CBSE Exam Preparation Tips

CBSE Exam Preparation

Now a days students and their parents are worried about the exam.

Every student has an question in mind how to face the exam without stress ?

Especially the 10th and 12th class students get tensed by thinking about their future.

Many guidelines about the exams, result, admission procedure has been previously also published by CBSE board to assist the students. Along with this the CBSE board also provides the guidelines for exam preparation strategies.

As 10th and 12th class result decides the career of the students. Under certain circumstances the CBSE Board provides the guidelines for exam preparation.

CBSE Exam Preparation criteria are as follows: 

  1. Plan your study with days: In this criteria CBSE mainly concern with the student preparation of exam for every subject. Students must consider the time table of exam and how many days or months are remaining to start the exam. Therefore students prepare according to that means students plan their study, revision and can solve all the doubts within a time. When students solve their doubts by subject specific teachers the concept gets more clear and as soon as possible can start to solve previous year question papers.


  1. Try to be tensed free : if students get tension then obviously parents also get worried about their exams and health also. To prevent the tension full exams all the students must be aware about the time table and quality of study they want to do. In tension most of the times students cannot focus on the study and just worried about their exams. Under such conditions first teachers suggest the student get tension free and do as much as study as they can instead of getting worried.

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  1. Take enough sleep: under the exam pressure students take less sleep and do the study for 18 to 20 hours. So CBSE Board suggest the students get 8 hours of sleep to keep their mind fresh and not to be sleepy during the exams. Sleep and the break through the study is also important that make student fresh and again happily can start their preparation otherwise exam time becomes very much depressing to the students.


  1. Eat healthy: It is the proper things the students can do everyday, because the healthy food gives energy to study all the day. Along with the healthy food students must include some oaked almonds early morning. A healthy diet is one of the important responsibility of especially mother not to eat much and not too less. It should be balanced. When students take balanced diet then study also occurs efficiently.


  1. PYQs : The students must organize all the subjects study accordingly. When students finish a particular topic they must solve the previous year questions of that topic or chapter. The students should solve the sample question papers which are given at the end of the CBSE book. Along with PYQs students must be solve MCQs, short answer question , long answer question and practicing the question to write in a time of 3 hours of exam. If students does not practice the exam papers it becomes difficult to manage the time in exam to finish the paper.


  1. Relax your mind : Mostly students get depressed dueto the syllabus to be covered is large and the time is less, so they get panic. To handle such condition parents should involve in this situation, to make them relax. Parents can give one hour of the day to their child either by playing with them or having fun with them so their mind will get refreshed and again students will start study with fresh mind.


  1. Motivation : This is the most powerful aspect during the examination days. As exam is one type of the competition so many of the times students lose their confidence and get demotivated. Therefore motivation is vital to the students by using various slogans, so they again boost up their preparation. Teachers and all the staff in schools or colleges must motivate the students. During the exam time students mentality get low but teachers must understand them and should teach each and every little concept and students also efficiently ask every small detail about every topic to the teachers.


  1. Study time : Normally it is considered that the early morning time is best for the study, students also give their 100 % to study but any how some students cannot study in morning, so it should be the duty of parents that they can study according to their own time and not according to others, as some students can study in late night whereas some students study all the day and take enough sleep during night and some can start study early morning so they must study according to their own comfort.


  1. Value of the time : It is considered that time is more important than money. So make a good use of time is important, the teachers and parents must be consult with students about the time they have and utilization of time. It does not mean student should study 24/7 hours but at least the time they are giving that time they should not think about other things. A study time should be 100% their study time and not using phones or social media.


  1. Social media : Now a days social media is worst distraction students have. All the students get addicted to the phones, laptop, social media and much time spend on social media that is completely waste of time that students should understand. This realization must be done by their parents. If student’s parent is also involved then students progress is also occurs.

So these are the strategies are provided by CBSE Board.

Therefore by using these strategies students get much benefit to for exams and to get higher rank in exams. Every year all the exam tips and strategies are given to the students and also publish on official website of CBSE board and students also give positive reply and follow the strategies.

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