Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Drama Chapter 3 Old Man River Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Drama Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 9 English Chapter 3 Drama – Old Man River.


Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Drama Solutions Chapter 3: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 9
Subject English
Unit (3) Drama
Chapter Name Old Man River


Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Drama Old Man River Question Answer Solution









B) Fill the word web with words related to natural disasters. One example is done for you.

Natural disasters-

1) Collapse

2) Hazard

3) Tsunami

4) Flood

5) Earthquake

6) Cyclone

7) Volcano

8) Avalanche


D) List out the human activities which have an impact on nature. Complete the tabular column. One is done for you.


Human Activities

Impact on Nature

Dumping of toxic waste into oceans
Affects marine life
Using of aerosol and air conditioner Leads to pollution
Encroaching in forest area

Leads to disturbance in forest life
Disposal of non-biodegradable wastes  Leads to disturbance in forest life
Emission of smoke from industries and vehicles  

Leads to air pollution


Discuss with your partner and answer the following questions

1) What were the girls doing in the living room?

Answer: Amy, Betty and Rose were sitting in living room . Amy and Rose wereknitting and Betty was looking at pictures in a magazine.


2) Why was mother not able to come home?

Answer: Mother was not able to come home because she was at Mrs.Brant’s home and from the bridges between her home and town were under water.


3) How did Jim want the girls to ‘get organised’?

Answer: Jim asked Betty to look up for her flashlight and candles , lamps , lanterns or anything that she had got. Rose was given the task of filling the tubs and pails. He and Amy checked the food, blankets and coats. In this way Jim organized everything.


4) Which two important things did Jim want the girls to do to avoid getting scared?

Answer: Jim wanted the girls to be strong. He didn’t want them to show how scared they felt to the others and he wanted to get all the things that were necessary like water, food, blankets, coats, lights. Etc


5) Where did Jim want the girls to climb up? How was it going to help them?

Answer: Jim had idea that he would climb out on the roof and start waving flashlight so that someone will see it and help them. He wanted the girls to do the same.


6) Who went to get Sara? Where was she?

Answer: Jim went to Sara to get her back. She was on the playhouse porch.


7) What were the important objects that the girls and Jim try to move to the attic? Why?

Answer: The most important things that the girls and Jim tried to move to the attic were food, water, blankets. Then Jim carried up the ladder to the roof. They carried these items because these are the most basic and necessary things that one needs in such situations.


8) Who came to rescue the children ?

Answer: Tom Peters and Miss Marsh, the red cross nurse came to rescue the children.


9) What happened to Sara ?

Answer: Sara fell off the step ladder and got herself hurt badly.


10) Who is Miss Marsh? How does she help Sara?

Answer: Miss Marsh is a red cross nurse who went rescue the children. She helps Sara’s hurt leg with splinting the legs with pillows and umbrella and lifts her safely into the boat. She kept her leg stiff by using an umbrella and cane along the outside.


11) Who were taken in the boat? Who were left behind?

Answer: Sara, Betty and Rose were taken in the boat. Jim and Amy were left behind and they were promised to be rescued by sending another boat.


12) How does Red Cross help the children?

Answer: The Red Cross help the children by rescuing them from the flood. They undertake the rescue operation and send the team of nurse and volunteers to help the ones who are in trouble. In the learnt drama, the Red Cross helps the 5 children in the panic situation. Team of nurse have been sent to Marshall’s house and three of them are sent on the boat and the left two ones are promised to be rescued soon by sending another boat. In this way Red Cross helps the children selflessly.


A) Based on your understanding of the play , choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks.


1) The radio announced that the river was above the flood stage.

a) the river was above the flood stage.

b) the Burnet Dam had given way.

c) there will be a cloud burst.

d) there will be a cyclone.


2) Mother couldn’t get home from Mrs. Brant’s because the bridges between home and the town were under water.

a) it was raining heavily.

b) the bridges between home and the town were under water.

c) there was an emergency at Mrs. Brant’s house.

d) she had broken her leg.


3) The Burnett Dam gave away as it rained heavily and the snow was melting.

a) it rained for days.

b) the dam was weak.

c) it rained heavily and the snow was melting.

d) the maintenance was poor.


4) There was no power because the power house was out of commission.

a) the power house was out of commission.

b) the power house was flooded.

c) the dam gave away.

d) there was fire.


5) Why did they splint up Sara’s leg with pillows?

a) She was unconscious out of fear.

b) She had broken her leg below the knee.

c) She was too lazy to walk.

d) She was making a fuss.


B) Based on your reading, answer the following in two or three sentences each.

1) Why did Jim run from school?

Answer: Jim ran from school because there was a cloudburst and it rained heavily.


2) Where was Amy’s mother?

Answer: Amy’s mother was at Mrs. Brant’s house.


3) Why did Amy ask Betty to fill in the water tubs?

