Princess September Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 5

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Princess September Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 5

Princess September Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type:

Question 1.

The youngest Princess’s name is –

(A) January

(B) August

(C) September

(D) May

Answer: (C) September

Question 2.

The king of Sian gives his daughters a –

(A) Red Parrot

(B) Green Parrot

(C) Peacock

(D) Dog

Answer: (B) Green Parrot

Question 3.

The colour of the cage is –

(A) Red

(B) Silver

(C) Golden

(D) Black

Answer:  (C) Golden

Question 4.

How many sisters September have –

(A) 1

(B) 12

(C) 8

(D) 4

Answer: (C) 8

Question 5.

The parrot can say –

(A) Two

(B) Six

(C) Eight

(D) Seven

Different languages

Answer: (D) Seven

Question 6.

The little bird flow like a –

(A) Parrot

(B) Peacock

(C) Nightingale

(D) Butterfly

Answer: (C) Nightingale

Question 7.

What colour of Parrot September’s sister s gave her –

(A) Red and Yellow

(B) Red and Green

(C) Orange and Green

(D) Green and Yellow

Answer: (D) Green and Yellow

Question 8.

The little bird went to visit his –

(A) Sisters

(B) Mother

(C) Mother in law

(D) Father in law

Answer: (D) Father in law

Question 9.

September married to –

(A) King of Siam

(B) Prince of Scotland

(C) King of England

(D) King of Cambodia

Answer: (D) King of Cambodia

Question 10.

September was carried on a –

(A) White Elephant

(B) Black Horse

(C) Black Elephant

(D) White horse

Answer: (A) White Elephant

Princess September Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type and Short Type:

Question 1.

What habit the king of Siam had?


The king of Siam had a Peculiar habit, instead of receiving gifts on his birthdays he gave his daughter.

Question 2.

What things he used to gave his daughters?


He gave his each daughters a golden parrot in a golden cage.

Question 3.

What did the princess do with their Parrots?


The princess spent an hour every day in teaching the parrots to talk.

Question 4.

What could the parrot say?


The parrot could say “God save the king and pretty Polly”

Question 5.

What princess September had found when he went to say good morning to her parrot?


When princess September went to say good morning to her parrot, she found her parrot lying dead at the bottom of its golden cage.

Question 6.

Why the little bird said that he didn’t come back tonight?


The little bird said he didn’t came back that night because his father in law was giving a party and they all wanted him to stay.

Question 7.

After popped the little bird over then cage, what princess September said?


Princess September said her mamma’s cats were prowling about tonight, that’s why popped the little bird in the cage.

Question 8.

Why September shut the bird in a cage?


September shut the bird in a cage because she loved him and wanted to have him all to herself.

Question 9.

Who is the writer of ‘Princess September’?


Somerset Maugham is the writer of Princess September.

Question 10.

Why the name Princess of Siam is September?


The king and Queen to Siam had many daughters and the queen said that it confused her to have remembered so many names. One day the king decided to call them January, February, march till he come to the younger when he called September.

Question 11.

Why did eight princesses put their heads together?


Eight Princess put their heads together and sat down in circle round September to show their sympathy for the death of September’s parrot and offer her that the wanted to buy a parrot with their pocket money for September.

Question 12.

Why did the little bird could not sing a word in the cage?


Because the little bird want to see the nature, the trees, the fields, he wants freedom.

“I cannot sing unless i am free…………”

Question 13.

Why did September kept her window open all the time?


September kept her window open day and night so that the little bird come into her room whenever he felt inclined.

Question 14.

What gift September get for kept her window open?


It was very good for her, she grew extremely beautiful.

Question 15.

Why did other sisters mock September?


They all were Jealous of September. When they get to know that September had released her bird, they mocked her for her stupidity.

Question 16.

Discuss the theme of freedom in Mangham’s princess September?


The theme of freedom in literature freedom in general in the world is very important. In Meaghan story freedom theme nicely portrait through the freedom of a little bird, and continued in the end of the story. The freedom is expressed by the use of symbols like wings, wide blue sky, green rice growing in the field.

“I cannot sing unless I am free”

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