Maharashtra Board Class 3 English Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 3 English Solution

Balbharati Maharashtra State Board Class 3 English Solution for 2022 – 23 Maharashtra State Board Students. Here we provided Chapterwise 3rd Standard English Textbook Solution for Marathi Medium / English Medium Students.

Maharashtra State Board Class 3 English Textbook Solution

1 . A Pretty Game

Things to do-

1 ) read the poem aloud.

2) how do you play hide and seek? Tell it in short.

Ans- In the hide seek , one player close his eyes and count the number from 1 to 20 and another players hide somewhere and then that one player find them

3) name any five other games that out play and enjoy.

Ans- Cricket, volleyball, kabaddi, kho-kho, badminton, football, etc.

4) copy the names of the clours of the rainbow given below.

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

5) draw a picture of a rainbow.

6) write other words related to – a) weather b) sky

Ans- weather- atmospehere, temperature.

Sky- clouds.

  1. ‘Go!’ and ‘Come!’

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions

a ) was it wrong to tell the boy to weed the garden?

Ans- no , it is not wrong to tell the boy to weed the garden.

b) was the boy naughty?

Ans- no, the boy was naughty.

c) did the boy’s mother want him to work?

Ans- Yes, the boy’s mother want him to work.

2) find and write the lines that tell us the following-

a) how the boy’s family took care of the garden.

Ans-the boy’s family clean and weed the garden for care it.

b) the little boy was about to cry.

Ans- when the uncle said the boy to clean the garden but boy won’t ready to do that cleaning.

c) the boy and his mother worked happily and well.

Ans- the two of them weeded the garden beautifully an had good time with each other, working , chatting and laughing.

3) write any two requests/ orders, first using ‘Go—’ and the using ‘ come, lets—‘. Which one would you use?

Ans-Request- please go and get a glass of milk for me.

Come- please come with me.

4) copy the words- different, belived, discipline, naughty, readily.

5) write 3-5 lines about any grown up person you like. Also write how you spend time with that person.

Ans- I like my mother very much. She is the one who always with me. She cook different dishes for me. She is also play with me indoor games. She is very simple and beautiful. We both clean our house, garden together and that time we talk with each others on lot’s of topics. Me and my mother always go for round after dinner. I like to spend time with my mother.

  1. Tenali Raman Draws a Picture.

Things to do-

1 ) read the skit aloud and enact it.

2) answer the following questions

a) what did the king see on Raman’s board?

Ans- the king see nothing on the Raman’s board that board was blank.

b) had Raman really drawn a cow eating grass?

Ans- no, Raman had not drawn a cow eating grass.

c) can a cow walk away from a picture?

Ans- no, a cow can not walk away from a picture.

3) retell the above story in the form of a joke.


  1. a string song
  2. the story of Sindbad the Sailor

Things to do-

1 ) write at least one or two lines about the following with the help of the story.

A ) Sindbad- Sindbad was a famous sailor and he lived in Baghdad.

Sindbad was brave , honest and generous person.

b) the sea- monster– the sea monster was huge. It plunged deep into the sea after it was disturbed by Sindbad and his men.

c) the king of the island– the king of island was very kind and helpful. He offered job to Sindbad.

2 ) imagine what the people there might have said on the following occasions. Write it drawn. You may write it in one or two lines or you write a long speech. If you like.

A ) people on the ship saw a small island at distance.

Ans- the people may be said , look! ‘There is a small island . now, we can go there and walk, sing a song and dance, cook meals etc’.

b) the island began to shake and move.

Ans- the people may be said, ‘hey! What’s happned ? why the land is shaking? Lets move away from here.’

c) some people managed to climb aboard the ship.

Ans- they people may be said, ‘ Come on! Hold my hand and come with me you will be safe’.

d) the grooms saw Sinbad on the shore.

Ans- they said, ‘ who is that man? Lets go and help him. May be he is tried’.

e) the captain of the ship recognized Sindbad.

Ans- the captain may be said, Sindbad I am happy to see you alive. I was thought you drowned in the sea.

f) Sindbad said goodbye to the King.

Ans- Sindbad may be said, you are very kind and generous toward me. I want to give you some gifts please accept this gifts from me.

3) use the letters in the following words to make new and meaningful words.

a) merchandise- rich, dish, rice, side, ice, is.

b) immediately- tea, Itely, late, dial, Mid, Middle,.

c) exhausted-us, date, has, tea,

d) valuable- value, all, able, ball

e) generous- our, son, us, run, green.

4) from the lesson , find and list all the words that begin with-

a) the letter ‘s’- story, Sindbad, situation, safety, some etc.

b) the letter’I’ – immediately, island , is, if.

try to frame as many meaningful sentences as possible, using only the words listed under( a)

now try to frame a meaningful sentence using only the words. Is it possible to frame a sentence.

5) try to find more information about merchant ships, parts and loaded or unloded from ships today.



  1. Khashaba Jadhav

Things to do-

1 ) find the answers to the following form the lesson.

a ) who takes part in the Olympic games?

Ans- sportsman from many different countries of the world take part in the Olympic games.

b) what medals are given in the Olympics?

Ans- gold, silver, bronze.

c) where was Khashaba Jadhav born?

Ans- Khashaba Jadhav was born in Goleshwar village in Satara district in Maharashtra.

d) what sports did he like?

Ans- Khashaba Jadhav likes wrestling, mulkhamb, running, swimming and gymnastics.

e) how many bouts did Khashaba Jadhav win at Helsinki?

Ans- Khashaba Jadhav won 5 bouts at Helsinki.

f) how did the people in Khashaba’s village welcome him?

Ans- people in Khashaba’s village welcomed him with a procession of 151 bullock cart. They also carried him to the sound of dhols.

g) Did the principle get his house back gain?

Ans- Yes, principle got his house back again.

2) listen to the following words and write them down.






3 ) look at the following words carefully and copy them in your notebook.

especially competition encouraged Differences
international participants immediately government


4) use two or more letters carefully and copy them in you notebook.

Example- heard- he , are, ear, head, red, dare, hare.

