PSEB Class 3 English Chapter 1 Me and My Family Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 3 English Textbook Solution Chapter 1 Me and my family Exercise Questions and Answers


Lesson 1

Me and my family


I.) Think and answer

A.) Tick the right option for Ravi’s family

1.) Grandfather is a shopkeeper.

2.) Father is a doctor.

3.) My aunt is a nurse.


B.) Match the following

1) Grandfather –c) sixty-nine years

2) Ravi –d) eight years

3) Father –e) forty years

4) Uncle –a) thirty-eight years

5) Mother –b) thirty-five years

6) Sister – f) seven years


c) Fill in the blanks

1.) Ravi’s grandmother likes to read holy books .

2.) Ravi’s aunt works in a hospital.

3.) Ravi’s father likes to listen to music.

4.) Ravi’s pet likes to play with ball.

5.) Ravi’s brother likes to play cricket.


II) Vocabulary

A) Write one to twenty in words

1.) One

2.) Two

3.) Three

4.) Four

5.) Five

6.) Six

7.) Seven

8.) Eight

9.) Nine

10.) Ten

11.) Eleven

12.) Twelve

13.) Thirteen

14.) Fourteen

15.) Fifteen

16.) Sixteen

17.) Seventeen

18.) Eighteen

19.) Nineteen

20.) Twenty


III) Language corner

B) Pronouns

Pick the words and write in the correct column :


1.) Grandmother

2.) Aunt

3.) Mother


1.) Uncle

2.) Brother

3.) Grandfather


1.) Doll

2.) Book

3.) Pet


C) Change the gender

1.) Girl

2.) She

3.) Woman

4.) Aunt

5.) Mother

6.) Sister

7.) Grandmother


VI) Writing Task

A) Writing about yourself

a) My name is Akash Banerjee.

b) My father’s name is Amit Banerjee.

c) My mother’s name is Shreya Banerjee.

d) I read in class three.

e) I am eight years old.

f) I study in A.B.C international school.

g) I like to play football.


VII) Activity

A) Write name and age of your family members in the given :


Name : Ragunath Banerjee

Age : 70 years



Name : Shila Banerjee

Age : 62 years



Name : Amit Banerjee

Age : 40 years



Name : Shreya Banerjee

Age : 35 years



Name : Debadri Banerjee

Age : 6 years



Name : Sayani Banerjee

Age : 7 years


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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