Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Prose Chapter 2 I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Prose Solutions Chapter 2: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 9 English Chapter 2 Prose – I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore.


Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Prose Solutions Chapter 2: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 9
Subject English
Unit (2) Prose
Chapter Name I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore

Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Prose I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Question Answer Solution







1) What was the old house built with?

Answer: The old house was built with solid blocks of granite which wasn’t altered at all.


2) Does the visitor still live in the house?

Answer: No, the visitor does not live in the house as they had sold the house and went away.


3) What did the visitor hide in the jackfruit tree?

Answer: The visitor kept hidden his grandfather’s Iron Cross in the jackfruits tree.


4) When did the visitor actually hide the iron cross?

Answer: The visitor actually hide the iron cross twenty-five years ago.


A) Based on your understanding of the story, indicate either ‘T’ (True) or ‘F’ (False) against the columns.

1) The visitor had hidden a few old coins in the tree.TRUE

2) The jack fruit tree was still there. TRUE

3) As a boy the visitor used to swing on the turnstile. TRUE

4) The visitor had sold the house. TRUE

5) A girl came out of the house. FALSE

6) The visitor’s grandfather used to sit on the stone bench. FALSE

7) The visitor was able to remember the music of a piano. TRUE

8) The visitor was able to climb the jack fruit tree. FALSE

9) The purpose of the visit of the narrator was to buy his ancestral house back. FALSE

10) The visitor climbed over the wall easily. FALSE


B) Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following questions by choosing the correct answer.


1) The story I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore highlights the importance of youth.

a) old age.

b) youth.

c) adulthood.

d) middle age.


2) The house which was visited by the man was slightly repaired.

a) remained unchanged.

b) was totally changed.

c) was slightly repaired.

d) was given a facelift.


3) Who said, “A blessing rests on the house where the shadow of a tree falls”?

a) Grand mother

b) Uncle

c) Grand father

d) The visitor


4) The visitor came back to the house because he was looking for his lost youth.

a) wanted to see the jackfruit tree.

b) was looking for his lost youth.

c) wanted to look again at his old house

d) wanted to buy the house.


5) The visitor gifted the iron cross to the little girl.

a) iron cross

b) marbles

c) bronze medal

d) old coins


C) Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.


1) Explain: “Blessings rest on the house where the shadow of a tree falls.”

Answer: The house that has trees around it has abundant shadow and it gives oxygen, fruits and flowers which means the house is blessed with the needed things.


2) What did the writer observe about the house?

Answer: The writer visited the house after many years and observed that it was not much changed but it had a new outhouse and was happy to see the old jackfruit tree.


3) What was the local superstition about trees?

Answer: The local superstition about the trees was that the house which had trees was the blessed and happy one.


4) What did the visitor do with the turnstile when he was a boy?

Answer: When the visitor was a young boy he woud swing on the turnstile and went Round and round until he became dizzy.


5) Who is the owner of the house now?

Answer: The girl’s father, who is a colonel ,is the owner of the house now


6) Why did the visitor return to his old house?

Answer: The visitor wanted to relive his youth days so he visited the old house.


7) How did he get back the Iron Cross?

Answer: The writer had kept the Iron Cross hidden in the tree and the girl got it back

to him.


8) How did the grandfather get the iron cross?

Answer: The visitor’s grandfather was awarded for bravery during the First World War

and he got the iron cross as the award.


9) What did he do with the old Iron Cross?

Answer: He left the old Iron Cross in the tree and forgot about it.


10) Where had he left his childhood treasures?

Answer: The visitor had left his childhood treasures in the jackfruit tree.


D) Match the words in column A with the meanings in column B by drawing a line as shown.


1)  pruning – trimming a plant


2) Chiming- emitting a sound


3) Drenched- soaked


4) Dizzy- shaky


5) Properous- flourishing


6) Sprightliness- lively


7) Treasure- a collection of precious things


8) Rusty- ancient


E) Read these shortened forms of words and write the full form for the remaining words and complete the table given below.


1) you’d- You had /would


2) they’ve- They have


3) he’d- he had/ would


4) he’s- he is


5) wasn’t – was not


6) isn’t- is not


7) doesn’t – does not


8) aren’t- are not


9) wouldn’t – would not


10) can’t- can not


H) Based on the story and your own ideas write your answers in about 80 to 100 words each.


1) Imagine yourself as the writer. Narrate the story of your visit to your ancestral house.

Answer: My visit to ancestral house was after twenty years. What surprised me at the first is that nothing has changed but there were few changes like now there was outhouse and few trees. My favorite jackfruit tree was still there standing strong. My grandmother believed that trees are nature’s gift for us and bless our house. I remembered the turnstile and how would swing on it till I became dizzy. I met a young 12/13 years old girl there. I went again in my memory lane and remembered how I had kept hidden my treasure in the jackfruit tree. I told this to the girl and she climbed up and found iron cross which was of my grandfather’s. I relived every beautiful memory that I spent in my young days. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life to visit the ancestral house.


2) The man who came to the house gave the cross as a gift to the girl. Why did he do this? What do you think would have happened if he had taken back the cross with him?

Answer: It was the girl who climbed the tree and found brought back the visitor’s hidden treasure .i.e. his grandfather’s Iron Cross. He felt that the girl deserved the cross since she had found it. Had he taken back the cross with him , it would have brought back the old memories of his youth and he would have cherished and kept it his lifetime.


B) Give your opinion and compare the items in each picture using -er, more, less, or an irregular form. Use the words. You may form your sentences in more than one way.


1) Healthy, wholesome, calorific.

a) Fresh fruits and vegetables are always healthier than pizza.

b) Pizza is not wholesome than fruits.

c) Eating vegetable soup is more calorific than pizza.


2) Eco-friendly, economical, safer.

a) Bi cycle is eco-friendly than a bike as it does not create air and noise pollution.

b) Bicycle is economical than bike.

c) Riding on bicycle is safer than riding a bike.


3) Educational, interesting, trendy.

a) Mobile phone has more educational sources than a radio.

b) Mobile phone has more interesting features than a radio.

c) Mobile phone looks more trendy than a radio.


4) Safe, comfortable, quick.

a) Train journey is more safer than of bus.

b) It feels more comfortable in train than on bus.

c) One can reach quicker by travelling in train than a bus.


5) Cozy, costly, sturdy.

a) Sofa is cozier than a chair.

b) But sofa is costlier than a chair.

c) It is also more sturdy than a chair.


C) Look at the bar-graph. Write five sentences using the appropriate degrees of comparison.


1) Popularity of paragliding was more in 2001 than in 2017


2) Rafting’s popularity increased in 2017. It gained more popularity in 2017 than in 2001.


3) Popularity of rock climbing increased in 2017 than it was in 2001.


4) Bungee jumping’s popularity was more in 2017 than in 2001.


5) Popularity of surfing decreased in 2017. It was more popular in 2001 than in 2017.

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