CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Travel and Tourism Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 5 Travel and Tourism Solution

CBSE Class 10 English Coursebook Chapter 5 Travel and Tourism Solution. Travel and Tourism Class 10 Question Answer Solution by Expert Teacher.

  • Board – CBSE.
  • Class – 10.
  • Topic – Solution.
  • Subject – English Main Coursebook.
  • Chapter – 5
  • Chapter Name – Travel and Tourism.
  • Where does Mrs. Banana want to go? b) Frankfurt
  • Where and when does Mr. Banana want to go? c) to London on a weekend
  • Who wants to fly to Kathmandu? c) Mr. Apple

India: estination of the Millennium

I.) To a tourist it offers: a) wide topography, b) scenic beauty, c) cultural diversity.

II.) Traditional yet modern: a) shopping haat and malls, b) family structure nuclear and joint, c) medicine Ayurveda and modern medical tourism.

III.) Indian hospitality: a) belief honouring guests as honouring gods, b) attitude cheerful c) unique selling point(USP) tradition atithi devo bhavah

IV.) Ministry of Tourism, GOI proposal: a) name of the prog- atithi devo bhavah b) train people to be sensitive to tourists c) boost tourism in India d) effort to preserve rich heritage and culture e) inculcating sense of responsibility towards tourists.



a) our attitude and behaviour

b) mistreatment to tourists

c) cheating

d) dirtu streets and locations

e) rude and unhelpful behaviour

f) bad road conditions.


Dear Sougata,

I remember you were a bit worried about choosing the right option for your vocation. I know you are ready to work hard and become successful in further career progress. So, I want to inform you about the fast paced tourism industry in India and all over the world. Recently, I came across an advertisement regarding detail about tourism industry and its course programme I am sure that you will be succeeded in this profession with your suitable personality and characteristic traits.

You already have enough personal knowledge and experience of travelling major touristdestination with which you can climb higher in your profession. You have to study and research well for providing right information about accommodation, tourist places, transportation etc. you have great communication skill which is boon for this career. You are always eager to know different culture, customs and etiquette of different places which is positive quality for performing well in your profession. You know many languages, you can learn many others with your personal interests. If you apply your personal businesstricks, analytic strategy you will come out a successfultourism partner one day with your charming personality.

There are certificate diploma and degree courses are available in tourism industry which you can choose as per your interest. After completing the course you can join any government sector of tourism department and private sector. You can start your own travel agency and work as freelance tourist guide as well. I hope this information will encourage you. For any further help you can contact me.

Yours affectionately,

Aditya vikram



Excursion during Easter break

It is hereby notified that our school has organised an excursion tour for class XI and XII students during Easter break. The exciting news for students is that the chosen destinations are Kulu, Manali and Rohtang Pass of Himachal Pradesh. It will be a wonderful experience to visit these amazing places with beautiful landscapes, valleys, rivers, and snow and picturesque views. Our class teachers along with geography and education, mathematics and computer teachers will come along with us. This excursion will be 10 days tour from 2 January to 12 January with cot charge of Rs. 5000 per head. Interested students have to deposit advance amount to the responsible person signed below within 20 December. For any further query they can contact the person signed below.


1.) Southern paradise. P-6

2.) Life of harmony. P-4

3.) Showcasing the culture and spirit of A&N. p-8

4.) Links with freedom struggle. P-2

5.) Sea sports, farms and temples. P-5

6.) Indigenous population and settlers. P-3

  1. Flora and fauna. P-7
  2. Get to know the Emerald Islands. P-1


It’s a tropical tree, found near water, whose twisted roots grow partly above ground. mangrove

It refers to the shape of an area of land, including its hills, valleys etc. topography

It is an area of sea in which there are many small islands. archipelago

It is a group of similar things that are close together. cluster

It is to describe the course of a river, coast line or path that turns a lot. meandering

This is to exist in an unpleasant or unwanted situation. languish

They are all the animals that live wild in a particular area. fauna

It is an activity that involves swimming underwater using a breathing device. snorkelling

A type of prison, which is often in a place far away from other people. penal

This is a person or living thing that has existed in a country or continent since the earliest time known to people. Aboriginal


Andaman & Nicobar Islands-Introduction:

Origin of Name: hanuman

Location: east of indian mainland

Length: 700 km from north to south

Topography: hilly with evergreen forests

Tourist Attractions: sandy beaches, marine life, peaceful surroundings

Link with the Freedom Movement: exile of 1857 revolutionaries, cellular jail, penal settlement of revolutionaries, sound and light show.

People: negrito origin, nicobarese and shompens, people of indian mainland

Harmonious Life:

Faiths- hindu, muslim, Christian, Sikhs etc.

