Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Our Food Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Solution – Our Food. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science Our Food Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Our Food Solution:

(1) What are the common food items usually eaten by you?

Ans. Rice, dal, vegetable, milk, bread, jam etc are the common food items usually I eat.

(2) Find out the ingredients of the given food items:

Pachipulusu, coconut chutney, jilebi, onion pakodi

Ans. Pachipulusu: Roasted brinjal, Green Chillies, Onion, Coriander, Curry leaves, Cumin, Tamarind, Salt.

Coconut Chutney: Coconut pieces, Chilies, Cumin, Ginger, Salt, Bengal gram dal, Black gram dal.

Jilebi: Rice powder, Black gram powder, Jaggery, Sun flower Oil.

Onion Pakodi: Onions, Chilies, Bengal gram dal powder, Rice Powder, Salt, Sunflower Oil.

(3) Write down the process of making upma or any other snack of your choice.

Ans. Making upma does not take much time and can be done in 15 – 20 minutes.
How to make Upma:

Ingredients : Rava, Onion, Green Chillies, Ginger, Coriander leaves, Curry leaves, Cashews, Chana dal, Urad dal.

Making Upma : At first roast rava or cream of wheat. It should become fragrant and start to look dry, separate and crisp. Then it add in a plate and keep aside.

Now take a pan and add ghee or Oil, mustard seeds. Next cumin seeds an chana dal also added, and also urad dal. Fry all the dal begins to brown a bit. Now add cashew and finely chopped onions, when it become little brown, then add green chilly, ginger and curry leaves. Now add water and salt as required and boiling the water very well.

Adding Rava for Upma: Its time to add rava in 4 to 5 batches with a spoon and mix very well. The rava grains absorb water and get cooked. So in this way upma is ready. Lastly add coriander leaves and also curry leaves. Its tome to serve rava upma.

(4) Collect any wrapper of packaged food. Read the information details and answer the following questions.

(a) Name of the food item

(b) Price of the food item

(c) When was it manufactured

(d) How long can we use it?

(e) What ingredients does it contain, name them?

Ans: (a) Name of the food item : Britannia Marie Gold Biscuit.

(b) Price of the food item : Price only 120/-

(c) When was it manufactured : 25/06/2020.

(d) How long can we use it : Best before six months from packaging.

(e) What ingredients does it contain, name them: Refined wheat flour (66.5%), Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palm), Invert Syrup, Raising agents, Milk solids (1.5%), Iodised salt, etc.

(5) Shahina’s mother always cooks plain rice! If the same rice is used to make kichidi, payasam or biryani how would you feel eating those?

Ans. I feel quite interesting to eat Kichidi, payasam or biriyani, because they are all tasty.

This taste come to them due to the different ingredients used in their preparation.

The method of their preparation also added taste to them.

(6) List out the names of some plants that grow in your village. Which parts of it are used as food?

Ans. Some of plants which are grows in our village like Banana, Mango, Rice, Wheat, Spinach, Cabbage, Coriender, Potato, Radish, Chilly.

Plants Parts of it Used as food
Banana Fruits, Flowers
Mango Fruits
Spinach Leaves
Cabbage Flower
Coriender Leaves
Potato root
Radish root
Rice Seeds
Wheat Seeds
Chilly Fruits
Brinjal Fruits

(7) Some food material is given below. What are the different possible ways of cooking them?

Find out and write them.

Meat – Groundnuts – Potatoes – Spinach

Ans. Meat : Streaming, Roasting, Deep frying.

Groundnuts : Boiling, Frying, Streaming.

Potatoes : Boiling, Shallow frying, High & Low Frying.

Spinach : Boiling, Roasting, Shallow frying, cutting and mixing.

(8) With the help of your teacher form groups of 5 or 6 students of your class. Make a fruit chat or vegetable salad and eat it.

How do you feel? Write few lines about your experience.


Fruit Name Feeling after eating
Banana We get immediate energy after eating it. This fruit contains good amount of health benefiting anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.
Grapes We are very much relaxed by eating grapes. It also help in metabolism disorder.
Orange It is an excellent source of vitamin E, which is powerful to maintain anti-oxidants. We also get relived from our any stress after eating it.
Apples Apple is good for our heart. We get relived after eating it.
Pomegranate It contains higher level of antioxidants. It also help to remove free radicals and protect cells from damage.

(9) Ask your friend to think of the name of any food item. Now you have to guess its name. For this you can ask some questions. Your friend can only answer Yes or No.

How many and what questions did you ask before you could guess the name?

Ans. I shall ask the following questions to guess the name of the food item, my friend thought –
* Is it a sweet?
* Is it prepared in your house?

(10)  List out the ingredients needed to make vada. Are they same for dosa? Identify the differences in your list.




(1) Either – bengal gram dal (or) black gram dal are required.

(1) Black gram dal rice.
(2) Green chillies, Onions, ginger, salt, Oil are the ingredients.

(2) Onions, green chillies, Salt and Oil are the ingredients

* For plain dosa onions and green chillies are not required. Ginger is the only additional ingredients required in Vada.

(11)  Latha’s mother has prepared the following statements for you. Find out the wrong ones among these, don’t forget to give your reasons.

(a) We can get food from plants and animals only.

(b) Spices, oil, salt and meat are the ingredients of a chicken curry.

(c) Plants are the source of honey.

Ans. (a) We can get food from plants and animals only. This is the correct statement.

(b) This statement is wrong. Because spices, oils salt and chicken flesh and bones are the ingredients of the curry.

(c) This statement is wrong The flowers of plants are the source of honey.

(12)  Find out from your parents the various methods of preserving food and write a note on them.

Ans. (i) Generally some food items are salted and dried for preservation.

(ii) Pickles preserve in our houses.

(iii) Salt and turmeric powder are used for preservation while making pickles.

(iv) Sugar syrup or honey is a good preservation.

(v) Fruits are often preserved in sugar syrup or honey.

(13) Collect information about the main food habits of different states of India. Refer to the Atlas, library books and discuss with your teacher.

Ans. No answer, its discuss with class or home teacher.

(14) Suppose if fish / raw mango / lemons are given to you how would you preserve them?

Ans. Ans. Fishes are preserved by putting them in a mixture of ice and salt known as freezing mixture.

Raw mango is preserved for few days by putting it in a refrigerator. Mango is cut into small or medium pieces and these pieces are dryed and the pieces can be stored without any damage.
In the same process lemons also preserved at house.

(15) Make a list of animals and insects from which we get food.

(a) Write the names of these animals on slips of paper. On the other side of the slip write the names of food we get from the animals – milk, eggs or meat.

(b) Sort the slips into groups. Write the names of the animals in the correct portions of the circles shown below.

(c) Are there any portions where none of the animals fit? Explain why?


Animals Name

Insects Name

Milk giving : Cow, buffelows, Goats, Sheep.

Meat giving : Hen, goat, Sheep, lamp.

Egg giving : Hens, Birds.

Honey giving : Honey bee gives honey, Fishes, Prawns, Crabs are also eaten.
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