Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Solutions Chapter 23 Pdf

Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Solutions Chapter 23 Pdf

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Solutions Chapter 23: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 10 Science Chapter 23 – Visual communication.

Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Solutions Chapter 23: Overview


Samacheer Kalvi





Chapter Name

Visual communication

Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Solutions Chapter 23 Visual communication

I.) Choose the best answer

1.)  Which software is used to create animation?

a) Paint

b) PDF

c) MS Word

d) Scratch

Ans: d) Scratch

2.)  All files are stored in the ______________

a) Folder

b) Box

c) Pai

d) Scanner

Ans:a) Folder

3.)  Which is used to build scripts?

a) Script area

b) Block palette

c) Stage

d) Sprite

Ans:a) Script area

4.)  Which is used to edit programs?

a) Inkscape

b) Script editor

c) Stage

d) Sprite

Ans:b) Script editor

5.)  Where you will create category of blocks?

a) Block palette

b) Block menu

c) Script area

d) Sprite

Ans:b) Block menu

II.) Match the Following


1.) Script Area: Build Scripts

2.) Folder: Store files

3.) Scratch: Animation software

4.) Costume editor: Edit programs

5.) Notepad:Type notes

III.) Answer the following

1) What is Scratch?


Scratch is a software used for creating animations, cartoons and games easily.

It is a visual programming language. It was made programming easier and fun to learn.

2) Write a short note on editor and its main parts?


Editors are used to edit the programs or sprites pictures. There are two types of editors’ script editor and costume editor.

  • The script has following main parts:
  • Script area is the part where scripts are build.
  • Block menu: This is the part where blocks are chooses to use.
  • Block palette: This is the part where block is chooses to use.

3) What is Stage?


When we open the scratch window some background appears which is called as stage. It is most oftenly white in colour and can be changed as our choice.

4) What is Sprite?


The characters which are present on the background of scratch window are called as sprite.

The facilities are provided by software to make alteration in sprites.

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