Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 4.4 The Height of the Ridiculous Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 4.4 – The Height of the Ridiculous

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 4.4: The Height of the Ridiculous. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here The Height of the Ridiculous full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10

English Solution


The Height of the Ridiculous


Q.) Give the words related to – Humorous:

Ans. Comedy, drollery, absurdity, whimsicality, wittiness.

Q.) Pick out the word from the given box and write it in the correct columns below:

(Jump, narrow, cable, live, queen, butter, tree, kitten, van, yellow, dale, happy, night, printer, star, sober, paper, cloud, pearl, within, bike, began, slender)


Words with one syllable Words with two syllables
Jump, live, queen, tree, van, dale, night, star, cloud, pearl, bike Narrow, cable, butter, kitten, yellow, happy, printer, sober, paper, within, began, slender



Q.) In what frame of mind did the poet write some lines?

Ans. The poet wrote some lines in a wondrous merry mood.

Q.) What was the contrast in the narrator and his servant? 

Ans. The narrator has a slender built, and the servant has a stout mighty built.

Q.) When did the servant grin?

Ans. When the narrator handed over a piece of paper to the servant and he started reading line by line of the poem written by the narrator, the servant grinned.

Q.) When was the chuckling noise heard?

Ans. As the servant continued reading the hilarious poem written by the narrator, his slight grin turned into chuckles.

Q.) Which line suggests that servant was totally out of control?

Ans. The line that suggests that the servant was totally out of control is, “The sixth, he burst five buttons off, and tumbled in a fit.”

Q.) What was the impact of this experience, on the poet?

Ans. Reading his hilarious poem the servant laughed so hard that he tumbled over and was in severe pain for quite a long time, seeing his condition the poet decided not to write such funny poems again.



1.) Find out expressions from the poem that indicate funny moments.

For example, I laughed as I would die

Ans. a) To mind a slender man like me, He of the mighty limb.

b) The fifth; his waistband split.

c) The sixth; he burst five buttons off, and tumbled in a fit.

d) The fourth; he broke into a roar.

2.) Order of sequence: Arrange the following reactions in their proper order, as per the poem.

(a) His waistband split

(b) The grin grew broad.

(c) Sleepless eye.   

(d) Was all upon the grin.

(e) He broke into a roar.

 (f) He burst five buttons off.

Ans. (d) Was all upon the grin
(b) The grin grew broad
(e) He broke into a roar
(a) His waistband split
(f) He burst five buttons
(c) Sleepless eye

3.) Form pairs and find out the various rhyming words in the poem and two of your own. Complete the following table:


1. Ear


2. Within


3. Man


4. Split


5. Way


6. Him


7. Die


8. Mood


















Cat – Bat.


Fall – Tall.


Kite – Height.


Towel – Growl.


Four – Roar.


Chalk – Hawk.


One – Won



4.) Match the lines with the Figures of Speech:


Lines Figures of Speech
1. In wondrous, merry mood Tautology
2. They were so queer, so very queer Repetition
3.  And saw him peep within Repetition
4. The grin grew broad Alliteration
5. And shot from ear to ear Hyperbole
6. He broke into a roar – Onomatopoeia
7. Ten days and nights with sleepless eye Transferred Epithe


8.) Go through the poem and write an appreciation of the poem in a paragraph format. (Refer to page no. 5):

Ans.The poem ‘The Height of the Ridiculous’ is written by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

The poem is written in a rhyming scheme of abcb. There are many figures of speeches used in the poem, like Hyperbole, Tautology, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, etc. but the main is Transferred Epithet, for example in the line ‘Ten days and nights, with sleepless eye’, the adjective ‘sleepless’ is used for the eye, whereas it should be used for the servant.

The poet has written the poem in a very witty and humorous manner and the readers’ mood light, with plenty of funny expressions.A very funny poem written by the poet to droll the readers.

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