Answer: Amy thought that in that situation the town supply of water might cut off or there would chances of unsafe and unclean water so she asked her to fill the water tubs with fresh water.


4) According to Jim, what are the two things that a person should remember in times of emergency?

Answer: Jim told about the two things that a person should remember during the emergency i.e.first one must not let the others see how scared we are and one must take necessary things like water, food ,lights, coats, etc.


5) Why is Jim climbing on the roof?

Answer: Jim climbed on the roof with the flashlight and waved the flashlight in hope that someone would come and help them.


6) Who were there in the living room? What were they doing?

Answer: Amy, Rose , Betty and Sara were there in the living room. Betty was trying to read and Sara was asleep.


7) Why were they going to sleep in the attic?

Answer: The water was getting close to their house and attic was the safe place to sleep so they were going to sleep in the attic.


8) Who came in the boat?

Answer: The Red Cross nurse-Mr. Peter Peters and Miss.Marsh came in the boat to rescue the children.


9) Who is the founder of the Junior Red Cross?

Answer: The founder of the Junior Red Cross is Jean Henry Dunant.


C) Match the following by drawing a line across column A and B.


1) Amy- blankets


2) Betty-Flashlight


3) Rose-tubs and pails


4) Sara- fractured leg


5) Jim-Junior Red Cross


6) Penny Marsh- Nurse


7) Mr.Peter- rescues the children


8) Mother-Mrs. Brant’s


9) Dick-dentist


10) Dad- to Chicago on business


D) Based on your understanding of the text, answer the following in about three to four sentences each.


1) Describe the ‘home alone’ experience of the children.

Answer: Initially three girls were sitting in the living room doing their work. Then Jim come from the school telling the girls about the cloudburst and heavy rainfall. There is no one at Marshall’s home as their mother is at Mrs. Brant’s house and father is in Chicago. The house is left with the children alone. The children are stuck in the house in the situation of flood but all of them are strong and arranged every necessary things that are needed in such emergency. Jim is a smart boy who told the girls to organize things. When the water was coming near the house they went on the roof. When the rescue team of Red Cross came the children were safely rescued. In this way without any guardian’s help the children’s home alone experienced proved to be one of the learning experiences of their lives.


2) Elaborate the rescue operation undertaken by Mr. Peter.

Answer: Mr. Tom Peters and Miss Marsh came in the boat from Red Cross to rescue the children. Mr. Peter discovers that there were only children in the house. He helped them to get rescued in their boat. When Sara fell off the step ladder she is being helped and comforted by Miss. Marsh. Mr. Peters takes along Rose, Betty and Sara with him in the boat and promised Jim that another boat would come to rescue him and Amy.


3) How did Jim prove himself as a good rescuer in the flood situation?

Answer: When Jim came running from the school he realizes that the situation is terrible outside. But his does not let his fear being showed on his face. He gets everything organized with the help of the girls. He was also a Junior Red Cross emergency squad during the war. He is smart boy and comes up with an idea of waving flashlight on the roof so that someone would help them get rescued. It is Jim who brings back Sara from the playporch safely. Jim is confident and when he and Amy are left behind he assures Mr.Peter that he would take care of himself.


4) Briefly narrate the happenings of the play in Scene II.

a) How did Amy manage the situation at home?

Answer: Amy is a girl with confidence and because of Jim’s support she becomes more confident. She gets every necessary things get done as told by Jim. When she is left is behind with Jim she does not get scared and loose hopes. She is a strong girl. She managed everything at home very well the way one is expected to do from the eldest child.


b) How did the Marshall save the children?

Answer: Marsha was nurse from Red Cross. She is gentle woman and handles Sara’s situation calmly and smartly. She assures Sara that she would be fine and will be safe. Along with Mr. Peters , Marsha helped the children rescue the situation by taking three of the them on the boat.


E) Using a dictionary, find out the synonyms and the antonyms of the words given below. One has been done for you.

Word Parts of Speech Synonym Antonym
Hard Adjective Difficult Easy
Flood Noun Overflow Trickle
Interrupt Verb Disturb Allow
Scared Adjective Afraid Confident
Irritation Noun Annoynace Delight
Organize Verb Arrange Disorganize
Serious Adjective Grim Volatile
Snappy Adjective Irritable Good-natured
Emergency Noun Crisis Calmness
Rescue Verb Save






F) Listen to the paragraph and fill in the blanks.


The 2015 South Indian floods resulted from heavy rainfall generated by the annual north east monsoon in Novemeber-December2015. They affected the Coromandel Coast region of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and the Union Territory of Puducherry with Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai particularly hard-hit. More than 500 people were killed and over 18 lakh people were displaced. With estimates of damages and losses ranging from nearly 200 billion rupees to over 1 trillion rupees, the floodswere the costliest to have occurred in 2015, and were among the costliest natural disasters of the year. The flooding has been attributed to the 2014-16 El-Nino event.