Wrestling- in, is , win, wrist , sing, rest

Wrestler- rest, test, let, set

Therefore- there, here, tree, free.

National-not, in, at, ant, nation, an.

Motherland- mother, land, and, other, hand.

5) read out the words aloud and find the odd- man out in each group

a ) catch – match- watchans- match

b) some- come- homeans- home

c) that – chat- whatans- chat

d) five- give- diveans- five

e) those- nose- loseans- nose

f) here- there- whereans- where

6) read the following sentences. On each sentence, frame a question starting with the given word.

a) khashaba loves to watch wrestling bouts. (what)

Ans-  what did Khashaba loved to watch?

b) his father took him to see the bouts.(who)

Ans-  who tool him to see bouts?

c) he would sit on his father’s shoulders. (where)

Ans-  where he would sit?

d) he beat the national champion in 1948. (when)

Ans- when he beat the national champion ?

7) gather the more information about the Olympic games or other important sports events.

Ans-Olympic games were first held in ancient Greece at a site is called Olympia. It is important international event featuring summer and winter sports. This games are held every four years. Olympic game festival is the international sports festival. There are many games in Olympics like werestling, swimming, long jump, badminton, volleyball, and so many games.


  1. A Honey Bee Speaks

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions.

a ) why is the bee called a busy bee?

Ans- the bee is called busy bee because bees always do hard work and they are busy to do their work.

b) what work do young bees do?

Ans- the young bees look after the larvae. They feed and protect them.

c) what do the older bees do?

Ans- Every bee has their done their work. The old bees fly out side and father nectar and pollen from the flowers. They carry them back to the comb and turns into sweet thick honey.

d) what weapon does the bee have?

Ans- the bees weapon is sting .

e) when does the bee use its weapon?

Ans- the bee used its weapon when anybody comes to near the comb and when somebody disturb to them.

2) find the meaning of the following from the lesson.

a) honeycomb- honey comb is the bog size of comb where bees are lives and there are many cells having six equal size.(hexagone shape)

b) beeswax- the wax is the substance which produced by bees to make honey comb.

c) nector- it is a sweet substance present in flowers.

d) pollen- it is a small size substance present in the male portion of the flower.

then put these words in alphabetical order.

Ans- beeswax, honeycomb, nectar, pollen.

 3) present a part of the monologue in the classroom.( 5-10 lines)

4 ) we use the words’ busy as bee’ to describe a person who keeps working happily all the time. What qualities do you think of when you think of the following animals-

a ) lion- He is the king of the forest, Dangerous, Hunter.

b) elephant- Big, large trunk.

c) ant- small , hardworking.

d) fox-clever

e) Tortoise- slow

f) Monkey- jumping

g) butterfly- beautiful

h) cow- mild, give milk

i) horse-strong, fast

5) find out what a beehive is.

Ans-  beehive is a dome shaped structure. A beehive is an enclosed man- made structure in which some honey bee species lives and raise their young one.

6) draw a picture of honeycomb cells.


  1. Dress Quickly

Things to do-

1 ) list at least 5 things( apart from dressing) that we have to do all our life. For example, comb one’s hair or take a bath/ shower. In the list, tick off the things that you are able to do property and quickly. Tall to your parents/ guardians and friends about how to do all these things well.


1 ) brushing

2) eating

3) combing

4) cleaning room

5) sleeping

2 ) in the following charts, write at least two examples of each-

a ) things I do without fail-  sleeping, eating

b) things I forget to do- doing my homework, keep books in the bag

c) things I like to do- playing, watching TV, dancing.

d) things I don’t feel like doing- waking up early in the morning,

e) things I can do well-excersie , playing, dancing.

f) things I can’t do well- drawing, learning

3 ) read the following and circle the things  that the Goops would do.

ans- answers are in the bold and underlined.

  • Speak with their mouth full.
  • Cover their mouth when they seneeze.
  • Put muddy footprints on the bed.
  • Spit on the roads.
  • Flush the toilet properly.
  • Wipe dirty hands on their clothes.
  • Pick their nose.
  • Switch off fans and lights while leaving a room.
  • Push people on the stairs.
  • Wait in a queue.
  • Use other people’s things without their permission.
  • Throw garbage in a dustbin.

4) write the pairs of rhyming words you see at the end of the poem.

For example- sick- quick


Dress- unless

Way- day

Care- chair

Worry- hurry

5) make new words by adding ‘ly’ to the following words. Then use the new words in your own sentence.

a) slow- slowly Go slowly.

b) proper- properly Please, do this work properly.

c) loud- Loudly Give answer Loudly.

d) soft- softly Geeta seeks with me very softly.

e) clear- clearly I can see the mood clearly.

f) neat- neatly write neatly.

example- neat- neatly. Write neatly.


  1. Pretty as a Picture

Things to do-

1 ) with the help of a calender-

a ) find out how many Friday there are in this year

Ans- there are 52 Friday in this year.

b) how many of these Friday you will spend in school.


2) mention the things that make-

a ) a class untidy-  crooked desk and benches , paper and pencil stubs threw on the floor makes a class untidy.

b) a person untidy- Ribbons undone , shirts hanging out, shoelaces open and belts askew makes a person untidy.

3 ) write any five things you do tidy up your house.


1 ) clean house everyday.

2) Do not throw garbage here and there in the house.

3) use dustbin for waster management.

4) keep all things in a proper place and arrange neatly in the house.

5) do regular / weekly cleanup in the house to keep neat and clean the house.

4) how much time do you need to get ready for school? Write in the following table.


tasks Timing
1)      brushing  5 min
2)      bathing 15min
3)      breakfast 10min
4)      dressing and hairstyle 15,min
5)      wearing shoos and sox 5min

5) use the following phrases in your own sentences.

a) pretty as a picture-after they had hung the new clothes , the room looked as pretty as a picture.

b) spick and spoon- the whole house was spick and span before Diwali .

c) as clean as a whistle – the mirror is as clean as whistle.

6) when do we say the following ? describe one situation when you will say-

a) that’s not fair!

Ans- we say this when we are cheated by someone.

b) that’s much better!

Ans- we say this when we are very much happy.

