Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Chapter 1A The Tattered Blanket

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 English The Tattered Blanket Question and Answers

Andhra Pradesh SCERT 8th Class English Solutions Unit 1 Chapter 1A The Tattered Blanket Question and answers. Students who are searching for Andhra Pradesh Class 8 English Chapter 1A can find here Solution of this chapter.


Andhra Pradesh (AP Board)




1 (1A)






Look at the pictures and answer the questions that follow.


1.) Figure A shows a nuclear family, which comprises of two parents and their kids.A combined family may be seen in figure B, which includes a man (the head), his wife, their children, daughters-in-law, and grandkids.

2.) In modern society, joint families are uncommon. The increasing individualism and independence of mature youngsters in India has caused the joint family arrangement to dissolve. More privacy is provided by nuclear families. Young people today desire financial freedom. As a result, the joint family arrangement has been progressively fading.

A.) The Tattered Blanket


Answer the following questions.


1.) Due to possible memory loss, Gopi’s mother failed to recognise him. He didn’t frequently pay her a visit. That left him feeling really let down. He made an effort to convince her that he was Gopi, her son, but it was unsuccessful.

2.) I believe Gopi had no love or affection for his Amma. He didn’t really feel anything for her. He focused on earning money all the time. He lacked any morals. Human interactions held little significance for him. He overlooked his mother. He probably didn’t buy anything for his mother, in my opinion.

3.) I do not believe that Gopi remembered his mother. It implies that he lacked moral principles. Human interactions didn’t really affect him.He was a man of money. He was unaware of her sacrifices and devotion. He focused primarily on the status.

4.) The torn blanket is referred to as “the tattered blanket.” It represents the Amma’s life. Here, the old woman is contrasted with the ripped blanket. Amma is quite old and approaching the end of her life. She is useless to anyone. Similar to how the blanket gets worn out and not very useful.

5.) Gopi was aware of the harm he had caused his mother. He finally saw his mother after a very long time and he couldn’t recall his mother. Not even a letter was written to her by him. He didn’t go there out of love or affection, just to sell his share of the family’s property. Only status and wealth mattered to him. As a result, Gopi did not respond to his sister’s question.

6.) If I were Gopi’s sister, I would  would focus on educating him on the responsibilities a son has to his mother when her mother becomes old. I would make him  think about his Amma’s love and sacrifice for him.I would show him my realtion with my mother, where respect her, and try to take care of all her needs. I would make him realise that he , as well, would age soon and go through the same treatment with his son, where his son would do the exact same things to him which he did to his Amma.



I.) Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words from the box. Remember, the box has some extra words.


1.) futile

2.) huddled

3.) reluctantly

4.) mumbling

5.) irritation

II.) Tick the words that are similar in meaning to the underlined words.


1.) c.) useless

2.) d.) torn

3.) c.) fog

4.) d.) tied

5.) c.) earn just enough money



1.) Look at the following sentence from the text and observe the underlined part.

Complete the sentences with noun phrases using the words given in brackets.

1.) a beautiful red umbrella.

2.) a couple of baby elephants

3.) a big stone-built house.

4.) a nice silk sari.

II.) Look at the following sentences and observe the underlined part in each sentence.

Rewrite the following sentences using Noun Phrases in Apposition.


1.) my elder brother

2.) the Nightingale of India

3.) Gurudev

4.) the highest peak in the world



Read the following paragraph, taken from the story.

Now, write a short essay on how to keep up family ties despite economic pressures.


In generation nowadays, individuals lead unbelievably busy lives. They behave like employee drones. They do not even notice the time to take a seat together. They do not expertise any delight. They struggle to get stronger and make more money because of the economy.They have no value in social relationships. Everyone is trying to stand their ground. They show neither heart nor love to their relatives. Young people overlook the selfless help of their parents. They lack emotional content. They do not recognize the sacrifices made by their parents to provide a decent upbringing, quality facilities and education. They are too busy looking for money to have time to pay with their families. Their seniors are abandoned. Elderly people are equal to very young children. They rely on their children to give their parents support, jobs, resources, and more. Despite the financial burden, they have to make time for their parents. You have to make them realize that someday they will be old too. If you don’t show your heart and love, you will experience the same problems. Despite busy times, the younger generation should maintain family ties and set an example for future generations.



Listen to your teacher making an announcement and answer the following questions.


1.) The announcement mentions Prashanth, the boy who has gone missing.

2.)The age of Prashanth is thirteen. He is dressed in blue pants and a pink T-shirt. He is able to speak fluently in Telugu, Hindi, and English. His skin tone is fair. He likes to watch movies.

3.) These announcements are typically heard: on the radio, and over the loudspeakers.

4.) Our school will be celebrating Children’s Day on the 14th of this month. A variety of enjoyable activities have been planned to commemorate the occasion, and we hope that as many students as possible will participate. If you are interested in performing, please notify your teacher so that we can include you in the dances, acts, songs, and plays programs.

5.) Announcements on – Television, Railway Stations, Airports, Shopping Malls.



Family related information.

Is yours a nuclear or joint family?

Now write a paragraph describing the types of families using the information given in the above tree diagram.

Write which type of family you prefer and why?


There are two types of families- nuclear and joint. A nuclear family is made up of a father, mother, and their children. A joint family includes the extended family, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I prefer a joint family because it provides support and helps with childcare. Living in a joint family has countless benefits that impact all members emotionally, mentally, and morally. One of the great advantages of living in a joint family is that it helps youngsters learn essential life skills such as patience, tolerance, and how to compromise and work with others. Furthermore, joint families provide a strong support system for all members and contribute to the financial stability of the household.

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