L) Based on your reading, answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

1) Is mountaineering a dangerous sport? Why? (para 1)

Answer: Yes, mountaineering is a dangerous sport. As one climbs higher and higher there is difficulty in breathing.


2) What is frostbite? (para 2)

Answer: While climbing the mountain, one suffers from severe cold, it is so severe that the climber’s skin, feet, toes, fingers and tissues freeze, become numb and they may suffer frostbite.


3) What are the qualities of a good climber? (para 3)

Answer: A good climber should posses the qualities of courage, perseverance and power of endurance. And also he must be in good physical condition


4) What do climbers carry with them? (para 4)    

Answer: The climbers carry with them packs loaded with first-aid supplies, food and extra clothing for sudden changes of weather.


5) Where is the Mountaineering Institute situated in India? (para 5)

Answer: The Mountaineering Institute is in Darjeeling.


6) What qualities of humankind are brought out by this adventurous sport? (para 6)

Answer: Heroic qualities of humankind are brought out by this adventurous sport.


7) Why do mountaineers deserve praise? (para 6)

Answer: To appreciate their courage and heroism, mountaineers deserve praise.


8) What kind of visitors does Mt. Everest get? (para 6)

Answer: Foreign climbers and climbers from India as well are the visitors of Mt.Everest.


A) Identify the dependent clauses or phrases in the following sentences and underline them.

1) Texting on his phone, the man swerved into a ditch.

2) It isn’t necessary to cram all night if you have studied a little each day.

3) We climbed up the hill to enjoy the view.

4) I enjoy painting during my holidays.

5) Whether he attends the party or not, I have decided to go.

6) I will stop playing the drums when you go to sleep.


B) Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositional phrases.

1) I would like to order coffee instead of tea.

a) instead of b) instead from c) instead to


2) In spite of the rains, we went out.

a) In spite of b) In spite c) In spite on


3) In case of fire, break the glass to escape.

a) In case of b) In case c) In case with


4) I am standing here on behalf of my friends.

a) in behalf of b) on behalf of c) on behalf


5) We solved the problem by means of a new device developed by our engineers.

a) by means of b) by means c) by means to


6) In general we are impressed with their performance.

a) In general b) On general c) In generally


C) Look at the action words in bold. Identify whether they are either finite or non-finite verb.

They want to try a new approach. Non-finite verb
Trying is easy. Non-finite verb
Having tried everything , he gave up. Non-finite verb
All I can do is try. Finite verb
If she tried, she would succeed. Finite Verb


D) Read the following pairs of sentences

Identify the subject.

1) Travelling might satisfy your desire for new experiences.

2) The study abroad program might satisfy your desire for new experiences.


Identify the direct object.


1) They do not appreciate my singing.

2) They do not appreciate my assistance.


Identify the subject complement.

1) My cat’s favourite activity is sleeping.

2) My cat’s favourite food is salmon.


Identify the object of the preposition.

1) The police arrested him for speeding.

2) The police arrested him for criminal activity.


F) Now, work in pairs and help Dinesh and Divya complete the exercise given below.


1) Write the gerund/infinitive form of the verbs in the blanks.


1) The astronauts managed to complete (complete) their training in record time.


2) They learned how to survive (survive) in space without gravity.


3) The best astronaut almost quit trying (try) to learn the complex information.


4) Their mission appeared to be (be) in jeopardy.


5) Then Marina encouraged him by saying, “It’s no good quitting the project right at the end.”


6) Being an astronaut will enable you to achieve great success in life.


7) If you give up studying now, our mission will be scrubbed.


8) Think of your fellow astronauts who wouldn’t hesitate to help you in time of trouble.


9) We astronauts must keep on preparing for our space launch.


10) Some say it’s no use travelling to distant planets, because it takes too long.


11) But we really want to visit other planets and find out if life exists on them.


12) Can you imagine walking up to a Martian and shaking hands and saying, “Hello, how are you? “


13) We really look forward to meet alien creatures and finding out what they are really like.


14) Many scientists have warned us notto take this dangerous journey, but we are not discouraged.


15) Travelling to far away planets involves risking our lives for the thrill of discovery.


16) However we won’t delay blasting off into space.


17) Would you like to accompany us on our journey if you could?


18) During our training we have got used to being weightless and living under difficult conditions.


19) Scientists admit to being intensely curious about life on other planets.


20) I’m sure they would also enjoy travelling with our crew.


21) We told them to come with us on our trip, but some of them think it is a waste of time searching for life that doesn’t exist.


22) We have been taught how to endure hardships during our trai­ning and now we can’t afford to waste money.


We’re on our way!


Which planet are the astronauts heading to first? Add the infinitives.

Answer: The astronauts are heading to Mars-18 first.

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