Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Chapter 2.2 Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 2.2 – Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 2.2: Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 8 get here Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 8

English Solution


Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals

(1) (A) Find from the lesson words / phrases that mean the following.

(a) colours

Ans:- Hues.

(b) a person who writes for newspapers/magazines

Ans:- Journalist.

(c) make a difference between

Ans:- Discriminate.

(d) cry over

Ans:- Lament.

(e) explain in detail

Ans:- Throw light on.

(f) abilities and qualities

Ans:- Potential.

(g) same availability

Ans:-  Opportunities/equal access.

(h) a person who brings about a social/political change

Ans:- Activist.

(B) Pick out five Compound words from the lesson.

Ans:- (i) Reading room, (2) Grand mother (3) Household (4) Social worker (5) Middle aged (6) crystal clear.

(2) (a) Read and write down 5 points which prove that Tomba, (Lanthoi’s father) firmly believes in gender equality.

Ans:- (i) Tomba is a husband supportive to the activities of his wife.

(ii) He is a social worker who advocates the cause of women.

(iii) He does not discriminate between a main’s work and woman’s work.

(iv) He shares equally with his wife in doing the house hold chores like cleaning, washing, cooking and feeding children.

(v) He tells Lanthai that the world is still tall of inequalities and they have to find a way to bring equality between man and woman.

(b) In what ways is Ashangbi different from other women of her community?

Ans:-  Ashangbi is different from the other woman of her community because she is  equally treated by her husband, he takes pride in her she is a formalist and a woman’s right activist, and is a function of love for the family.

(3) Who said to whom and when / why?

  Who said? To whom? When / why?
…..the world is full of inequalities. Tomba the father  To Lanthoi his daughter When he explains to her gender equality.
I want to do something interesting. Lanthoi Her mother a shangbi She wants to have a discussion.
It is against the will of God. Ashangbi Lanthoi When she explains the meaning of the topic.
Our home is full of love…. Lanthoi Ashangbi When she understands her mother is not of lesser quality than her father.
…… we can affirm along with United Nations that men and women are equal. Ashangbi Larthoi When lanthoi wants to know if there are provisions for women. Empowerment.

Underline the Pronouns in the following sentences and name their types:-

(1) What do you want to do?

Ans:-What- Interrogative

You- Personal

 (2) It is because of your father that I feel no inequality.

Ans:-You and I – Personal Pronouns.

 (3) This is what your topic means.

Ans:- This – Demonstrative

Your – Personal.

 (4) She is fascinated by the small trail, which winds up the mountain.

Ans:- She – personal

Which – Relative.


(5) Read the following lines. Imagine it is the beginning of an instance you have experienced. Complete the incident using your imagination. Give it a positive ending.

Ans:-  I had often noticed that in my neighbour’s family, the son was greatly pampered, but the daughter was treated unfairly. I could not bear this. So one day I decided to go and speak to the parents of the children. I just shared my point of views softy and said that both the children of the family. So do not treat them differently. The parents should give their blessings to their both child.

After that day I decided to make a folder of stories of successful woman who had greatly respected.

One afternoon when I knew that my folder pretending that I wanted her option and help on my school project. I should my folder and total presentation. As I thought my plan was successful after showing that presentation my neighbour cried and hugged me. She realized her unfair behaviour with her daughter.

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