Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 2 Chapter 3 Kodagu, Kittur, Tulunadu and Hyderabad- Karnataka Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 2 Class 6 Chapter 3 Kodagu, Kittur, Tulunadu and Hyderabad- Karnataka Exercise Question and Answer.

1) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) Name the place of origin of the river Kaveri.

Ans:-Origin of river Kaveri is Talakaveri in Kodagu district, Karnataka.

B) Name the important dynasties that ruled Kodagu.

Ans:-The important dynasties are:-

Haleri Dynasty.

C) Why did the Amarasulya rebellion break out?

Ans:-In 1837, heavy burden of land tax was imposed on the peasants of Amarasulya. They could not bear it and they became frustrated so, they broke out revolt which is known as Amarasulya revolt.

2) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) Why did Rani Chennamma of Kittur fight against the British?

Ans:- British government wanted to take over the administration of Kittur and the collector of Dharwad recommended this. Rani Chennamma decided to clash with British government. She wanted to protect Kittur from the British policy of suppressing Kittur. Because of this Rani Chennamma of Kittur started a fight against British.

B) Who is Sangolli Rayanna? How did he meet his end?

Ans:-Sangolli Rayanna was a brave freedom fighter and he was Rani Chennamma’s loyal follower.

Sangolli Rayanna charged British officers and after that he looted British treasury by guerrilla warfare. British government wanted to catch him but they did not get the success. British bribed some people and the betrayed Sangolli Rayanna. At last he was captured and hanged along with his associates.

3) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) Name the royal family which ruled for the longest period in Tulanadu.

Ans:-The royal family was Alupa.

B) Who was Ullala Abbakka Rani?

Ans:-Ullala Abbakka Rani was the first queen of Tulunadu who oppressed Portuguese and had a battle against Portuguese.

C) Who was Ferdinand Kittel?

Ans:- At the Basel mission press in Mangaluru,Ferdinand Kittel first compiled the Kannada dictionary.

D) Where is the thousand-Pillared basadi located?

Ans:- At Kadri Manjunatha temple, thousand-pillared temple was located.

F) Why is Karnad Sadashiva Rao remembered?

Ans:-Karnad Sadashiva was a freedom fighter of Talanadu. He served foods to harijan children. He loved his motherland and sacrificed his everything to bring freedom. Because of this, he is remembered.

G) What was the social work undertaken by Kudumul Ranga Rao for the upliftment of the Harijans?

Ans:-His social works are:-

Working for schooling of the harijan girls.

Fighting against untouchability.

H) Name the major banks of India established in Tulunadu.

Ans:-The major banks are:-

Syndicate bank.

Corporation Bank.

Canara Bank.

Karnataka Bank.

Vijaya bank.

4) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) What were the causes for the revolt of the Bedanayakas?

Ans:-The causes for the revolt of the Bedanayakas are:-

The Arms and forest Act passing.

British oppression.

Local zamindar’s exploitation.

B) What was the act that the Bedanayakas of Halagali opposed?

Ans:-   The Arms and forest Act were oppressed by the Bedanayakas of Halagali.

C) Who was Rami?

Ans:-Rami was a woman of valiant bedanayaka. She took part in revolt and kill three British soldiers. He was a famous martyr of India.

D) Who was Sindhura Lakshmana?

Ans:-Sindhura Lakshmana was a freedom fighter who fought against British. He killed one police officer and British government wanted to catch him. He got encountered by British but his bravery and love for his motherland was remarkable.

E) What was the role played by Surapura Venkatappa Nayaka in the first war of Independence, 1857-58?

Ans:-Surapura Venkatappa Nayaka was very young when he joined the first war of independence (1857). He adopted English education but he was in love with his motherland. British wanted to capture the fort of Surapura but he fought for it. One British officer died on second day of this war and British made a conspiracy. There was a traitor in is army and he betrayed Venkatappa Nayaka. At last Venkatappa lost this war and British captured the fort of Surapura.

F) What was Kalagapti?

Ans:-The 53 rule made by Nizam was called Kalagapti. Because of this people’s fundamental freedom was came to an end.

G) Who was Swami Ramananda Tirtha?

Ans:- Swami Ramananda Tirtha was a famous freedom struggle leader in Hyderabad. He organized and took part in many satyagrahas in all over the Hyderabad.

H) Who is called Karnataka Gandhi?

Ans:-Hardikar Manjappa is called Karnataka Gandhi.

I) Who was the brave leader of the Vande Mataram movement?

Ans:-Ramachandra Rao was the brave leader of the Vande Mataram movement.

J) What was the role played by Sharanagowda Inamdar in the Hyderabad Liberation Struggle?

Ans:-Sharanagowda Inamdar inspired the youth and he assembled many underground activities against Razaks. Organizing the youth, he made the lightning attacks against Razaks. As a result of this, villagers were freed from the torture of Razaks. After this, villagers did not leave their villages and live peacefully.

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