Karnataka Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 5 Wodeyars of Mysuru Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science History Class 8 Chapter 5 Wodeyars of Mysuru Exercise Question and Answer.


1.) Srirangapatna

2.) Mangaluru

3.) Tippu Sultan

4.) Poornaiah

5.) 1907

6.) Ramarajya

7.) Sir. Vishveswaraiah

8.) Sir. Mirza Ismail

Q2) Question and answer:

1) Chikkadevaraya opened “Attar kaheri”

2) Dariya Doulath is in Srirangapatna

3) Lalbagh is in Bengaluru. Hyder Ali started this.

4) Krishnaraja wadiyar III came to powers after Tippu’s death.

5.) The British felt that Krishnaraja Wodeyar III did not properly suppress the result of Bidanuru of Shivamogga. They dethroned the king and brought the administration of Mysuru under a commission.

6.) Important commissioner of Mysuru were

– Mark cubbon.

– Louis Bentham Bowring.

7.) In 1881, The British handed over the administration of the state again to chamaraja wodeyar X. This is called Punardana.

8.) In 1881, Praja Prathinidhi sabha came into existence.

9.) Kannada Sahitaya Parishad is in Bengaluru. It was established in the year 1995.

10.) After the declaration of Indian Independence, a sathyagraha started in front of the Palace pressing. For the inclusion of Mysuru state in the Indian Federation under the leadership of K.C Reddy.

Q3) Discuss in groups and answer:

1) Achievements of Hyder Ali are:

Some of Achievements of Hyder Ali are point out below –

– He extended the kingdom Mysuru Considerably.

– He has an important place in the history of Karnataka, as he was a brave solider and an efficient administrator.

– Also, He established the beautiful Lalbagh garden in Bengaluru.

2) Achievements of Tippu sultan are:

– He built Bengaluru palace and a summer palace in Srirangapatna.

– He modernized his army withy with the help of the French.

– He moulded guns in Srirangapatna.

– He popularized sericulture in the state.

– Mastering the techniques of launching rockets was his uniqueness.

– He sanctioned grants to many Hindu temples and he gave gifts to Shringeri math.

– He constructed the tomb of Hyder Ali and the Jamma Masjid.

– He established royal mints at Srirangapatna and Mysuru.

A2) The results of the Third Anglo Mysuru was:

– In the third Anglo Mysuru was, the Britishers lay siege to the capital city of Tippu. He had to Siege a place treaty. He also had to surrender half of his kingdom to the British and had to pay 330 lakh as compensation. The two of his sons were taken as hostages until the compensation was cleared.

A4) Achievements of Naalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar:

He gave 371 acres of land and five lakh granted to J.N Tata to start a science institution in Bengaluru. He built KRS Dam and developed agriculture, the present Mysuru palace was completed, the Mysuru economic conference was started. He gave voting power to woman the first time.

A5) Achievements of Sri. M. Vishveswaraiah:

He is considered as the sculptor and creator of modern Mysuru. He worked as chief engineer; he started a sandalwood factory, a soup factory, central industrial workshop, leather processing and metal factories were started in Bengaluru. Mysuru chambers of commerce and industries was started. Mysuru bank was started. He established an agriculture school. The university of Mysuru and kannada sahitya parishad.  The construction of KRS dam comp-leted. The railway lines between Mysuru and Arasikere, Bowringpete and Kolar was laid.

Q4) Matching:

  1. C
  2. E
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D

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