Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Class 8 English Solution Chapter 14 To Err is Human

Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Class 8 English Solution Chapter 14 To Err is Human

Here in this post we have given Assam Jatiya Bidyalay (AJB) Class 8 English Solution Chapter 14 To Err is Human. To Err is Human  Chapter all Question and Answer by our English Sir. Hope this solution will help You!

Chapter 14 To Err is Human



Answer the following questions in single sentences from yourtext.

1×10 = 10

a.) Why have Rashmi’s friends gathered in her house?

Ans: Rashmi’s friends Rahul, Nitin, Mrinal, Rubi and Radha, have gathered there for Rashmi’s birthday.

b.) What does Rahul wish Rashmi while presenting her theneem’ sapling?

Ans: Rahul wish Rashmi, many happy returns of this day, while presenting her theneem’ sapling

c.) Why has Mini not come to Rashmi’s house to attend the birthday party?

Ans: Mini not come to Rashmi’s house to attend thebirthday party because, Mini does not want to mix up with friends. She likes to stand aloof from her friends, and especially from Rashmi’s group.

d.) What was Mini doing in her room when Rubi went to meether?

Ans: Mini was watching a movie in her room when Rubi went to meether.

e.) Why does Mini like to watch horror film?

Ans:Mini like to watch horror films because it used to give her much thrill and excitement.

f.) What bad habit has Mini started?

Ans: Mini has started a bad habit of talking inside the classroom.

g.) What did Mini do when she was asked to solve a sum onthe board?

Ans: Mini complained of a headache when their teacher asked her to solve a sum on the board.

h) Why did Rashmi and her friends try to solve the problemsecretly?

Ans: Rashmi and her friends try to solve the problemsecretly or else there would have been an unnecessary gossip in the school.

i) Why is Mini happy?

Ans: Mini became very weak both physically and mentally when she indulged herself in the harmful activities and ignored her study. But, as Rubi and her friends saved her, she felt much happy, better and inspired.

j) What new plan does Rahul talk about?

Ans: Rahul discussed to form a new science group in their school.

2.) Give brief answers to the following questions. 2×5 = 10

a) What did Rubi experience in Mini’s room?

Ans: Rubi found the atmosphere of the room very suffocating. The light were off, and curtains were drawn inside the room.

b) What did Nitin say about Mini?

Ans: Nitin didn’t like to talk about Mini. He told to the group to not say anything about her, as she had changed completely. A little aggressively. He further added that there was no need to mentionher name in their discussion, as during that time she did not even look at them. She thought herself to be more intelligent than anybody else.

c) What information does Rashmi get about Mini? Who doesshe tell it?

Ans: Rashmi got an information that Mini and her friends exchanged different types of VCDs and books and many other things secretly, which she had already told Rubi.

d) What lesson does Mini learn? Why is she grateful towardsher friends?

Ans: Mini learned the lesson that one should always keep good company. Mini’s previous friends gave her many wrong ideas, and she was grateful to Rahul, Rashmi, Nitin, Radha and Rubi as they wereher true friends. She was grateful to them because if they had not been there, she would have gone astray.

e.) What does Nitin say about the responsibility of a student towards the society?

Ans: Nitin said that it was the time to form and shape their character. They should never ignore their duty. They also have a responsibility towards the society, as the juniors would follow them. So, as seniors they had to show them what is good and what is bad.

3.) What does Mini realize after giving up the bad company? What does she decide to do now? 3+2=5

Ans: Mini became very weak both physically and mentally when she indulged herself in the harmful activities and ignored her study. But, as Rubi and her friends saved her, she felt much happy, better and inspired. And she decided to study hard and become a better human being.

4.) Write whether the following statements are true of false. ½ x6=3

a.) Rashmi’s friends present her a book on her birthday.

Ans: True

b.) Rahul wants to wait for Mini.

Ans: False

c.) Rubi finds the atmosphere of Mini’s room very suffocating.

Ans: True

d.) Rashmi’s mother does not enjoy the chatting of children.

Ans: False

e.) The children are going to take their examination afterfifteen days.

Ans: true

f.) They had to fix a date for the next meeting of the ScienceClub.

Ans: False


Grammar and usage

5.) Answer the following questions.

(a) Rani:Iam  hungry now.

Question: What did Rani say?

Ans: Ranisaid that she was hungry then.

(b) Teacher: Saurav in the best boyin my class.

Question: What did the teacher say?

Ans: The teacher said that Saurav was the best boy in his class

(c) Mohan: Are the grapes sour?

Question: What did Mohan ask?

Ans: Mohan asked if the grapes were sour.

(d) The guest: Does the dog bite?

Question: What did the guest ask?

Ans:The guest asked if the dog bite.

(e) Father: Why is the child crying?

Question: What did the father ask?

Ans: The father asked why the child was crying

Now rewrite the following sentences in the direct speech.

(a)     Mother warned me not to run in the sun.

Ans: Mother said to me, don’t run in the sun.

(b)     We all wished that our motherland might prosper.

Ans:We allsaid, “May our motherland prosper.”

(c)     The priest prayed that God might bless me.

Ans:The priest said, “May God bless you,”

(d)     The little girl exclaimed with wonder that the butterfly was very beautiful.

Ans: The little girl said, “How beautiful the butterfly is!”

(e) Father requested me to bring him a glass of water.

Ans: Father said to me, “Please bring me a glass of water.”



7.) Choose the correct meaning of the sentences from the alternatives given.

a) She’s a very good student.

i) She is a very good student. ii) She has a very good student.

Ans: i

b) He’d have a glass of milk every morning.

i) He had have a glass of milk every morning.ii) He would have a glass of milk every morning

Ans: ii

c) Who’s your favourite singer?

i) Whose your favourite singer?

ii) Who is your favourite singer?

Ans: ii

d) Mitu’s gone out.

i) Mitu is gone out. ii) Mitu has gone out

Ans: ii


8.) You four are very good friends. One of your group has suddenly met with an accident and hurt one of his / her legs very badly. He / She won’t be able to appear in the Half-yearly Examination and that is why very sad.

How will the three of you console and encourage your friend? Write your discussion in dialogues.


(Ram, Sham, Bam are the three friends, who are discussing how they could console and encourage their friend Lakhsay)

Ram: I think we should bring some of his favourite food for him.

Sham: His parents already did that. Don’t you guys have any other plans?

Bam: Well, we could just bring the play station and play games at his house.

Ram: We have our exams next week. Our parents wont allow us to play games!

Sham: I have an idea!

Ram: What?

Sham: We could bring some of his favourite food, and watch the new ‘Marvel’ movie. In that way, he would gain some excitement, and we could also leave his house by 2 hours, so that we could go home and study.

Bam: That’s impressive Sham, let’s do it. Do you agree Ram?

Ram: I loved the plan. Let’s go!

(Ram, Sham, and Bam depart)

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