Yes, Anil realized that he had been robbed.

  • Why did Hari give a genuine appealing smile?

Ans. For the first time Hari felt guilty of robbing his employer Anil, so he went back to him and kept the money at its place and stayed with Anil. The honest deed that he did at the end, made him give a genuine appealing smile.


English Workshop:

Q2. Insert the appropriate word/phrase given below, in the sentences that follow:

a) I dashed to the school gate when I heard the school bell rang.

b) After the death of my pet dog, my spirits rose when dad got me a new pup.

c) Do not stoop to flattery just to gain something from someone.

d) The artist completes his paintings by fits and starts.

e) The crime went undetected for 11 years.

f) When the baby saw its mother it gave an appealing



(a) Find from the text the collocation for the following:

a) Stray

b) Greedy man

c) Ticket office

d) Walk

e) Light

f) Whole

g) Rose my spirits


(B). Complete the compound words from the story:

a) Oil-rich b) Fifty-rupee

c) Easy-going d) Clock-tower

e) Moon-walk


(C). Pick out from the story 3-4 examples of code-mixing:

a) Bazaar b) Maidan

c) Payjamas


(Q4). Read the story carefully and complete the table:


2 Hari 15


Lean and thin with many scars on the face. Cheating people, stealing and robbing. Sly and cunning. Insincere, dishonest, but grateful and obelized by the end of the story.
  Anil 25 Tall, thin but stout like those of wrestlers, clear face. Writer (write for magazines) and sometimes write his own books as well. Simple, kind, easy-going, trustworthy, innocent, tactful and forgiving


(Q5). Complete the following sentences:

a) Anil kept Hari as a cook because he kept on following Anil and lied that he can cook.

b) Hari was grateful because Anil taught him how to cook, write his name, and was teaching him how to write while sentences.

c) Hari continued making money by keeping the changes to himself that Anil gave him to buy daily supplies.

d) Anil didn’t hand Hari over to the police because he was a forgiving and innocent person.

e) The moral of the story is, we should never give up on anything.


(Q6). Character sketch of Hari Singh using the points given:

Ans. Hari Singh was a 15 year old boy, who was quite a smart and fairly successful thief, as he is in this business for quite a long time. He used to change his name regularly so that his former employers or police won’t be able to catch him.

Finally he started working for a very simple, kind, innocent man named Anil, he started working as a cook and kept on cheating Anil, by keeping those money with him that Anil used to give him to buy daily supplies. Anil was also teaching him how to read and write, which Hari actually liked because he wanted to be a respected man.

Lastly, when he stole the bundle of money from Anil and ran away, he felt guilty of doing so as Anil was trying to help him in all the possible ways and he had the guilt of losing Anil’s trust. So he mustered up courage and went back to Anil and the money back at its place, because he wanted to learn & educate himself and to be a successful & respectable man.

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