IGNOU Diploma in Theatre Arts Admission 2023

IGNOU Diploma in Theatre Arts Admission 2023

IGNOU offers a course of diploma in theatre arts for those creative individuals who wish to pursue career in theatre. Some individuals grow interest in theatres, acting since their school level education. Some identify their inner talents early and some come to know late. But they can find true way of pursuing their successful career only when a definite path take them to their destination. IGNOU ha designed this diploma in theatre arts especially for talented artists to give them path of growing in career as professional artists. Candidates will get proper guidance from experienced teachers to understand the depth and purpose of this art form. They will get study materials to study fundamental concepts of theatre arts and its application in various forms. When artists get professional training from experienced teachers their talents become flourished eventually. So, this IGNOU course of diploma in theatre arts is surely suggested for artistic candidates. They are advised to follow this article to get complete information about this course.

IGNOU Diploma in Theatre Arts

Course duration:

This diploma in theatre arts course takes minimum of 1 year and maximum 3 years to complete. Candidates can enrol this course as per their time convenience and comfort level. IGNOU takes admission in July and October sessions so candidates can choose any admission session as per their preferences.

Course fee:

The total course fee for diploma in theatre arts is Rs. 7700. Candidates have to pay extra Rs. 300 for registration along with it.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates must have to complete their 10+2 examination from any recognised board of India. There is no age restriction to enrol this course so candidates can apply at any age to pursue their dream. The medium of instruction is English so it is expected to have some basic knowledge in English for candidates.

Syllabus and exam pattern:

There are total five courses in diploma of theatre arts course namely- understanding drama, theatre games, acting practice, movement, voice and speech, scene work, class room play production. Each section carries credit score 6 except class room play production which gives credit score 8.

IGNOU has exam structure as constant evaluation with classroom assignments, term end examination after completing the entire session. Candidates can choose any exam schedule from July and October based on their one year completion from the date of registration. Students get practical knowledge from their classroom assignments.

Study materials:

IGNOU provides well-structured and innovative study materials to fulfil needs of students. It prepares study materials in module format for each section separately. IGNOU also gives audio-visual study materials for students’ self-learning. They will feel encouraged and interested to complete all their courses from their study materials.

Significant features:

Diploma in theatre arts of IGNOU covers some specific objectives of providing knowledge in theatres. These objectives are:

  1. To fulfil the needs and expectations of students in theatre arts at diploma level.
  2. To develop basic understanding about the features of theatre arts among learners.
  3. To provide both theory and practical knowledge over theatre arts.
  4. It provides enough opportunities to practice theatrical performances.
  5. To provide skill-based knowledge in theatre and its related aspects.
  6. It makes students skilled enough to find employment opportunities in the same field theatre arts.


  1. What is the total course fee of diploma in theatre arts from IGNOU?

Answer. The total course fee is Rs. 8000 including registration fee for this curse of IGNOU.

  1. What is the minimum education qualification for applying in diploma in theatre arts course?

Answer. Candidates have to complete their 10+2 education from any recognised university for being eligible of this course.

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