Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Chapter 15 Fun with Magnets Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 15 – Fun with Magnets

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 15: Fun with Magnets. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Fun with Magnets full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

Science Solution


Fun with Magnets

1.) How will you do this?

a.) Determine whether a material is magnetic or non -magnetic.

First, some pieces of paper and iron fillings should be kept and then a magnet should be passed around the material. The material that portrays the tendency to stick to a magnet is known as magnetic material. On the other hand, the material that does not show the tendency to attract to a magnet is called a non- magnetic material. In this way , it can be determined whether a material is magnetic or non- magnetic.

b.) Explain that a magnet has a certain magnetic field.

Firstly, some iron fillings should be sprinkled on a cardboard. Then, a bar magnet should be placed beneath the cardboard. It will be noticed that the iron fillings depict the tendency to attract in the direction of the magnet. It illustrates that the bar magnetappliesa force all over it’s body but it exerts a greater force near the two poles. Furthermore, this constant form of iron shavings on the cardboard portrays the sequence of magnetic field. Therefore, a magnet has a certain magnetic field which can be clearly displayed by the arched lines around a magnet.

c.) Find the north pole of a magnet.

A thread should be tied to the central position of a bar magnet and then it should be hanged from a stand. The direction in which the magnet settles itself should be carefully noticed. One end of a magnet that orients itself towards the north is known as north pole whereas, the other end of the magnet that orients itself towards the south is known as south pole.

2.) Which magnet will you use?

a.) Iron is to be separated from trash.

Electromagnet should be used in order to separate iron from trash. Waste matters, including iron ore might be contained in trash. Thus, an electromagnet that are fitted to a crane should be moved, so that it can pick up the scrap iron, that is essential and remove it from the trash that is unessential.

b.) You are lost in a forest.

If a person is lost in a forest, then one should use bar magnet because it possesses the capacity  to depict the route in the forest. It helps to display the direction in accordance with geographical compass points, as bar magnets are represented in such a way, that it is reliant on north pole and south pole that functions at its ends.

c.) A window shutter opens and shuts continuously in the wind.

Permanent magnet should be used in order to stop the continuous shuttering of window that is resulting from the wind. A permanent magnet is composed of ferromagnetic material, which means it possess permanent magnetic properties , even when it is not in magnetic state. A magnet consists of two ends , on one end of the magnet there is the north pole and there is a south pole on the other end. In order to attract other magnetic elements, the magnet is used. Magnet is also used in electronic appliances, where it executes several other functions.

3.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

a.) If a bar magnet is hung by a thread tied at its centre, it’s north pole becomes steady in the direction of the north Pole of the earth.

(South , north , east , west )

b.) If a bar magnet is cut into equal pieces by cutting it at right angles to its axis at two places,3 bar magnets are formed, and a total of 6 poles are formed.

(6, 3, 2)

c.) There is repulsion between the like poles of a magnet, and attraction between its opposite poles.

(Opposite, like )

d.) When magnetic material is taken close to a magnet, the material acquiresinducedmagnetism.

(Permanent magnetism, induced magnetism)

e.) If a magnet attracts a piece of metal, that piece must be made of magnetic material or iron

(any other metal but iron , magnetic material or iron , non – magnetic material)

f.) A magnet remains steady in a north- south direction.

(east – west , north – south )

4.) Write in your words.

a.) How is an electromagnet made?

In order to construct an electromagnet, we need an iron nail which should be around 10 cm long, a long insulated copper wire of about 1m length, a battery cells and other  magnetic items. The nail should be winded with the copper wire. The cell should be joined with both the ends of the wire, so as a result of which ,electric current can be passed through wire. Now, the pins should be taken near the head of the nail. During such activity, it was clearly noticed that pins got stuck to the nail. In order to notice the subsequent occurrence, the electric current should be stopped. The pins that were  stuck to the nails, fell down. This approach clearly depicted that, it was only due to the electric current, the magnetism was produced in the nail. So, the magnetism got disappeared, when the electric current was put off . Such a magnet is termed as an electromagnet. In this manner, temporary magnetism is produced. Electromagnetism is used in several places in our day – to-  day life purposes. As for example, electromagnetism is used in several instruments, as for instance, a door bell and a crane.

b.) Write the properties of a magnet.

1.) A magnet always have the tendency to rest in the north- south direction.

2.) There is concentration of the magnetic force at the two ends of a magnet.

3.) The two ends of a magnet are non separable, which means when a magnet is splitted into two parts, then there is a formation of two independent magnets.

4.) When a magnetic material is placed near a magnet, then it obtains magnetism. This kind of magnetism is known as induced magnetism.

5.) The like poles of magnet repel one another, on the other hand, the opposite poles of magnet attract each other.

So, these are the several properties of a magnet.

c.) What are the practical uses of a magnet?

The practical uses of a magnet are as follows:

1.) Magnets are used in several electrical devices, as for instance, radio, fans, door bells and speakers.

2.) Magnets are used in our day -to -day life purposes, as for example, they are used in the doors of the refrigerator and they are also used in pin holder.

3.) Magnetic compass enables us to find the route of a particular place.

4.) Magnets are also used for the purpose of security. Metal detectors are mainly used in food industries for the purpose of detecting any undesirable metals that are accidentally mixed with the food items. These metal detectors are those apparatus that uses magnets and are termed as metal detectors.

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