Electricity and Circuits Class 6 Worksheet

Electricity and Circuits Class 6 Worksheet with Solved in Pdf

Electricity and Circuits Class 6 Worksheet: In this page we have included Electricity and Circuits Chapter from Grade 6 Worksheet with solution.

Electricity and Circuits Worksheet

Worksheet for chapter 12: – Electricity and Circuits ?

The following questions are important for your exams for 1 mark 2 mark or 5 marks. First solve the questions on your own and then saw the solution for understanding it better.

Practice worksheet for class 6

Section A

Q.1.)  which device provide electricity to the bulb in a torch?

→  Electricity to the bulb in a torch is provided by electric cell.


Q.2.)  which devices contain electric cell in it?

→  The devices like alarm clock, wrist watch , videos cameras, TV remote , wall clock contain electric cell in it.


Q.3.)  electric cell is made up of which two terminals?

→  Electric cell is made up of two terminals one is positive terminal and other is negative terminal.


Q.4.)  which is positive and negative terminal present in electric cell?

→Metal cap is a positive terminal and metal disc is a negative terminal.


Q.5.)  how electric cell produce electricity?

→  Electric cell produces electricity with the help of chemicals stored in it. When chemical in an electric cell are used up then the electric cell stop working and it should be replaced with the new electric cell.


Q.6.)  Name two devices having two terminals each?

  1. Electric cell
  2. Electric bulb


Q.7.)  what is electricity ?

→ Electricity is form of energy through which we can produce light heat and electric current.


Q.8.)  give the names of two insulator?

  1. Wooden cardboard
  2. Polythene
  3. Rubber
  4. Newspaper


Q.9.)  what is electric current?

→ The flow of electrons is called as electric current.


Q.10.)  give the names of two conductors of electricity?

  1. Iron rod
  2. Copper
  3. Brass
  4. Water


Q.11.)  what is used to break the circuit?

→Electric switch is used to break the circuit .


Q.12.)  why pure distilled water do not conduct electricity?

→ Electricity is nothing but the flow of electrons from one terminal 2 the another one. In pure distilled water there are no electrons hence it do not conduct electricity.


Q.13.)  make a list of gadgets in our home which conduct electricity?

  1. TV
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Electric fan
  4. Water heater
  5. Cooler
  6. Tubelight
  7. Electric mixer
  8. Microwave oven


Q.14.)  define switch?

→   Switch is a simple device that either breaks the circuit or either completes it. When which is on circuit is said to be closed and when switch is off circuit is said to be open.


Q.15.)  why copper, aluminum and other metals used to make wires?

→ Conductors are the one which can conduct electricity through them. Copper, aluminum, and other metals are conductors hence used to make wires.


Q.16.)  what is conductors?

→  The materials which allows electricity to pass through it these materials are called as conductors. Conductors are mostly metals like copper, aluminum and other.


Q.17.)  classify the following as conductors and insulators?

→ KEY, rubber ,  scale , copper bottle , wooden cardboard, polythene , eraser, matchstick,  glass bangle, iron nail.


Conductors-  key, iron nail,  copper bottle.

Insulators:- rubber, scale, wooden cardboard, polythene, eraser matchstick, glass bangle.


Q.18.)  why the “ danger sign “ is sometimes display on some electric gadgets or poles?

→  It is to Warn people that electricity should be dangerous if not handled properly. Carelessness in handling electricity and electric device can cause severe injuries and sometimes death. Electricity produced by portable generators is equally dangerous , so handled electricity with all the care. Hence to avoid any accident to happen danger sign is displayed on electric gadgets.


Q.19.) explain the arrangements in electric bulb?

→  1.) The thin wire gives off light is called filament of the bulb.

2.) The filament is also connected to two thicker wires which gives support to it.

One of these thick wires is connected to the metal case at the base of the bulb. Other thick wire is connected to the metal tip at the center of the base.

The base of the bulb and the metal tip of the base are the two terminals of the bulb. These electric terminals are situated in a way that they do not touch each other.


Q.20.)  write some preventive measures while handling electricity and to avoid accidents?

  1. Never touch electric switches or electric gadgets with wet hands or with wet body.
  2. Fused bulb should be changed when the switch is off.
  3. Fused bulb or any electric lights which are fuse should be changed when switch is off and not by wet hands.
  4. Don’t touch electric wires and Transformers on roads.
  5. Never play around the Transformers which is so risky.
  6. Never touch electric circuit with bare hands.


Electricity and Circuits Class 6 Worksheet
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