Electoral Politics Class 9 Quiz

Electoral Politics Class 9 Quiz Question with Answer

Electoral Politics Class 9 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 9 Civics Lesson 3 Mock Test.

Question 1.

Choose the wrong one –

(a) The party that win election form the government

(b) People are unhappy with ruling party then in the next elections they vote against

(c) The party that win election from opposite party to government

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) The party that win election from opposite party to government.

Question 2.

People can choose their representatives at regular interval & change them if they wish to do so. What does this mechanism called?

(a) Government

(b) Election

(c) Court

(d) Parliament

Answer:- (b) Election.

Question 3.

What will happen in electoral Competition –

(a) Leaders raise issues that people want to raised

(b) The popularity & chances of victory of leader increases

(c) Both a & b

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) Both a & b

Question 4.

After how much year lok sabha & vidhan sabha elections are held?

(a) Six years

(b) Five years

(c) Two years

(d) Not fixed

Answer:- (b) Five years.

Question 5.

When did lok sabha dissolved?

(a) Every years

(b) After 2 years

(c) Five years

(d) Never dissolved

Answer:- (c) Five years.

Question 6.

If election held only for vacancy caused by death or resignation of a member is called a –

(a) General election

(b) Regular election

(c) By election

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) By election.

Question 7.

Indian divided into many constituencies for lok sabha?

(a) 543

(b) 250

(c) 600

(d) 453

Answer:- (a) 543.

Question 8.

The constituencies divided on the which base?

(a) Education

(b) Population

(c) Both a & b

(d) Area

Answer:- (b) Population.


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Question 9.

Some constituencies are reserved for –

(a) Scheduled cast

(b) Scheduled tribes

(c) Both a & b

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) Both a & b.

Question 10.

Who many seats are reserved for sc (scheduled cast) in lok sabha? (as on January 2019)

(a) 84

(b) 47

(c) 102

(d) 98

Answer:- (a) 84.

Question 11.

For voting one must carry –

(a) EPIC must be carry

(b) Voter show ration card

(c) Voter show driving license

(d) Voter can show EPIC or any other proofs of identity

Answer:- (d) Voter can show EPIC or any proofs of identity.

Question 12.

Who gave the slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ (Remove poverty) –

(a) Jayaprakash Narayan

(b) Indira Gandhi

(c) N.T. Rama Rao

(d) Subhas Chandra Bose

 Answer:- (b) Indira Gandhi.

Question 13.

According to election law, no party can –

(a) Bribe the voters

(b) Appeal to voters in the name of cast or religion

(c) Use of government resources for election campaign

(d) All of these       

Answer:- (d) All of these.

Question 14.

EVM stand for –

(a) Electronic voting machines

(b) Election voters machines

(c) Electric voting machines

(d) None of these

Answer:- (a) Electronic voting machines.

Question 15.

Who allotted party symbols?

(a) High court of India

(b) P.M. (Prime ministers)

(c) Governor of state

(d) Election commission

Answer:- (d) Election commission.

Question 16.

In our country election are conducted by –

(a) Election commission

(b) Ruling party

(c) Governor

(d) All of these

Answer:- (a) Election commission.

Question 17.

Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by the –

(a) People

(b) High court

(c) Prime ministers

(d) President

Answer:- (d) President.

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