Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter 1 Reading and Analysis of Maps

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter 1 Reading and Analysis of Maps.

2.) Do you think the use of maps has changed from the time of ancient Greeks to now? In what way are they similar and different?


Yes the maps have changed from the time of ancient Greeks to now.

In ancient Greece At present
Similarities In ancient Greece locating places on maps were made accurate with the help of longitudes and latitudes.They tried to find out a set of places where the midday occurred at the same time At present locating places on maps  are made with the help of longitudes and latitudes and are accurate due to help of modern invention.
Differences Maps were basically designed as the Greek wanted to conquer the world, build colonies in far off places and trade with them. Maps at present are used extensively for a variety of purposes: for trade, sailing, for conquests and colonising and for fighting war and also  for planning, development of countries.

3.) Many people believe that the making of maps by the Colonial powers was a more powerful tool for exploitation and control of the colonies than guns. Do you agree? Why?


Yes I agree Maps were more powerful tool for exploitation and control of the colonies than guns because when European powers colonised the continents they needed to know about the places, their climate, crops, mineral resources and the people living there. They sent team of scientific expeditions consisting of Map makers and others to explore the different interior parts of the continents and prepare map. This information and the maps enabled the colonial powers to establish their rule over these areas and also exploit their resources.

4.) In what ways were the maps prepared by the British different from the one made by Ptolemy?


The differences are:

British maps Maps of Ptolemy
British maps were prepared  based on Ptolemy. Ptolemy was one of the most famous geographers of the ancient world who prepared maps based on longitudes and latitudes.
Maps were prepared to establish their rule over the areas and also to exploit the resources Maps were prepared for their kings and their interests.
This maps give accurate information about continents and also there interior places. They also give more correct information about places but they did not know about the interior places.
This maps are relevant to present day maps. This maps showed their continents in the centre of the earth.

5.) Read the paragraph “Use of maps in our times” on page 8 and answer the following question: What are the various purposes for which maps are used in our times?


Maps were made and used for a variety of purposes:

  • For sailing and trading
  • For conquests colonising and for fighting wars.
  • For planning &development of countries. Maps identify the problems faced by a region and its resources.

For example, we can make a map of regions which have very little drinking and which has Plenty drinking water. We can compare this map based on this comparison we can decide what is the best way to make drinking water available to all the people of the region – by  building dams or making tanks  or bringing water from distant places in large pipes.

  • For planning agricultural development, setting up new industries, building roads, hospitals and schools with the help of maps.
  • Companies use it to plan their business and work which they want to spread to different region.

6.) Prepare a few questions to find out more about different types of maps.


(i)- What are different kinds of maps?

(ii)- What are road maps?

(iii)- What are political maps?

(iv)- Which kind of maps show information about the population of an area?

(v)- Which kind of maps show information about the climate of an area?

(vi)- What are thematic maps?

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