Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 1.5 Joan of Arc Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.5 – Joan of Arc

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.5: Joan of Arc. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Joan of Arc full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10

English Solution


Joan of Arc

Q.) Guess the difference in the meaning of the underlined phrases:

Ans: 1. a) He promised to look into the matter.

Meaning: to investigate/ examine

b) He asked me to look for his lost book.

Meaning: to search

c) I shall look forward to your arrival.

Meaning: to wait eagerly

2.a) A epidemic of cholera broke out in the village.

Meaning: flare up/ set in

b) The thieves broke into the locked house.

Meaning: to rob

c) They broke up their friendship.

Meaning: to end a relationship

3.a) You  must carry out your duty faithfully.

Meaning: do/perform

b) They carried off the trophy in the football matches.

Meaning: to secure/achieve

c) Please carry on with your work.

Meaning: continue

d) Carry forward the remaining balance to the next page.

Meaning: Transfer figures to a new page or account

Answer the following questions:

Q.) Why had Joan wanted to meet Captain Squire?

Ans: Joan wanted to meet Captain Squire as she wanted a horse and armour and some soldiers and she wanted him to send her to Dauphin.


Q.) Name the person who Joan needed to free Orleans.

Ans: Polly, Jack, John Godsave, Dick, the archer and their servants, John of Home court and Julian.


Q.) Was the Dauphin fit to be a Prince and an heir?

Ans: No, he was not fit to be a Prince, moreover he was hiding Chinon, like a rat, somewhere in the corner of the city.


Q.) What was the reason Robert accused Poulengey of?

Ans: As Polly was also ready to accompany Joan, Robert thought he too was out of his mind that he also gets into Joan’s stupid plan.


Q.) What shows that Joan is a person of immense faith?

Ans: Joan is a person of immense faith; it is very much clear when she says that if God is on one’s side, one can do anything.


Q.) Why were the French soldiers always beaten?

Ans: The French soldiers were always beaten because they fought only to save themselves, and always ran away from the battlefield.


Q.) What made Robert finally agree to the plan?

Ans: Though Robert thought that the plan was quite stupid, but still he agreed as he thought that the troops might be inspired by Joan. He believed that Dauphin too night believe Joan and he also thought to himself that if Joan could put it into Dauphin, she could put it into anybody.


Q. Read the extract from G.B.Shaw’s play on John of Arc and fill in the Tree diagram.


Q.) Pick out from the extract of the play two lines that provide evidence for each of the following:

Ans: Her confidence

a) The Dauphin will give me all I need to free Orleans

b) I will teach them all to fight for France.


Her Courage

a) The squire’s glass neither frightens her, nor stops her.

b) She really doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything.


Her Optimism

a) I don’t think it can be very difficult if God is on our side.

b) Robert thought if she can put some fight into Dauphin, she could put it into anyone.


Her Determination

a) You said that you won’t see me but here I am

b) She was all determined to free New Orleans as well as France and was ready to teach them fight.


Her Patriotism

a) She was ready to teach the soldiers to fight the French

b) “You and Polly will live to see the day, when there will not be a single English soldier on the soil of France.”


Q.) From the extract find what the following are compared to and why:

Ans: a) As early as: Chasing a cow out of meadow as John hails from country side and she has the experience of the above and she knows that the enemy soldiers too will as easily driven away as that of cows.

b) As mad as: John herself as being just a 17 years old girl she plans to go to the Dauphin and ask him to fight for New Orleans.

c) The Dauphin in Chinon is like: A rat, who is coward and ran away and hid himself somewhere in Chinon to avoid fighting.

d) The (enemy) soldier will be driven away like: sheep, as John was confident enough of herself and her courage and knew that enemy soldiers are not that courageous.

e) John of Arc is a bit of ‘Miracle’: She has the quality and ability of putting courage and confidence in everyone.

Q.) Say why? Write it in your notebook:

a) Joan wanted to meet Captain Squire

Ans: She wanted Robert to permit her to go to New Orleans to fight the enemy and she asked for a horse, armour and some soldiers from Robert (Squire).

b) John did not ask for many soldiers from Captain Squire

Ans: As six of her soldier friends were also going to accompany her and the Dauphin told her that he will provide her with everything she needs to free New Orleans.

c) Poulengey, Jack and Dick had offered to accompany her.

Ans: They thought Joan as very optimistic and brave girl; they had the faith that she got something within which will surely help them free New Orleans.

d) French soldiers were always beaten in war?

Ans: French soldiers were always beaten because they never fought for the country instead they always tried to save themselves, that’s why most of the time they fled away from the battlefields.

e) Captain Squire Robert said, “I wash my hands off it”

Ans: Captain Squire was not willing to send Joan to meet Dauphin or to fight against the French, but he saw that she was quite adamant and even Pollenguy was supporting her decision, so he said that if you all wish to go, you can, but I will not take any responsibility of sending you there.

Q.) Using a dictionary find the differences between the following pairs of phrases:

Ans: 1.a) Cut in – To interrupt/break in

b) Cut out –Give up

2.) a) Be held by – To hold someone/ something

b) Be held up – Being late

3.) a) Run away – To escape

b) Run for – To make it difficult for someone

4.) a) Be known as – For something that is of its being

b) Be known for – To be recognized

5.) a) Go with – To give one’s consent

b) Go after – To pursue someone on something

6.) a) Put fire into – To inspire someone to do a specific job

b) Put fire out – To stop a fire from burning


Q.) Make the following sentences affirmative, without change of meaning:

Ans: a) Negative – I am not so sure now

Affirmative – I am unsure now

b) Negative – He will not be able to stop them

Affirmative – He will be able to stop them

c) Negative – I don’t remember

Affirmative – I remember it

d) Negative–I can do no more

Affirmative – I can only do this much

e) Negative – I shall not want many soldiers

Affirmative – I want many soldiers

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