Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Chapter 5 The Twelve Months Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 5 – The Twelve Months

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solution Chapter 5: The Twelve Months. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 5 get here The Twelve Months full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 5


English Solution


The Twelve Months


Chapter – 5

The Twelve Months


(1) Find the meaning of the following words.

* adorning – something more pretty

* rated – Scolded

* abused – Treating cruelly

* starlets – a small star

* delicious – Pleasing to taste


(2) * stepmother à step + mother  

* footprint > foot + print

* snow white > snow + white

* springtime > spring + time

* gentle-hearted > gentle + hearted

* anywhere > any + where

* The first word in each

Ans: Stepdaughter, snowman, anytime, gentleman.

* The second word in each.

Ans: Printout, white man, Timetable, motherhood.


(3) (1) Why did Marouckla’s stepmother hate her?

Ans: Marouckla’s stepmother hated her because she was more beautiful than her own daughter, named Holena. 

(2) In what season does the story take place?

Ans: The story takes places in winter season.

(3) Does Marouckla get any of the things she brings?

Ans: No, she doesn’t get any of the things she brings.  

(4) Why do Holena and her mother go out in the snow themselves?

Ans: Holena assumed that Marouckla has eaten some of the red apples on her way back home. Therefore, Marouckla would do the same thing again if she was sent to the mountain. So, to get all the apples from the tree, Holena and her mother go out in the snow themselves.   

(5) Why is Great January annoyed with Holena and her mother? Does he help them?

Ans: Great January is annoyed because Holena and her mother stepped up to the fire and started stretching out their hands to warm them without even asking permission or having any polite words. When great January asked them what they want, Holena angrily called him old fool. Again her mother said that it was none of his business. Seeing their manners, great January got age angry with them. No he doesn’t help them.


(4) Describe the following with the help of the story.

* Springtime –

During springtime, the flowers begin to bloom and the snow starts melting. Green grasses covered the ground and the violets began to bloom in the leaves that look like a blue cloth spread out on the ground.

* Summer –

During summer, the trees are covered with full of leaves and the ground with green grasses. The bird begin to sing and the forests are filled with all kinds of flowers.

* Winter –

During winter, the sky grows darker and the snow begins to fall thick and an icy wind starts to blow through the forest.

(6) Ans: Forest, mountain, violets, club, cottage.


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