Labelled diagram of Human Male Reproductive System

Labelled diagram of Human Male Reproductive System

The male reproductive system consists of parts that produce germ- cells and other parts that transport the germ-cells to the site of fertilization. The production of germ-cells or spermatozoa takes place in the testes. These are located outside the abdominal cavity of the testicles because sperm production requires a lower than normal body temperature. In addition to regulating sperm production, testosterone causes changes seen in boys during puberty. The spermatozoa formed are delivered through the vas deferens which joins the duct form the bladder. Thus the urethra forms a common passageway for both sperm and urine. En route to the vas deferens, glands such as the prostate and seminal vesicles add their secretions so the sperm are now in a fluid that facilitates their transport and this fluid also provides nourishment. Sperms are also small bodies that mainly contain genetic material and have a long tail that helps them move towards the female germ-cells.

Human Male Reproductive System lebelled diagram

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