Carcinoma in Stomach MCQs with Answers

Carcinoma in Stomach MCQs

Hello students, our today’s topic is ‘Stomach carcinoma or stomach cancer’. The growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach is referred as Stomach cancer. The mucous cells which lines the stomach is the place where this stomach cancer occurs.  This is also known as Adenocarcinoma and gastric cancer. The stomach cancer basically difficult to diagnose because it doesn’t show any early symptoms. The stomach cancer is the fifth leading cause of the cancer.

The set of MCQ will provide you in detail information about ‘Stomach cancer’.

MCQ.1):The stomach lining is consists of following layers.

a) Serious layer

b) Muscular layer

c) Mucous layer

d) All of them

MCQ.2): Which of the following diets are risky or responsible for the Stomach cancer?

a)Salted fish

b) Meat in large amount

c) Pickles

d) Vegetables

MCQ. 3): …………………………. Type of blood group is at high risk of developingstomach cancer.

a) A Blood group

b) B Blood group

c) AB Blood group

d) O Blood group

MCQ.4):How many stages are there in the gastric cancer?

a) One Stage

b) Two Stage

c) Three Stage

d) Four Stage

MCQ.5): In the stomach carcinoma pathology, in which of the following type shows lesions are with necrotic base and heaped-up margins?

a) Intestinal type

b) Diffuse type

c) Cancer type

d) Ulcer type

MCQ.6): The people who are having B12 vitamin deficiency will affect the body’s ability to make new …………………………………..

a) WBCs

b) RBCs

c) DNA

d) RNA

MCQ.7): Which of the following technique helps in assessing local invasion, ascitis and thickening of gastric wall?

a) Endoscopy

b) CT scan

c) Ultrasonography

d) ESR

MCQ.8): ……………………………….. Is the lower portion of the stomach where the food gets mixed with gastric juice?

a) Cardia

b) Pylorus

c) Fundus

d) Antrum

MCQ.9): Which of the following are included in the signs of the stomach carcinoma?

a) Cachexia

b) Virchows node

c) Irish node

d) All of them

MCQ.10): Which of the following will be primary treatment in the stomach carcinoma?

a)By improving nutrition if needed

b) Surgery

c) Chemotherapy

d) Radiotherapy

MCQ.11): Which is the drug treatment that used to kill unwanted growth of the cell with the help of powerful chemicals?

a) Chemotherapy

b) Surgery

c) Antimalarial

d) Antioxidant


1) d) All of them

2) b) Meat in large amount

3) a) A Blood group

4) d) Four Stage

5) a) Intestinal type

6) b) RBCs

7) c) Ultrasonography

8) d) Antrum

9) d) All of them

10) a) By improving nutrition if needed

11) a) Chemotherapy

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