The Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats Class 6 Worksheet

The Living Organisms Characteristics And Habitats Class 6 Worksheet with Solved in Pdf

The Living Organisms Characteristics And Habitats Class 6 Worksheet: In this page we have included The Living Organisms Characteristics And Habitats Chapter from Grade 6 Worksheet with solution.

The Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats WorksheetWorksheet for chapter 9: – The Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats ?

The following questions are important for your exams for 1 mark 2 mark or 5 marks. First solve the questions on your own and then saw the solution for understanding it better.

Practice worksheet for class 6

Section A

Q.1.)  define habitat?

→The place where organisms live called as habitat.


Q.2.)  define terrestrial habitat ? Give two examples?

→The plants and animals that are live on land are called terrestrial habitats.

Two examples of terrestrial habitat –

  1. Mountains
  2. Deserts
  3. Forests


Q.3.)  what is aquatic habitat give example?

→ The plants and animals that are live in water is called as aquatic habitat.

Examples of aquatic habitat-

  1. River
  2. Lakes
  3. Ocean


Q.4.)   what is meant by adaptation ?

→ The presence of specific features and habits, which enable a plant or animal to live in a particular habitat called as adaptation.


Q.5.)  what are the biotic components?

→  Living things such as plants , animals and organisms consists of biotic components.


Q.6.)  what are the abiotic components?

→Nonliving things such as Rock , soil , temperature, water and light consists of abiotic components.


Q.7.)  define reproduction?

→ Living things produce another living thing like themselves through the process of reproduction. Different living things have different way of reproduction.


Q.8.)  define excretion?

→  The process of removal of unwanted waste out of the body of the organisms called as excretion. The process to get rid of the waste product form in the body called as excretion.


Q.9.)  what is stimuli ? Do all organisms respond to stimuli?

→  a change in our surrounding that makes us respond to them called as stimuli.  Yes all organisms respond to stimuli in different way.


Q.10.)  Do all organisms need food?

→  Food is a source of energy for the organisms which help them to grow , organisms also need energy for the life processes that occur inside them. So all animals are depend on other plants and animals for their food. And some plants produce their own food by photosynthesis.


Q.11.)  how the sea animals like fish get oxygen in water?

→  Fishes have gills to get dissolved oxygen in water. Gills is the main organ which helps them for respiration.


Q.12.)  dolphins and whales does not have gills ? How they respire?

→  Sea animals like dolphins and whales does not have gills for respiration. They breathe in air through their nostrils or blowholes that are located on the upper part of their head. These nostrils help them to breed in air when they are near to the surface of the water. They can swim inside the water for a long time without breathing. They come to the surface of the sea time to time for breathing.


Q.13.)  write the names of two animals found in grassland?

  1. Lion
  2. Tiger
  3. Deer


Q.14.)   write the names of two animals found on mountains?

  1. Snow leopard
  2. Yak
  3. Mountain goat


Q.15.)  Write the names of the animals found in desert?

  1. Camel
  2. Cow


Q.16.)  name the two components of habitat?

  1. Biotic component
  2. Abiotic component


Q.17.)  name one plant which is growing in desert?

→The plant named as cactus found in desert.


Q.18.)  classify the following into biotic and abiotic?

Snow leopard, soil ,farmer,  desert , cow,  camel , dung , goat , sunlight,  temperature

Answers :-

biotic component – snow leopard, farmer, cow, camel, goat.

Abiotic component – soil , desert ,dung, sunlight , temperature.


Q.19.)  how the animals found on mountains adapted for harsh winters ?

→  They have thick skin or fur which protects them from cold. For example, yaks have long hair to keep them warm. Snow leopard has thick fur on his body including toes and feet so it can help them while walking on the snow. Mountain goat has strong hooves for running up the Rocky slopes of the mountains.


Q.20.)  how do plants respire during day and night?

→   During the day in presence of sunlight, plants use carbon dioxide to produce their food and release oxygen. And during night plants use oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.


The Living Organisms Characteristics And Habitats Class 6 Worksheet
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