India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife Class 6 Quiz

India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife  Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer

India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife  Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 6 Geography Lesson 8 Mock Test.

Question: (1) Hot & dry winds flow in summer called as—

(a) l00

(b) Mori

(c) Monsoon

(d) None of these

Answer:- (a) 100.

Question: (2) The — is about the average weather condition, which have measuring over many years.

(a) Monsoon

(b) Weather

(c) Climate

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) Climate.

Question: (3) The Monsoon word come from the language

(a) Bengali

(b) Arabic

(c) Urdu

(d) Latin

Answer:- (b) Arabic.

Question: (4) The place where world’s highest rainfall receives is —

(a) Jaisalmar

(b) Mawsynram

(c) Jammu

(d) None of these

Answer:- (b) Mawsynram.

Question: (5) Our national animal is —

(a) Lion

(b) Deer

(c) Tiger

(d) Elephants

Answer:- (c) Tiger.

Question: (6) The home of Asiatic lion is –

(a) Kuchch Rann

(b) Gir forest

(c) Himalaya

(d) None of these

Answer:- (b) Gir forest.

Question: (7) Gir forest in —

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Gujarat

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Bihar

Answer:- (b) Gujarat.

Question: (8) Forest provide us

(a) Timber

(b) Herbs

(c) Fuel wood

(d) All of these

Answer:- (d) All of these.

Question: (9) The climate of the places is affected by

(a) Altitude

(b) Distance from the Sea

(c) A & B

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) A & B.

Question: (10) Elephants & one horned rhinoceroses roam in the forest of

(a) West Bengal

(b) Gujarat

(c) Assam

(d) Maharashtra

Answer:- (c) Assam.

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