Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Chapter 7 Introduction To Microbiology

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 7 – Introduction To Microbiology

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part – 2 Solution Chapter 7: Introduction To Microbiology. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Introduction To Microbiology full Exercise Solution.


Std Maharashtra Class 10
Subject Science Part – 2 Solution
Chapter Introduction To Microbiology


CHAPTER: – 7 (Introduction To Microbiology)


Exercise: –

1) Rewrite the following statements using correct of the options and explain the completed statements.

(Gluconic acid, coagulation, amino acid, acetic acid, clostridium, lactobacilli)


a) Process of — –coagulation — — of milk proteins occurs due to lactic acid.(Explanation: – With the help of the bacteria lactobacillus milk fermentation happen and by which protein convert to lactic acid)


b.) Harmful bacteria in like — -clostridium- — in the intestine are destroyed due to probiotics.(Probiotic present in the clostridium affect our intestine. This probiotic are the bacteria which present on other bacteria.)


c.) Chemically, vinegar is -acetic acid- — –.(CH3COOH which is the formula acetic acid which is a vinegar.)


d.) Salts which can be used as supplement of calcium and iron are obtained from – gluconic—— acid.(From the gluconic acid calcium and iron obtained.)


2) Match the pairs


 ‘A’ group  ‘B’ group
a. Xylitol 1. Pigment
b. Citric acid 2. To impart sweetness

5) To impart acidity.

c. Lycopene. 3. Microbial restrictor
d. Nycin 4. Protein binding emulsifier

Ans: –

A group

B group

a. Xylitol 2.To impart sweetness
b. Citric acid 5.To impart acidity
c.Lycopene 1.Pigment
d.Nycin 3.Microbial resistor


3) Answer the following.


a.) Which fuels can be obtained by microbial processes? Why is it necessary to increase the use of such fuels?

Ans: – The fuels which can be obtained by microbial process is ethanol, methane, hydrogen.

These fuels which is produce by microbial process is like non-renewable sources. So uses this fuel our environment will not polluted more.


b) How can the oil spills of rivers and oceans be cleaned?

Ans: – Oil spills in rivers and oceans by various accident from the oil tanker.This oil layer is very harmful for the aquatic animal.

To overcome this problem there are used some bacteria as the mechanical process doesn’t work in that. Pseudomonas so like bacteria are used as they have the capabilities to destroy the pyrimidine base of hydrocarbon and by reaction produce CO2 and water.


c) How can the soil polluted by acid rain be made fertile again?

Ans: – There are present H2SO4 in acid rain which polluted the fertile land. And this sulphuric acid came in a reaction of various microorganisms like acid bacillus bacteria which treatment the soil.


d) Explain the importance of bio-pesticides in organic farming.

Ans: – Using of bio pesticides is very friendly to the soil. The bio pesticides remove the various pathogens, pesticides present in soil but it doesn’t harm’s the organic material present. So, for this reason the use of bio pesticides become increasing now a days.


e) Which are the reasons for increasing the popularity of probiotic products?

Ans: –  The various bacteria present in the probiotic product are acidophilus, lactobacillus, bifid bacterium which has the various benefit for uses such as these are control metabolism, help from dihhoria etc. For this benefit we use the probiotic food.


f) How the bread and other products produced using baker’s yeast are nutritious?

Ans: – The bread is produced from the baker by using the process fermentation. As has the property to fermentation this are used for making the bread, syrup, molasses etc. As well as yeast has also the other benefits like it is the rich source of carbohydrates, protein, fats.


g) Which precautions are necessary for proper decomposition of domestic waste?

Ans: – The domestic waste is vegetable waste, plastic, various used bag, unused electronic gadgets. So, there are present various substance in domestic waste which are bio degradable or non-biodegradable. The biodegradable substance may be uses pesticides in soil and the non biodegradable may be recycle or reduce its activity.


h) Why is it necessary to ban the use of plastic bags?

Ans: –  The uses of plastic create huge problem in our daily life like it polluted the air while burning, by mixing in land polluted the soil, the most frequent problem of uses of plastic now a days is it stuck in the manhole and stop the passes of water and create the flooding situation in urban areas.


4) Complete the following conceptual picture.

Ans: –



5) Give scientific reasons.

a.) Use of mutant strains has been increased in industrial microbiology.

Ans: – The use of genetic engineering creates a huge impact on increase of various important substance production. By the help of genetic engineering, we are able to produce mutant strain which is more reasonable from original version.


b) Enzymes obtained by microbial process are mixed with detergents.

Ans: – As the enzyme mixed detergent increase the activity of detergent.These types of detergent make easy to clear dirt from the cloths so it is very useful.


c.) Microbial enzymes are used instead of chemical catalysts in chemical industry.

Ans: – Microbial enzymes are more efficient than the chemical catalyst. There are various reasons for using microbial enzymes such as lesser byproduct are formed, work in low temperature, reduce the environmental pollution.


6) Complete the following conceptual picture with respect to uses.

Ans: –


7) Complete the following conceptual picture related to environmental management.

Ans: –


8) Answer the following.

a.) What is role of microbes in compost production?

Ans: –Microbes are very essential product that are used now a days. As by using such microbe’s essential fertilizer, detergent is produced. The biodegradable waste is dump in certain place after digging it.  Day after by the reaction of different bacteria compost are produced.


b.) What are the benefits of mixing ethanol with petrol and diesel?

Ans: – To reduce the environmental pollution now a days it is increase the uses of ethanol mixed petrol. This ethanol mixed petrol reduces the polluted emission of car and bike. The ethanol is cheaper as compare to the types of fuel.


c) Which plants are cultivated to obtain the fuel?

Ans: –Sugarcane, palm, soybeans are cultivated to obtain the fuel.


d) Which fuels are obtained from biomass?

Ans: – The bio fuel is obtained from the biomass. Example of some different types of bio fuel are solid bio fuel (coal), gaseous bio fuel (gobar gas),liquid bio fuel (vegetable oil, alcohol).


e) How does the bread become spongy?

Ans: –By using the yeast the bread become spongy. The yeast produces carbon dioxide gas which increase the volume of the dough. As the volume increases the spongy types is seen.



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