Relation between Lattice Mass and Mass Density of a Cubic Crystal

Here we have to find relationship between lattice constant and mass density for this consider cubic crystal whose unit cell having side a (lattice parameter)

Let ρ be the density of crystal such that

Density (ρ) = mass/volume

Volume of cubic crystal = a3

Let M be the molecular weight of given material, that means M-grams of material having molecules equal to Avogadro’s number (N = 6.022 ×10 23).

If there are n molecules per unit cell then weight of n molecules is Mn/N

From above, equation (1) becomes

This is relation between lattice parameter (a) and mass density (ρ).

Volume of unit cell-

a3  =  Mn/Nρ

Number of atoms per unit volume (number density /atomic density/atomic concentration) given as-

n/a3 =  nρ/M


For SC      n=1

For BCC    n=2

For FCC     n=3


Example 1.Calculate the lattice parameter of NaCl crystal has FCC structure from following data

Molecular weight of NaCl=59.45

Density of NaCl= 2170 kg/m 3

Avogadro number (N = 6.023×10 23)

For FCC,  n=4-


Therefore lattice parameter is  –

Problems for practice:

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