Uses of metals and non metals

Uses of metals

▪ Metals are use for making machinery and automobiles

▪ It is also use for making cooking utensils and water boilers.

▪ It is use to making trains, satellites, industrial gadgets.

Some metals uses are given below :

▪ Iron :

Iron is use for making pins,nails , nuts, bolts ,tools, machine, construction of buildings, bridges etc .

▪ Aluminium:

Aluminium is use for making utensils , wires and furniture.

It is use for making parts of aircraft, vehicles, machines.

It is use for packing food and medicines.

▪ Copper :

Copper Is used for making wires , vessels and electric gadgets .

▪ Gold:

Gold is use for making jewellery , coins medals .

▪ Silver :

It is used for making jewellery , coins, and medals .

▪ Platinum:

Platinum is used for making jewellery , electronic gadgets , plugs in vehicles etc

▪ Sodium :

It is used as a common salt , chemicals .

▪ Calcium :

It’s compound are used for making cement, glass etc

❖ Uses of non metals :

▪ Non metals use in water purification process.

▪ It is use in the purple coloured solution which is applied on wounds as an antiseptic.

▪ Non metals use in crackers

Some non metals uses are given below :

▪ Sulphur:

Sulphur is used for making sulphuric acid, salts of metals etc

▪ Oxygen :

It is use for respiration by living things, burning of fuels.

▪ Nitrogen :

Nitrogen is used for making ammonia which is used for making fertilizer.

▪ Hydrogen:

It is used making ammonia which is used for making fertilizer.

▪ Chlorine :

Is use to kill germs in water.

▪ Iodine :

Iodine is used as tincture iodine which is an antiseptic .

  • Questions

1) ————— gas is used in manufacturing of ammonia

: Hydrogen gas.

2) ———— is mainly used for making electrodes for automobiles batteries.

: Lead.

3) Which metal is used for galvanising iron?

: Zinc metal is used for galvanising iron.

4) ———— is used for disinfecting drinking water.

: Chlorine.

5) ——— is used for making gunpowder

: Sulphur.

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