Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus For Class 11th History

Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus For Class 11th History

Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus Class 11th History, Samacheer Kalvi Class 11 History Syllabus. Tamilnadu State Board Syllabus For Class 11th History from our website. Tamilnadu State Board Of Secondary And Higher Secondary Education is to conduct the SSLC for 10th class and HSC for 12th class examinations. In this article we have provided entire syllabus For Tamilnadu Class 11 History.

Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus For Class 11th History– English Medium


Chapter 1  Early India: From The Beginnings To The Indus Civilisation

Chapter 2  Early India: The Chalcolithic, Megalithic, Iron Age And Vedic Cultures

Chapter 3  Rise Of Territorial Kingdoms And New Religious Sects

Chapter 4  Emergence Of State And Empire

Chapter 5  Evolution Of Society In South India

Chapter 6  Polity And Society In Post-Mauryan Period

Chapter 7  The Guptas

Chapter 8  Harsha And Rise Of Regional Kingdoms

Chapter 9  Cultural Development In South India

Chapter 10  Advent Of Arabs And Turks

Chapter 11  Later Cholas And Pandyas

Chapter 12  Bahmani And Vijayanagar Kingdoms

Chapter 13  Cultural Syncretism: Bhakti Movement In India

Chapter 14  The Mughal Empire

Chapter 15   The Marathas

Chapter 16  The Coming Of The Europeans

Chapter 17   Effects Of British Rule

Chapter 18   Early Resistance To British Rule

Chapter 19  Towards Modernity



Hope above Syllabus on Samacheer Kalvi Class 11th History will help you. For more details regarding Samacheer Kalvi Solution, Question Paper, Model Paper you can go through below link.

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