Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Chapter 4.3 Mr Nobody Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4.3 – Mr Nobody

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4.3: Mr Nobody. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Mr Nobody full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 6

English Solution


Mr Nobody

(2) Complete the following chart of personal pronouns using words from the brackets –

(him, our, we, he, her, their, it, me, your).

Person   Pronouns    
First I, We My, me Our, us Mine, ours
Second You Your You Yours
Third He, she, it, they His, her, its, their Him, her, them it His, hers, its, theirs

Which of the above pronouns do you use when you talk about yourself?

Ans: – my, me, mine

Suppose you are telling someone about the good/bad things they have done.

What pronoun are you likely to use?

Ans: – It, its, their, them

Suppose you are complaining about one or more persons/things to your teacher/mother.

What pronouns will you use?

Ans: – His, her, him, their, them, theirs, it, its, hers.

(3) Write all the instances of the mischief done by Mr Nobody.

Ans: – (1) The very plate is broken and cracked.

(2) Leaves the door ajar.

(3) The book is always torn.

(4) The buttons are pulled from the shirt

(5) The pins are scattered

(6) The door is still squeaking

(7) There are finger marks upon the door.

(8) Boots are lying around

(9) The ink has spoiled over

(10) The certains led to fade

(11) Always leave the blinds unclosed

(12) Leave the oiling.

(4) What characteristics of Mr Nobody do we learn about from this poem?

Ans:  -In reality Mr. nobody have no existence. In this poem poet try to make the fun by the children who do all these things in house.  Mr. nobody is one who is responsible for doing all mischief in the house. Actually in every house have a Mr. Nobody. He do all mischief and blamed him for break and cracked the plate. He spoils the books, leaves the door a jar. He pulls the buttons from the shirts and scatters pins everywhere. Mr. Nobody squeaks the door, and leave the oiling, so he also blamed for all these mischief that he had done. Mr Nobody bring mud into the house and spoils the carpets. He also leaves his finger marks in the door. He lets the curtains fade and spill the ink. He laying boots around on the floor. All these happening only for Mr. Nobody, So Mr. Nobody is blamed for his / her naughty actions.

(5) Imagine that there is a Mr Somebody who has to correct all the wrongs that are done by Mr Nobody. Write in the following table, what Mr Somebody will have to do.

Ans: –

Mr Nobody’s Actions Tasks for Mr Somebody
1) The plate is broken/cracked. Mend the plate. / Throw it away carefully.
2) The book is torn. The book kept in safe
3) The door is ajar. The door is fully closed
4) The buttons are pulled from the shirt. The buttons are searing in the shirts
5) The pins are scattered. The pins are collected and keep them it another place
6) The door is still squeaking. Keep the door shut down
7) There are finger marks upon the door. Wipe the finger marks from the door
8) The ink has spilled over. Tidy up the ink
9) Boots are lying around. Boots are kept in shoe rack
10) bring mud into the house and spoils the carpets Don’t bring mud into the house and keep clean the carpets
11) Open the water tap. Closed the water tap

(6) Write about one occasion each when you have behaved like –

(a) Mr Nobody (b) Mr Somebody.

Ans: –

(a) Mr Nobody: – When I went to a weeding party with my friends without any invitation, for enjoy some funny moment. Then, if someone asked our name or any information, we just avoided it and pretended like Mr. Nobody and we started another conversation over it.

(b) Mr Somebody: – When I went to any family function like birthday party, then I did same work like kitchen work, clean the kitchen or serving food to the guest. Hence I pretended like Mr. Somebody who correctly and perfectly did all the works, if any Mr Nobody did any mischief, Mr Somebody mean (me) correct those mischief.

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