7) write where you will put the following.

a) pencil – in compass b) cup- in kitchen   c) banana peel- in dustbin     d) doll – in toy box or in doll house

mention two other things that are kept in each of these places.

Ans- clothes- in cupboard           shoe – on shoe stand            books- in bag

8) list five of your favourite stories.


1 ) Sindbad the Sailor

2) Cinderella

3) Aladdin

4) Fairy Tells

5) brave stories

11.) The Sugar – Plum Tree

Things to do-

1 ) write the names of the following from the poem-

a ) —— tree   ans- Sugar – Plum

b) ——- sea ans- Lollipop

c) —– townans- Shut – eye

2) answer the following questions

a ) where does the sugar- plum tree bloom?

Ans- the sugar plum tree bloom on the shore of the lollipop sea.

b) why is the town called shut- eye- town?

Ans- the town called shut -eye- town because the poet look it in his dream.

c) what happens if you eat the fruit of the sugar-plum tree?

Ans- if we eat the fruit if the sugar-plum- tree then we will be happy on next day.

3) using your imagination write about other wonderful things that you many find in-

a) shunt- eye- town- In the shunt-eye- town I may find different toys, rides, games, chocolates etc.

b) Lollipop sea- In the lollipop sea I may find the different shapes and sizes of the lollipop on sugar plum tree.

4) write 3-4 lines about a real fruit tree that you like.

Ans- The tree I like most is the Banana. Banana is my favourite fruit. It is available in all season. It can be eaten ripe or unripe. Unripe banana is also used in cooking food. We can make chips, juices, shakes by using banana. Banana is healthy and easy to digest.


12.) Doctor Dolittle Learns Animal Language

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following question-

a ) who was Polynesia?

Ans- Polynesia was a parrot.

b) why was the doctor excited?

Ans- doctor was excited to learn animal language.

c) what did Polynesia tell the doctor about animals talking without making a noise?

Ans-  Polynesia told the doctor that animals use their eyebrows ,nose, ears, feet and tail to talk without noise.

d) when did the doctor give up being a people’s doctor altogether?

Ans- when doctor learned animal language he gave up being a peoples doctor altogether.

2) find out and write the following from the lesson-

a) the words that mean ‘Is the porridge hot yet?’

Ans- the words man ‘ Is the Porridge hot yet’ is ‘Ka-ka-oi-ee-fee-fee’.

b) something that means ‘ can’t you see that it has stopped raining?’ in dog language.


Do you think the two things above , as describe in this passage, cloud be true?

Ans- I think yes it may be true.

3) Gather information about how animals communicate . read the examples given below.


4 ) If you could learn the language of one animal would you choose? Why would you choose that animal? What would you talk about?

Write in short.

Ans- if I want to learn the language of one animal then I would choose a Dog. Because I like dogs and also I feel very fresh and happy when I am with a dog. How they act or from their behaviour I understand what they want to say. If I learn their language then it is easy for me to understand what they want to say, what they want to tell me, if they have any problem they can tell me and I understand and give them solutions. Dog’s are very loyal animal. They also help police to search a thief. If I learn dogs language then I easly understand what they want to say and also we can catch the thief fastly.

5) learn and write ten letters of any language other than English.


13) Let’s Wait……!

Things to do-

1 ) read the monologue aloud with proper intonation.

2) present the monologue / a part of it in the classroom.

3) answer the following questions.

a) where does the girl plan to go?

Ans- the girl plan to do interesting places like mountains forests, in a desert and also at the north pole.

b) can a little girl go to such farway places on her own?

Ans- no a little girl can’t go to such farway places on her own.

c) does the girl love her little sister?

Ans- Yes, the girl loves her sister.

4) write the things ( anythree) that make you-

a) sad-

Ans- when I don’t get time to play.

When someone scolds me.

When my mother shout at me.

b) angry-

Ans- when my sister disturbs me.

When I get scolded for no reason.

When someone cheats me at the time of playing.

c) happy-

Ans- when I get new dress.

When I get lot’s of chocolates.

When I get my favourite toy.

5) what do you fell when you are angry or sad? Write down your thoughts.

Ans- when I am angry I feel very sad and upset . I do not like to talk with anybody.

When I am sad I do not feel good. When some one makes me sad I choose to

Keep quiet and do not talk with anybody for some time.

6) what do you feel when you are happy? Write down your thoughts.

Ans- when I feel happy I smile a lot and feel like dancing. I feel like I am the luckiest person ever. I also eat chocolate and thankful to God for giving me this happiness.

14.) I’d Like to Be a Lighthouse.

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions with the help of poem.

a ) what does a light house look like?

Ans- a light house look like all scrubbed and painted white.

b) what does a light house do?

Ans- a light house throws a flash of light , it help the ships that to find way safely to the port, also give warming if there are dangerous rocks under the sea.

c) what does a lighthouse watch?

Ans-  the light house watch, the patch of sea around it in order to help the ships sailing there.

2) If you to be an object , what would you like to be? What would you like to do then? Write about it in short.

Ans- if I were an object then I like to be a bird, because I likes birds so much .  I like the way they fly high in the sky. I also would like to be a bird . fly in the sky with my long  feathers. I also like to live in the nest like bird. I will enjoy every little things that bird can do. I loved to be bird.


15.) Young Brave hearts.

Things to do-

1 ) what brave thing did Mahika do? Write about it in one or two lines.

Ans- Mihika saved her younger brother form drowning when the water rushed in Kedarnath.

2) what brave thing did shubham do? Write about it one or two line.

Ans- Shubham did very brave thing he rescued two girls from burning van.

3) copy, in good handwriting , the quotes above in cloured boxes.

4) you also do some nice things, however small they may be . for example , helping a younger child, telling the truth even when you have made a mistake.

Write about any two such things that you have done.

Ans- there are some things which I had done in my past.

I was help a dog when he was in dangerous situation.

I was also help a old blind leady for crossing the road.


16.) Young Scientist- 1

Things to do-

1 ) Read ‘ what you need’ and ‘what you do’ and try both the activities yourself.


2) after you have tried an activity, tell what you did and what happened.