Languages- indian languages.

MGM National Park: 281.5 sq. km, view of marine life, water sports, nature trails.

South Andaman:

Chidiyatapu- flora and fauna, collinpur- beaches, madhuban- trekking, Mt. harriet- highet peak of south Andaman.

Flora and fauna:

Fauna- robber crab, nicobarese pigeons, monkeys and megapode.

Flora- coconut, casuarina, pandanus.

Tourism festival:

Organised by- Andaman and Nicobar administration.

When- from December to January

Highlights- cultural shows, scuba and hodi, canoe races.


Dr.varun: tell me some details about people, culture and lifestyle of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Some of the history behind this place and how it transformed into its present state.

Maiguru: Andaman and Nicobar Islands is well-known place for aboriginal tribes. These tribe belong to negrito origin. The name of Andaman originated from hanuman. Later there is settlements from the main land of India. You will find social life here. People of all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs etc. live here with peace and harmony. Even inter-region and inter-religion marriages are common thing here which make this a significant place. For its diverse culture and community people can find mini India in this island.

Dr.varun: that’s truly amazing. I have become more curious to visit all places of this island. Please, tell me which places I should visit first and make a plan to complete visiting all places within time.

Maiguru: Andaman and Nicobar Island is full of scenic beauty and picturesque views. You can find wonderful beaches here. Still, I am telling you some of great tourist attraction here. First, you must visit the cellular jail which is renowned example of history. In this jail many freedom fighters of India were sent. There is a light and sound show in every evening to show struggle of great revolutionaries. Then you should visit MGMN Park at wandoor which is made up of open sea, creeks, 15 small and large islands. You can get a wonderful view of marine life through glass bottom boats from here. You can enjoy sports like scuba diving, snorkelling etc. here. You can find beautiful nature trails, historic ruin of Japanese temple and safe water sports here. Other popular beautiful places are collinpur, chidiyatapu, madhuban and Mt. harriet.


Dear ishita,

I hope you are doing great there. I am going to share some thrilling experience with you that I gained from my last vacation to Andaman and Nico Bar Island. You just can’t believe how wonderful the place is until you get eye witness of it.

I visited cellular jail which carries historical records of many years. I felt emotional after knowing the tragic struggles of our freedom fighters. Then I visited beautiful beaches one by one. I experienced adventure sports like scuba diving first time in my life. itwas so thrilling that I can’t even express through words. Going under the sea and watching marine life, its flora and fauna is another level of adventure. I found coral reefs too under the sea which is another extravagant thing to view. I learned some great tales about aboriginal tribes that still existing there. I heard a lot about jaroa and why people are restricted to enter their island. So overall, it was a great experience to visit that part where people of different culture and community are living together with peace.

I would like to visit this place again. Let me know how you liked it and if you want to join me. Take care.

Your brother.


25th Dec: fly from the nearest airport to Port Blair

26th Dec: (morning) check in hotel.

(afternoon): visit shippighat farm

(evening) Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail

27th Dec: (morning): take bus to National Park at Wandoor

(afternoon): visit science centre

(evening) :enjoy local cuisine at hotel

28th Dec: (morning): visit the ChidiyaTapu to observe the magnificient birds

(afternoon) : go to Gandhi park near port blair.

(evening) : go to science centre again.

29th Dec: (morning): visit mad huban by ferry where you can do trekking.

(afternoon) : free to explore local market

(evening) : visit to baratang

30th Dec: (morning): visit Mt. harriet

(afternoon) : Island Tourism Festival

(evening): explore the whole town freely.

31st Dec: (morning): relaxed Breakfast at hotel

(afternoon) : visit collinpur to watch sunset.

(evening) : cultural evening at hotel to celebrate New Year Eve

1st Jan: (morning): by bus to Katchal for driving through forest.

(afternoon) : transfer to Airport to reach home destination.


Harsh Misra’s Vacation Plan

Travel from  Allahabad To shimla

Stopover at delhi.

Visit during spring season.

Will visit jakhu hill.

It is located 2 km away from the town.

Being the highest peak, it offers panoramic view of the town.

Coffee House serves the original of the coffee picked from the plantations.

Next halt: at state museum.

Temple trail would include visits to the kamnadevi temple, kali bari temple and Christ church.


On a spring evening some years ago, while living in Mumbai, I decided to take in a musical where I heard Lakshya Kumar sing for the first time. I was enthralled. I believed I had discovered the next Kishore Kumar. Yet, disappointed by the sparse audience, I decided to write an article to help promote him. Struggling to contain my excitement, the next day, I phoned the theatre where he was performing and unabashedly acted like a professional writer.“May I speak with Lakshya Kumar,please!”“Just one moment”, replied the person at the other end “Hello, this is Lakshya Kumar”, answered a deep voice at the other end.“Who is speaking?” My trembling hands dropped the receiver and I seemed to have lost my voice. I heard the phone being disconnected at the other end. What an end to my grand plans!


