20 Lines on Myself – 20 Lines Essay

Hello Student, Here in this post We have discussed about Myself in English 20 lines. Students who want to know a detailed knowledge about Myself, then Here we posted a detailed view about Myself in English. This essay is very simple.

Myself in English 20 lines

1) My name is Sunita .

2) I am 11 years old .

3) I study in 5th standard.

4) My mother’s name is Asha .

5) She is a housewife.

6) My father’s name is Dipak.

7) He is a lawyer .

8) I have a younger brother.

9) His name is Raghav .

10) He studies in 3rd standard.

11) My favourite subject is English.

12) I like to eat chocolates.

13) I like to play hide and seek.

14) My best friend’s name is Supriya .

15) We both study in Sarswati Bhavan School .

16) My hobby is to sing .

17) I want to become a Teacher.

18) My birthday is on 28th May.

19) I live in a nuclear family .

20) I love my family very much.

Hope above Myself in English 20 lines will help you to study. For any help regarding education Students, please comment us. Here we are always ready to help You.

Updated: September 13, 2022 — 5:04 pm

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