3) find other interesting ‘ tricks’ with the help of your teacher, friends or parents and write them down with pictures/ drawings.


17.) Curiosity

Things to do-

1 ) list any five questions that the child in the poem has.

Ans- a) what makes it winter and then spring?

b) why do people keep winking their eyes?

c) where do birds sleep?

d) do bees like to sting?

e) what makes leaves grow in the shapes they grow?


2) list any three other questions about birds, animals or natural things that you have.

Ans- a) why birds are blessed with both wings and legs?

b) why only birds are fly in the sky?

c) do animals and birds are also have family like us?

d) what happed after animals or birds died?

3) where can you find the answers to you questions? Write any 2 sources.

Ans- we can find the answers of our question with the help of internet/ google.

We can also ask to our elders or our teachers.

We can also read books to find answers.


18.) Look Before You Leap!

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions.

a ) what was the pond like in summer?

Ans- In the summer pond are dry up and very few insects are found.

  1. b) why were the frogs worried?

Ans- the frogs were worried because the pond started drying up.

c) why did the frogs begin to jump for joy?

Ans- the frogs begin to jump for joy because they found a new place which have plenty of water.

d) what was the well like? Describe it in two or three lines.

Ans-  the well was built in stone and had a high circular wall outside and in the well lot of water can store.

e) what problem did the frog see?

Ans- the frog realized the problem that they can easily dive into the well but can not come out from the well. The walls of the well were so high that they would not be able to come out and search for a new place and they also die inside. This problem frog see.

2) Guess the meaning of the following phrases. Then use them in your own sentences

a) long, long ago- the past tense .

Ans- long long year ago there was a king,

b) all day long-the whole day

Ans- students are play cricket all the day long in the school.

c) last forever- never ending


d) jump for joy- happy feeling

Ans- when Sujata knows she secured 99% in the exams, she began to jump for joy.

e) the sooner, the better- as easy as possible/ simple

Ans- Let’s come for dinner! The sooner, the better.

3) describe the following in your own words, using your own ideas and experiences –

a) the rainy season-

Ans- the rainy season is the best season ever. the rainy seasons start after summer season. It starts from June to till for September. In the rainy season we can see everywhere green plants and trees. For travelling out side the home we can use umbrella, raincoat etc. very small animals come out in the rainy season.

b) the cold season- the cold season starts after rainy season. Winter starts from oct to till feb. I love winter season. Every one wake up early in the morning and do excerise in this season. People are use warm clothes like sweater, shall etc for protection from cold. Everyone like to eat warm food and warm drink in the cold season.

c) the hot season- the hot season means summer season. Summer seasons starts from march to till may. In the summer season temperature is very high. People use Ac, Cooler and Fan for cool air.

4) what precautions will you take on the following occasions?

a) crossing the road- before crossing the road look at the both right and left side , if no vehicle is come then cross the road.

b) on a picnic in a new down from it- don’t go away alone and stay with your group members.

c) boarding a bus or getting down from it- first , let the bus stop and then getting down from it.

d) going somewhere on your own- inform your family where are you going.

e) jumping down- jump safely. Don’t take any risk.

f) climbing a tree- hold each branch tightly. And do not go at very high altitude. Also tell your friend or family to stand below the tree for your protection.

5) this is a story that explains the saying ‘ Look before you leap ‘.

Can  you think of stories that explain other proverbs?

Tell the story about any one of the following proverbs;

a ) Self – help is the best help

b ) slow- but steady wins the race

c) a friend in need is a friend indeed

d) union is strength-

e ) better late than never

the story related to above proverb is The hare and the tortoise.

6) make a collection of proverbs-


It’s better to be safe than sorry

Action speak louder than words.

Experience is the best teacher.

Cleaniness is next to godliness.

Tit for tat.

19.) A Skit

Things to do-

1 ) Read aloud the skit and enact it.

2) read what the animals in the skit tell about themselves. Then write similar one or two line speeches about the following birds or animals.

a) a bear- I am a deer and I leap, jump and run. I am bear and I am eat honey.

b) a rhinoceros- I am a rhinoceros . I have one or two horns on the nose and thick folded skin.

c) a peacock – I am peacock . I dance when rain falls.

d) a wolf-I am a wolf. I am large in size and look like a dog.

e) a fox- I am a fox and I am clever.

f) a monkey- I am a monkey . I like to jump from one tree to another tree. I also like to eat bananas.

g) an eagle- I am an eagle I fly high in the sky.

3) make a collection of words that describe the movements of birds or animals . then write sentences using suitable combination.

For example- ‘ Monkeys swing’

Some movement words- swing, flit, flutter, trot, waddle, prowl ,leap, dart, slide, glide, wiggle.


  • monkey swing
  • Butterflies flit
  • Moths flutter
  • Horses tort
  • Ducks waddle
  • Tigers prowl
  • Frogs leap
  • Fish/ lizards dart
  • Snakes slide
  • Swans glide
  • Worms wiggle

4) make a collection of words that describe sounds made by birds or animals . then write sentences using suitable combinations.

For example- ‘Owls screech’.

Some sound words – screech, bark, mew, our, moo, low, caw, crack, gobble, hank, bleat, night, hum, howl, hiss, growl, roar.


  • Owls screech
  • Dogs bark
  • Cats mew
  • Cows moo
  • Cattle low
  • Crow caw
  • Frogs croak
  • Turkeys gobble
  • Geese honk
  • Goats bleat
  • Horses neigh
  • Bees hum
  • Jackals howl
  • Snakes hiss
  • Bears growl
  • Lions roar

21.) There Is the key of the Kingdom.

Things to do –

1 ) list all the things mentioned in the poem in two ways:

a ) from the smallest to the biggest-  flowers – basket- bed- room- house- yard- lane- street- town – city- kingdom.

b) from the biggest to the smallest- kingdom- city-town- street- lane- yard- house- room- bed- basket- flowers.

2) put the following  chains in the proper order. You may start from the smallest or the biggest .

a) shirt- car- man- pocket- highway- pen

ans- smallest to biggest

pen-pocket- shirt- man- car- highway

biggest to smallest

highway- car- man- shirt- pocket- pen.

b) seeds- container- house- kitchen – dried chilli

ans- smallest to biggest

seeds- dried chilli- container- kitchen- house.

