CBSE Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus 2023 2024

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus 2023 – 24 For Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus Download Online CBSE Syllabus Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus As per Guidelines.

CBSE पाठ्यक्रम 11th Class Sindhi Syllabus As Per NCERT

CBSE Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus 2023 2024

सीबीएसई बोर्ड 11वीं सिलेबस 2023 | CBSE Syllabus 2023 2024 | CBSE Sindhi Syllabus for Class XI | CBSE Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus

CBSE Latest Syllabus for Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus is important for students to prepare their study time to time. Here we are provided New Edition CBSE Syllabus 2023. Stay tuned with Us for Get All Subjects Solution Biology MCQ, Physics MCQ, Difference between in Physics , Difference between in Biology

CBSE Class 11 Sindhi Syllabus 2023 2024




Part A

A- Unseen Comprehension

Four Unseen paragraphs of around 200 words out of which only two needs to be attempted. Five MCQs based on understanding, reasoning analysis and Higher order thinking skills on each paragraphs will be asked. Any two paragraphs will be attempted.

B- Grammar

19 MCQs of equal difficulty will be asked and sixteen needs to be attempted.

Applied Grammar:

(1) Variety of question as Listed below will be included involving the application of grammar items in syllabus.

(2) Correction and transformation of words and sentences (all grammatical forms)

(3) Idioms and proverbs

C- Main Course Book

Seen Comprehension Prose and Poem 5 MCQs on seen paragraph 100-150 words and a poem of 100-150 words. Five MCQs on each to test, Evaluation , understanding of style, central idea, tone, theme etc.

Prose Lessons:

(1) Adararshi Shagird ji Rozani Jivat

(2) Ghariban ji Mani

Poetry Lessons:

(1) Soni Khan

(2) Maruee Ja Virlap

Part B (Descriptive Type)

Main Course Book

Prose Lessons:

(1) Hatha je Porhie jo shaan

(2) Sindhi Raag

(3) Pakhi Saunsar

(4) Nivrat

(5) Suhini Salah

Poetry Lessons:

(1) Gazal

(2) Pritam ji Aasa

(3) Bahar Indo

Creative Writing

Essay writing on topical subjects and personalities (200 words).

Letter writing (Personal)

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