ML Aggarwal CBSE Solutions Class 7 Math Sixth Chapter Linear Equations Exercise 6.2

ML Aggarwal CBSE Solutions Class 7 Math 6th Chapter Linear Equations Exercise 6.2

(1) If 7 is added to five times a number, the result is 57. Find the number.

Solution No. 1: 

(2) Find the number, such that one-fourth of the number is 3 more than 7.

(3) A number is as much greater than 15 as it is less than 51. Find the number.

(4) if 1/2 is subtracted from a number and the difference is multiplied by 4, the result is 5. What is the number?

(5) The sum of two numbers is 80 and the greater number exceeds twice the smaller by 11. Find the numbers.

(6) Find three consecutive odd natural numbers whose sum is 87.

(7) In a class of 35 students, the number of girls is two-fifth of the number of boys. Find the number of girls in the class.

Solution No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: 

(8) A chair costs rs. 250 and a table costs Rs. 400. If a housewife purchased a certain number of chairs and two tables for Rs. 2800, find the number of chairs she purchased.

(9) Aparna got Rs. 27840 as her monthly salary and over time. Her salary exceeds the over time by rs. 16560. What her monthly salary?

(10) Heena has only Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 coins in her purse. If in all she has 80 coins in her purse amounting to Rs. 232, find the number of Rs. 5 coins.

Solution No. 8, 9 & 10: 

(11) A purse contains Rs. 550 in noes of denominations of Rs. 10 and Rs. 50. If the number of Rs. 50 notes is one less than that of Rs. 10 notes, then find the number of Rs. 50 notes.

(12) Aster12 years, I shall be 3 times as old as I was 4 years ago. Find my present age.

(13) Two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are (3x – 1) units and (2x + 2) units, The third side is 2x units. Find x and the perimeter of the triangle.

(14) The length of a rectangular plot is 6 m less than thrice its breadth. Find the dimensions of the plot if its perimeter is 148 m.

Solution No. 11, 12, 13 & 14:

(15) Two complementary angles differ by 200. Find the measure of each angle.

Solution No. 15:

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