Biggest to smallest

House- kitchen- container- dried chilli- seeds

c) letter- hair – book shop- story- book- paragraph- sentences

ans- smallest to biggest

letter- word- sentence- paragraph- story- story book- book shop.

Biggest- to smallest

Book shop- story book- story- paragraph- sentence- word- letter

d) tail- hair- mountain- cave- bear

ans- smallest to biggest

hair- tail- bear- cave- mountain

biggest to smallest

mountain- cave- bear- tail- hair

e) grain of corn- filed- plant – stalk- ear of corn

ans-  smallest to biggest

grain of corn- ear of corn- stalk- plant- field

biggest to smallest

field- plant- stalk- ear of corn- grain of corn.

3 ) read the instructions and write other words related to the given word.

Kingdom- write other words begin with ‘K’

Ans- king, key, kitchen, kindness, knock, known, kite, knife.

City – list the occupations of people in a city ( at least 10)

Ans- teacher, professor, doctor, engineer, chemist, driver, salesman, nurse, police, plumber.

Town– list the different kinds of buildings that we see in a town.

Example- library, hospital

Ans-  offices, company, schools, banks, temples, hospitals, police stations.

Street– write other words with a similar meaning.

Ans-  road, lane, path.

Lane– write a few real or imaginary names of lanes.

For example- , park lane

Ans-  Maheshwari lane, Patil lane, Kashinath Lane.

Yard- mention different locations for the yard of a house.

For example- on all sides , to the left etc.

Ans- on the right side, on the front side.

House– list some of the things you find in every house.

Ans- table, chair, refrigerator, cupboard, beds, lights, rooms, TV, fan .

Room – write names of different types or rooms.

Ans-  bedroom, hall room, dinning room, bathroom, living room.

Bed- make meaningful words by joining this word to the words given here: bug, room, cover, sheet, river, time , flower.

Ans- bedbug, bedcover, bedsheet, bedroom, bed time, river bed, flower bed.

Basket- list the things you can put in a basket.

Ans-  flowers, fruits, vegetables, toys.

Flowers- write the names of different kinds of flowers.

Ans-  rose, louts, sunflower, hibiscus, marigold, Jasmin, Champa- Chameli.

4) using you imagination , make similar chains of 3 to 5 related things and list them according to their size. Write where each of the things can be found.

Ans-  mathematics-

Arab- Ten Cores- Cores- Ten Lakh- Lakhs- Ten Thousands- Thousands -Hundreds- Tens- Units.

Sens Organs-

Eyes- Ears- Nose- Tongue- Skin

Parts of trees-

Roots- Trunk- Leaves – flowers- Fruits

22.) A Team Of Workers.

Things to do-

1 ) enact the play

2) read the following words . from the lesson, find rhyming words for each.

  • Take- make
  • Hop- stop
  • You- do
  • Near- hear
  • Rest- best
  • Bite- right
  • Deceive- receive

3) now think of rhyming words for the following on you own.

  • Month- south
  • Feet- meet
  • Wrong- song
  • dry- cry
  • Weak- seek
  • Tried- fried

4) with the help of this play , write what the following body parts do-

  • Hands- the hands are used for hold the things, carry the things, for handshake etc.
  • Feet- the feet used for walking, run, jump, dance etc.
  • Eyes- eyes are used to view or see. Also its open ,close, blink too.
  • Ears- the ears hears all the sounds od surrounding.
  • Nose- the nose is used for respiration.
  • Mouth- mouth is used for eating and chewing the food.
  • Belly- It digest the food and do proper stomach digestion work and gives energy to all parts of body.

Put the names of the body parts in alphabetical order-

Ans- Belly, Ears, Eyes, Feet, Hands, Mouth, Nose

5) name the body parts that work together when we do the following-

  • Ride a bicycle- legs, hands and eyes.
  • Swim- hands, eyes and legs.
  • Write the answer to a question- hands, eyes and brain.
  • Eat our favourite dish-eyes, hands, mouth and tongue.
  • Go house when someone at home calls- eyes, ears and legs.
  • Choose and pick up a ripe mango form a box of mangoes- eyes, hands and nose.
  • Make a phone call- eyes, hand, mouth and ears.
  • Take a bath- hands, legs and eyes.
  • Switch off lights and fans in another room of there’s no one there- eyes, hands and legs.

6) complete the following sentences using you own ideas.

For example- Lift: ‘ Lift a heavy bag’.

  • Lift- Lift a heavy bag.
  • Put- put the book on table.
  • Make- make a good handwriting.
  • Hold- hold your grandmother’s hand.
  • Pull-pull the door.
  • Read- read the lesson carefully.
  • Carry-carry extra bag with you.
  • Push- push the gate.
  • Eat- eat sweet after lunch is ok.

7) if one body part is ill or injured or unable to work , how will the other body parts help? Write about one such occasion with the help of your experience or imagination.

Ans- I don’t have an experience of injured or unable to work of body parts but I can imagine how it will difficult if any part of our body is injured. All parts of our body are important because we work with every part of body. If our one hand or eye or ear or leg is injured then it is difficult to do work with only one part. But our remining body part are always helpful when another part is injured.


23.) The Two Merchants of Seri

Things to do-

1 ) copy the following words carefully-

  • Exchanges
  • Granddaughter-
  • Immediately
  • Enough
  • Dishonesty

2) write the opposites of the following words.

  • Honest × dishonest
  • High× low
  • Buy × sell
  • Poor × rich
  • Everything ×nothing
  • Ever × never
  • Pleasant× unpleasant
  • Worthless × valuable

3) find the names of the following metals from the lesson.

b——  ans- Brass

t——   ans- Tin

g—-   ans- Gold

c—–  ans- Copper

now , write the names of three more metals.

Ans- Iron , aluminium, silver, lead, mercury.

4) read aloud the conversation in the story. Enact the story.

5) what to we learn from this story?

