PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 7 Playing Kabaddi Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 6 English Textbook Solution Chapter 7 Playing Kabaddi Exercise Questions and Answers, Grammar, Composition Writing.

PSEB Class 6 English Chapter 7 Playing Kabaddi SolutionActivity 1

Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook


Repeat – verb

formed – adjective

breath – noun

touched – adjective

international – adjective

tournament – noun

Activity 2

Read the meanings and sentences of the following words. Make one sentence of your own and write in the given space.

1.) breath (n): the air that goes in and out of mouth/nose

He took a deep breath and jumped into the water.

Ans: He could not hold his breath.

2.) member (n): a person who belongs to a group or a team

He is a member of the football team.

Ans: I am a member of School Science Club.

3.) touch (v): to put one’s hand on or against something

Don’t touch that pot; it is very hot.

Ans: He touched the tree and won the race.

4.) Continued (v): something that goes on and on

The game continued for two hours.

Ans: The fair continued for two days.

Activity 3

Read and Write Answers.

1.) What qualities are needed to play kabaddi?

Ans: The qualities are needed to play kabaddi, we need to be strong, quick and able to hold our breath.

2.) When is a person out in kabaddi?

Ans: When the member of the opposite team touches a player of the other team and comes back to his side holding his breath and after saying Kabaddi, the player touched is out.

3.) How many players are needed in a kabaddi team?

Ans: Seven players are needed in a Kabaddi team.

4.) Which team wins the game?

Ans: The team that eliminates every member of the opposing team wins.

5.) Is kabaddi a local or an international game?

Ans: Kabaddi is a popular game in Punjab now becoming an international game.

6.) When did the game start as an international event?

Ans: It was in 2004 World Cup.

Activity 4

Select the correct word from the box given below and write in the given space.

(draw, court, stands, referee, pitch, coach, whistle, spectator, umpire, pavilion)


1.) This is where you bat and bowl in cricket. — pitch

2.) This is where you can play basketball. — court

3.) This person watches a game or a match. — spectator

4.) This is something that makes a loud noise. — whistle

5.) This is the result of a match in which neither side wins. — draw

6.) This is someone who judges the performance of the players. — selector

7.) This is where you sit or stand to watch a match. — stands

8.) This is someone who teaches you how to play a sport. — coach

9.) This person makes sure that rules are followed on the cricket ground. — umpire

10.) This is the place where players rest and get ready for the game. — pavilion

Activity 6

Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.

Sanjay lives in ____ small house. It is ___ old house, but Sanjay is very happy there. ___ house has ____ nice garden with ____ mango tree in ____ centre.

Answer: a, an, the, a, a, the

Activity 7

Select the right article and underline it.

1.) My mother is a/an/the doctor and my father is a/an/the author.

2.) Raghav recommended a/an/the good dentist, but a/an/the dentist doesn’t have time for alan/the next two months.

3.) Mt. Everest is alan/the highest peak in the world. It is a/an/the very beautiful mountain.

4.) Uma recommended a/an/the book to Babli. She didn’t like a/an/the book at all.

5.) Do you have a/an/the vacuum cleaner? I dropped a/an/the piece of cake on my carpet, and I need to clean it up.

6.) Rosy, where’s alan/the leash? I have to take a/an/the dog for a walk. I can’t find it. It was in a/an/the balcony, but now it’s not there.

7.) Where is alan/the dictionary? I need to look up a/an/the word in it.

8.) Do you have a/an/the passport? You need a/an/the passport to travel outside a/an/the country.

9.) There’s a/an/the big dog in a/an/the lawn. I think alan/the dog wants something to eat. 10. Do you have alan/the laptop? Yes, I have alm/the laptop and a/an/the iPad.


1.) a, an

2.) a, the, the

3.) the , a

4.) a, the

5.) a, a

6.) the, the, the

7.) the, a

8.) a, the, the

9.) a, the, the

10.) a, a, the.

Activity 8

Pick out suitable words from the lesson for the following expressions:


1.) a shape like an egg — Oval

2.) someone who visits a person or place — visitor

3.) group of people playing together — team

Activity 9

Based on your reading of the chapter, complete the following sentences.

1.) In Kabaddi a line is drawn _______.

2.) Kabaddi can be played _____.

3.) A Kabaddi player needs to be quick and fast _____.


1.) on the ground.

2.) anywhere/both by men and women.

3.) on his feet.

Activity 10

Teacher will speak some words. Find them in the grid below. Each word will be spoken twice with a pause of 5 second.

Answers: Cricket, Referee, Kabaddi, Score, Pitch, Comer, Gully, Rich

Activity 11

Rohit and his father go to a zoo. There are a lot of animals there. Read the conversation between Rohit and his father at the zoo.

Rewrite the above conversation. Replace the words in bold with words from the box.

(a fox, a wolf, a bushy tail)

Conversation 2


Rohit: Papa, is that a wolf ?

Father: No, Rohit. It is not. Look again.

A wolf does not have a bushy tail.

Rohit: I know what it is.

It is a fox.

Father: That’s right, Rohit.

It is a fox

Activity 12

Guided Composition

Write 5 sentences on ‘The Game I Love to Play.’ You can use some of the following words and phrases.


The game I love to play

1.) I love to play football.

2.) It is a team game, with 11 players on the field.

3.) It is played on a field.

4.) Some play it for enjoyment.

5.) But I play it for health and fitness.

6.) It gives me energy to the body.

7.) It is a body-contact game.

Activity 13

Using the above information, write 60-70 words on Kabaddi. Write neatly. Leave space between each word.


It’s fun to play kabaddi. It’s one of favourite games of Punjab. Two teams are involved. There are seven players in the team. To play the game, a player requires both physical strength and energy. He needs to move quickly. One by one, the opponents’ players cross the line while yelling “Kabaddi-kabaddi.” To return to the team, one has to come back to the team without being touched. Players who have been touched are out.


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