JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Poetry Chapter 2 To Blossoms Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Poetry Chapter 2 To Blossoms Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Poetry Chapter 2 To Blossoms

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 9 English Solution Chapter 2 To Blossoms all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 9 Standard can download all Answer.



Understanding the Poem

1.) In what way are the blossoms pledges of the fruitful tree?

Answer: Blossoms make a tree bear fruits. They bloom for a short period of time, fade away and fall just for the healthy fruit.


2.) What is the poet’s wish about blossoms?

Answer: The poet’s wish about blossoms is to stay for a longer period of time, to blush and smile gently and then last.


3.) What does the poet mean by saying ‘why do you fall so fast’?

Answer: By saying ‘why do you fall so fast’ the poet means that the blossom stays for a short period of time and then fades away in no time.


4.) Why does the poet compare human life to blossoms?

Answer: Just like the blossom, humans also have an end. The only difference is that humans live longer than the blossom. But ultimately there is an end to every being. Just blossom, humans go into their graves after their deaths.


5.) Name some blossoming trees in the state of J&K.

Answer: Palash, apple, silk floss tree, cherry, etc. are some blossoming tresses in the state of J and K.


6.) What is ‘pity’ referred to in second stanza?

Answer: ‘Pity’ in the second is referred to the poet’s sadness over the nature’s quality of shedding itself by giving birth to the new thing.


Learning about the literary device

Personification: It means the representation of an abstract quality as human; a representation of an abstract quality or notion as a human being, especially in art or literature.

1.) What is personified in the poem?

Answer: Life, death, blossoms are the three major things that are personified in the poem.



What is your idea of a beautiful life? Do you think life can be beautiful even though short?

Answer: A beautiful life is worth living for. Beautiful not just implies to the outer appearance of a man, but also it means to make others’ life beautiful. Yes, a short life can also be beautiful because more than the years the quality of the life matters. It is not important that how many years one has lived, it is important see how a man has lived his life and made others’ life beautiful. A beautiful life is something that we make of. It is we who should be grateful for what we have and only then we lead a beautiful life.


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