Ans- we learn from this story is Honest is the best Policy. Dishonesty and greed never win. Always honesty wins.


24.) At the Market.

Things to do-

Enact these conversation . you may make your own additions or suitable changes in the conversations given here, when you enact them.


25.) After school

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions-

a ) what do the children do when is over for the day?

Ans- after over the school the children go off to play and romp.

b) who is left behind in school?

Ans-  their teacher is left behind in school.

c) what is the teacher like?

Ans-  the teacher is good and kind.

2) what do you feel when you leave home to go on a visit to another town?

Write about it in 2-3 lines.

Ans- when I will go to visit on another town then I feel very excited and like to see new things which present in that village. I will go to the famous spots in that town and also make new friends.

3) Interview your teacher with the help of the following questions.

a) what work does the teacher do-

  • at the beginning of the school year?

Ans- at the beginning of the year teacher arrange all the classroom, cupboard and introduced students about their new syllabus and subjects.

  • When she arranges the picnic?

Ans- teachers arranges the picnic in the winter seasons. At that time she arrange all the things , safety of students, bus for trip, give instructions to all the students etc.

  • When she conducts examination?

Ans- teachers conducts examination in the format like unit test, class test, semester test and also arranges papers for different subjects and take care of that thing is nobody cheating in the exam.

b) what does she like best about your class?

Ans- teacher like best about our class is our behavior , regular ness , and our activeness because all students take part in the different activities.

c) what improvements would she like to see on your class?

Ans- our teacher like to see improvements like all students come at regular time and do their homework properly and if have any query or difficulties then directly asked to teacher. Be a confident student.

26.) A School Teacher’s Thoughts

Things to do-

1 ) say where the teacher is when she has these thoughts:

a ) at home

b) on her way to school

c) In school

Ans- b) on her way to school

2) answer the following questions.

a) what work does the teacher do at home?

Ans- at the home teacher does the house work , cleaning and cooking. She also get children and their family tiffins ready for school.

b) what does this teacher’s homework?

Ans- teachers have to do their homework like correcting the notebooks and test papers, and planning how to make their lessons interesting and happy.

c) what does this teacher think about her students?

Ans- the teachers think about the students that the students are very eager to show her whatever they do. They are very happy when she praises them. Teacher love all the students and also think about them all the time.

d) why does she not feel like missing school?

Ans- all the students depend on teacher so much therefore whenever she not feel well she don’t feel like missing school.

3) write thoughts do you have on your way to school? Write them down in short.

Ans-  when I go to school I thought which lesson teacher will teach us today. What punishment will teacher gives to that who does not complete their homework?

What my friends brought in tifiin? And after recess which game we will play today? This types of thoughts are come in my mind when I will go to school.

4) write a few lines about your teacher.

Ans- My teacher name is Neha Sharma. She is very sweet and loving in nature. She teaches us English and Mathematics. She talk with us very nicely. If some one done correct homework she give us some interesting things. She always cheer up us for taking part in the school activities. She is best teacher for me.

5) guess the meaning of ‘traffic jam’.

Ans- Traffic Jam means a large number of vehicles on the road are unable to move. Lot’s of vehicle stuck on that road.

27.) The Bremen Town Musicians

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions in short:

a ) who were the musicians?

Ans- the donkey, dog, cat and cock were the four musicians.

b) did the musicians belong to Bremen town?

Ans- no, the musicians did not belong to Bremen town.

c) why did the donkey have to leave his master’s house?

Ans- the donkey’s master began to treat him unkindly therefore donkey leave his masters house.

d) why were the following unhappy-

  • the dog-

Ans- the dog is unhappy because his master is very cruel, he kicked out him out of house. And now dog is wondered how he would earn for his bread.

  • the cat-

Ans- the cat was unhappy because hos mistress did not need him anymore and also going to drown him.

  • the cock?

Ans- the cock was unhappy because his mistress was preparing a feat for her guest and she told the cook to kill the cock for the feast.

e) was the donkey good -hearted?

How do we know that?

Ans- yes, the donkey was good hearted. When he was that both dog and cat were unhappy and afraid, he tried to solve their problem . he invited them to come with him to Bermen where all musician are present.

f) was the idea of singing to the robbers really clever?

Ans-  Yes, the idea of singing was clever because it frightened the robbers.

g) what effect did the musicians ‘ singing have?

Ans- the musicians singing have effect of frightening the robbers. They sprang form the table in fear and ran off into the forest.

2) Tell what happened to the robber who went back to the house.

Ans- when the robbers went back to the house the cat scratched his face, the dog bit his leg and the donkey kicked him with his hind legs.

3) write the opposites of:

  • Starve× feed
  • Cruel × kind
  • Sadly × happily
  • Loud × soft
  • Huge × small
  • Hind legs ×forelegs
  • Happiness ×sadness

28.) Baby’s Dress

Things to do-

1 ) find six pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Ans- bless- dress

Bright- white

Cloud- proud

HoneySuckle – buckle

Hold- gold

True- blue

2) which flowers are mentioned in the poem? Describe each flower in one line.

Ans-  the flowers mentioned in the poem are the

Blue bell- blue bell is the blue in colour and  shaped like a true bell.

Lily- the lily is white in colour. It is bright and beautiful.

Honeysuckle – it has buds like buckle.

3) choose the words that describe a baby’s dress well.

Bright hard Dull beautiful Stiff soft
Tight Colourless Warm Cold Rough Pretty
smooth Colourful Light Heavy tiny  


Ans- bright, smooth, colourful, warm, light, beautiful, tiny, soft , pretty.

4) where do we see the following colours in nature?

Answers with the help of the poem and your own observation:

White- flowers, birds, clouds, cotton, animals etc.

Blue- sky, flowers, fruits, birds, animals

Golden- gold, sun

Silver- moon , star

Pink- flowers.

5) what prints/ designs would you like to have on your clothes or your bedsheet ?

List at least three designs for each.

Ans-clothes- flowers, dots, small boxes, stars.

Bedsheets- large boxes, flowers, small animals, large circle.

29.) Young Scientist- 2

30.) A Book Speaks

Things to do-

1 ) list the things that make a book unhappy. Example- dropping the book on the floor.