Why do people visit other places?

To fulfil wanderlust, to know different culture, understand lifestyle of local people, visit world heritage and cultural sites, visit different parts of the world.


1.) Our efforts of attracting foreign tourists have been unsuccessful multiple times. The evidence showed that Malaysia and china entered the tourism industry much after India. In 2009, Malaysia had record of 23.6 million foreign tourists, china had 50.9 million whereas India had only 5.1 million tourists.

2.) The reason behind this bleak scenario is India’s courting to wrong tourists over time. We have put efforts to aggressive foreign tourist which were also small in number. Their countries were hit by recession at that time. They were very demanding towards us. We did not try to bring tourists from countries like china, South America, Russia, New Zealand etc.

3.) The author recommends shifting view to domestic tourists. If we give much importance to our domestic tourists it will reduce tension. Home ministry doubled the efforts for increasing business from the markets of countries like china, South America, Russia and all the states of India.

4.) Karnataka has been affected due to the change. Initially,Karnataka state used to run golden chariot tourist train for foreign tourists only. Now, it has turned into jewel of south India tour where domestic tourists can also experience this amazing train journey. Karnataka has jungle trails and trek routs which are the most attractive parts for young tourists. It is also new version of jungle lodges and resorts which are made up of foreigner. This significant part is enough to mark Karnataka’s marketing strategy in tourism business.

5.) Kerala’s tourism industry figure has grown at significant level while other states have remained in static stage. This has been possible because Kerala’s tourism secretary Dr.Venu shifted his focus. In 2006-07, Kerala targeted 60% for foreign tourists and 40 % for domestic tourists. He allocated tourism resources within the state accordingly. Besides that he maintained partnership with all the metro cities over the country for better communication. With the business meets of other states Kerala has increased the number of tourists while other states remained unchanged. These states still depend on small foreign markets for bringing change in tourism.

6.) The author arises arguments for supporting his contention.His contention is that we should put greater emphasis on attracting our domestic tourists. In 2009 India got only 5.11 million tourists whereas 11 million Indians went to other foreign countries. If we focus on improving facilities for domestic tourists then outflow of these tourists will be reduced. We should improve infrastructure of roads, hotels, airports, hygiene in local for attracting international tourists at the same time.

7.) The author says that tourism is like charity begin at home. We should see tourism in that way for flourishing in business. That means we should create facilities for domestic tourists. Madhya Pradesh understood this fact and took initiatives as well. Their specific ‘heart of India’ campaign and its major vision have attracted domestic tourists. As a result, domestic tourists got increased in Madhya Pradesh and other states are following the same path.


a) to renovate, redo, or revise (paragraph 1) revamp

b) trying to win the favor, preference, or goodwill of (paragraph 1)re-woo

c) come in small numbers (paragraph 4) trickling

d) well-off; rich (paragraph 5) well-heeled

e) friendly (paragraph 6) affable

f) wanting or enjoying expensive pleasures (paragraph 6) sybaritic


1.) The general trend in the number of tourists has been that the number of both Indian and foreigner tourists has been increasing.

2.) Foreign tourists have been increased more over last five years which is from 40,000 to 1, 00,000.

3.) The chief reasons for the changes are:

The government’s initiative for attracting foreign tourists, improved infrastructure and facilities, better travel resources, renovated tourist destinations etc.

Indian tourists have also encouraged through travel mission of different states. The number of domestic tourists has been increased over years.

1.) For Indian tourists guest houses are the most popular type of accommodation. For foreigner tourists 4 and 5 star hotels are the most popular accommodation.

2.) 25000 Indian tourist stayed in guest houses, 47000 foreign tourists stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels.

3.) Guest houses are popular among Indian tourists for two reasons. They are affordable and people can enjoy food as per their taste.

Four and five star hotels are popular among foreign tourists because there are various types of cuisine available. People can live comfortably with modern facilities in developed infrastructure. Hotels can provide food and services as per their customers’ choices.

1.) The final column shows how far the available accommodation has been used through the given information. This information is important for us while creating better accommodation plan. We should focus on the first type of accommodation which is mostly in demand.

2.) It means that a five star hotel contains average of 260 beds in total. A youth hostel covers only 60 beds in an average.

3.) The two most popular type of accommodation are five star hotels and youth hostel.

4.) Five star hotels, four tar hotels and youth hotels have occupancy rates of 85% or above.

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