Ans- there are some things that make a book unhappy –

Bending the book

Tearing things make a book unhappy

Putting marks and stains on the book.

This things make book unhappy.

2) what do we have to do to make friends with a book?

Ans- to make the friends with a book , we must protect the book from the weather. We must also keep it clean , so that it is neat, clean and happy.

3) read the following and decide what the book will like or dislike.

  • Folding corners of pages- dislike
  • Using a book mark- like
  • Wetting your fingers with spittle when you turn the pages- dislike
  • Putting an open book face downwards- dislike


31.) Robotics

32.) The Noble Stag

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions:

a ) what did the king tell his countries?

Ans-  the king is told his countries that if they allowed a single deer to escape he would punish them seversely

b) was the stag hurt by the King’s arrow?

Ans- no, the stag was hurt by the king’s arrow.

c) how did the stag escape?

Ans-  when the king rolled over , the king thought it was dead. So, the king lowered his bow and began to walk towards it but the stag jumped up and escaped.

d) why did the King set off into the forest?

Ans-  the king set off into the forest in order to catch the stag.

e) why did the stag return?

Ans- the stag return because he thought that the king had perhaps fallen into the pit.

f) How did the stag save the King’s life?

Ans- the stag told the king not to worry and to be brave for while longer. He then caught a huge rock with his hind legs lowered himself into the pit. The king caught hold of his neck and the stag climed back  onto the level ground and carried the king to safely.

g) what did the stag tell the King’s?

Ans-  the stag told the king to rule wisely and well and be kind to animals.

h) why is the stag called ‘The Nobel Stag?

Ans-  the stag is called the noble stag because he was kind thoughtful, helpful and had a forgiving nature.

2) Read each of the following sentences. Use some other suitable word in place of the word given in a box. ( you need not use words from this story but you have to make meaningful sentences.)

The king was extremely fond of ( hunting)

Ans- the king was extremely fond of dance.

Thu huge forest was filled with ( deer)

Ans- the huge forest was filled with rabbits.

The stag came upon a ( hole)

Ans- the stag came upon a mountain.

He told the King not to ( worry)

Ans- he told the king not to confused.

The noble stag ( disappeared ) into the forest.

Ans- the noble stag run into the forest.

3 ) note the following:

One king – many kings

One bush- many bushes

One city- many cities

One horse- many horses

One arrow- many arrows

One leaf – many leaves

One child- many children

One foot- many feet


One deer – many deer

one sheep- many sheep

make collection of other such ‘one -many’ pairs.

Ans- one clothe- many clothes

One candle- many candles

One chocolate- many chocolates


One rupees- many rupees


33.) Washday

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions:

a ) wat is the ocean called in this poem?

Ans- ocean is called as Mrs. Ocean in this poem.

b) what does Mrs Ocean do every day?

Ans-  Mrs. Ocean washes clothes every day.

c) why does the sea water turn blue?

Ans- the sea water turn blue because Mrs. Ocean uses a lot of bluing.

d) what do the waves breaking on the share look like?

Ans- the waves Breaking on the share look like the lather or foam produced by soap.

2) the poet uses her imagination to talk about MRS Ocean.

Can you use your imagination to talk about the following?

a ) Mr. Moon-  Mr. moon , moon is very away from us. He have white clour. All people can see Mr. moon at in the night.

b) Mr. Sun- Mr. sun is very bright and hot. He is far away from earth.

c) Ms. Earth- Ms. Earth is very beautiful. All living organism can live on the earth. Earth have nature/ environment, temperature, weather, rain, water etc. earth have blue clour.

34.) At The Bottom of the Ocean

Things to do-

1 ) say whether the following statement are true or false:

a ) the sea is very deep. Ans- true

b) there aren’t any plants in the sea. Ans- false

c) the blue whale lives n the sea. Ans- true

d) the blue whale is the largest of all animals in the sea. Ans- true

e) deep down in the ocean , there is no sunlight. Ans- true

f) the ocean floor is flat. Ans- false

g) there are mountains under the ocean water. Ans- true

h) an island is a mountain top that rise out of ocean water. Ans- true

2) describe the following in one line each.

  • An ocean- it is a very big sea is known as An Oceans.
  • Ocean floor -the bottom of the ocean is called ocean floor.
  • An island – when the top of a mountain in the ocean rises out of the ocean water then it forms an island.

3) try to describe the following using your imagination / observation.

Draw pictures or maps for your description.

  • The view of a city as seen from the top of a hill.

Ans- the view of a city from the top is very beautiful. We can see all big and tall buildings to our surrounding. We see sky very clearly. We can see all the vehicles, road and people look very small from top.

  • The view of a village as seen from the top of a tree.

Ans- from the top of a tree we can see all things present in the village like temple, houses, playground, etc.

  • What you see in the sky early in the morning.

Ans- In the early morning the sunrise is beging and different clours are spread in the sky.

  • What you see in the sky in the evening.

Ans- In the evening sunset happned at that time also see clours in the sky. After that moon and stars are also seen.

  • What you see in the sky at night.

Ans- In the night all sky is see black clour and moon and stars are seen.

4) find as many words as possible that can fit the following descriptions.

Big and small – Ocean, sea, animals, tree, buildings, flowers, baby, mountains etc.

Strange and beautiful-  Forest, picture, mountains, etc

Dark and quit- night, caves, forest etc.

5) with the help of you teacher, find the names of all big oceans in the world. Find the names of the bay, the sea and the ocean that lie along the boundary of our nation.

Ans- there are four oceans lie along the boundary of our nation-

Pacific ocean

Arctic ocean

Atlantic ocean

Hindi ocean

The names of bay and the sea-

Bay of Bengal

Indian ocean

Arebian sea

6) the poem ‘Washday” is based on imagination and the passage’. At the Bottom of the ocean ‘ is based on actual observation. Now, say weather the following are based on imagination or observation.

a) In a Biscuit Factory

Ans- based on observation

b) The Sugar- Plum tree.

Ans- based on imagination

c) a Vanishing Trick

Ans- based on observation

d) A Team of Workers

Ans- based on imagination

e) The Bermen Town Musicians

Ans- based on imagination

F) the Nobel Stag

Ans- based on imagination

35.) Pinocchio

 Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions.

a ) why did the carpenter give the piece of wood toGepetto?

Ans- the carpenter give the piece of the wood to Gepetto because Gepetto wants to make a wooden puppet that can run, jump and make its way around in the wold.

b) what did the Puppet Pinocchio want?

Ans- Pinocchio wants to be a real boy, a real son to his father and not just a wooden puppet.

c) why cloud Pinocchio not become a real boy?

Ans- Pinocchio would not become a real toy because he was make by the piece of wood.

d) why did Pinocchio’s nose become long?

Ans – Pinocchio’s nose became long because he lied to the fairy. The more lied he told , the longer his nose become.

e) how did Pinocchio become a real boy at the end?

Ans- the Pinocchio start to work hard to help Gepetto. He even sent all his money to the fairy when he knows that she was ill. He do all his efforts and because of this he become a real boy.

2) Give one example each of the following:

a) Pinocchio’s naughtiness

Ans- as soon as Gepetto taught Pinocchio to walk, he ran out of the hut so fast that Geppetocan not catch him. A policeman caught him and brought him retun back to Geppetto. From this we can understand Pinocchio’s naughtiness.

b) Pinocchio’s silly ideas about school-

Ans- Pinoccho thought he would go to school, learn reading in a day, writing the next day and then arithimatic on the day after that.

c) Geppetto’s love for Pinocchio

Ans- Gepetto loved Pinocchio so much that when he knew that Pinocchio wanted to go to school, he sold his only coat to get the money for Pinocchio’s books.

d) the puppet master’s kindness.

Ans- The puppet master’s was not really a ricked master. He let both the puppets go. Not only that, he also gave Pinocchio five gold coins for his okd father Geppetto, when he heard his story.

3) use the following words in your own sentences or short paragraphs:

  • Readily- the mother told her daughter to come readily.
  • Lovingly- the teacher always talks lovingly with all the students.
  • Annoyed – Ramesh father was annoyed to see the broken window of Car.
  • Pleaded- the Rajesh pleaded to teacher for taking holiday.
  • Gallantly- The worrior gallantly fight at the time of war.
  • Immediately- Principal called Immediately to teacher in Office.
  • At last- Sita at last finished her tiffin.
  • Truly- Ritu was truly very caring person.

4) write / tell any one of Pincchio’sadventrues in short , in your own words.


5) write/ tell about any one silly thing that you have done.

Ans- my mother said , when I was in the Sr. Kg , I took everyone’s tiffin and eat it alone in lunch break.

6) write / tell about any occasion when you wanted to help other.

Ans- once, when I was in a car, I saw one blind  old leady who crossing the road but they could not crossed the road at that time I were went and help that old leady for crossing. I always like to help old people.

7) complete the following sentences in as many ways as possible:

Once upon a time——–

Ans-  once upon a time there were held an exhibition in my village.

Early one morning—–

Ans-early on e morning the students of 5th standard went for the Tracking.

Last night—–

Ans- last night  I saw an interesting dream.

36.) Gadge Maharaj

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions.

a ) what did Gadge Baba look like?

Ans-Gadge baba was  big, tall and had stout body. He had silver hair, brown eyes and fairy skin.

b) why did people call him Gadge Baba?

Ans- The Gadge baba always carry with him a bowl and a stick. The bowl means ‘gadge’ therefore people stat calling him Gadge Baba or Gadge Maharaj.

c) what message did Gadge Baba spread?

Ans- Gadge Baba roamed form village to village for spreading his msg of cleanliness, humanity and the importance of education.

d) why did Gadge Baba speed away after the keertan?

Ans- Gadge baba speed away after the keertanbcause people come to touch Gage baba’s feet which he don’t like therefore he speed away after keertan.

e) wherever he went, what did Gadge Baba do?

Ans- wherever he went he asked for sturdy brooms, spades and pans to sweep and clean the whole area.

f) what was Gadge Baba’s way of serving God?

Ans- Gadge Baba saw god in poor and miserable people and serving these people was his way of serving God.


2) list the different ways in which you can help to keep your home and school clean.


  • Do not spread garbage anywhere.
  • Keep our surrounding clean and neat.
  • Placed Dustbins on public places.
  • With help of chart , write cleanness message on chart and stick on wall.
  • Placed different dustbins for dry garbage and wet garbage.
  • Aware people about cleanness.

37.) Bedtime

Things to do-

1 ) read the poem aloud.

2) write what the following are doing-

Rook-  the rooks are all flying to their nest.

Butterfly- the butterfly is feeling sleepy and has folded its wings.

Bees-  the bees are returning to their hives.

Birds- the birds are silent and ready to sleep.

3) what is your ‘ bedtime’? who tells you to go bed?

Ans- My bed time is at 10 pm. My mother or father tells me to go bed.

38.) The Magic Kettle

Things to do-

1 ) answer the following questions:

a ) why was the old man proud of his house? Describe his house.

Ans-  the old man was proud of his house because the house was beautiful. The house was high up in the mountains. It also had white straw and pretty papered walls. Therefore the old man proud of his house.

b) what did the old man find in his house one day?

Ans-  one day , the old man found a rusty old kettle in a corner of the room in his house.

c) why did he decide to keep the old kettle?

Ans-  the old man decide to keep the old kettle because it looked very good and also his own kettle was getting worn out therefore he decide to keep that old kettle.

d) what happened to the kettle when it was put on the fire?

Ans- when the kettle was put on the fire then the handle of the kettle slowly turns its shape and became a head. The spout grew into a tail. The body of the kettle form sprang four paws. The kettle turned into a Tanuki.

e) what did the tanuki tell Jimmu?

Ans-  the tanuki told jimmu that it would stay with him and make also make him very rich. He also told him you show me around and people would give a lot of money to see a kettle turn into a tanuki and its dance.

f) why did Jimmu decide to stop the shows?

Ans- Jimmu decide to stop shows because he became a rich man. He and tanuki now live in comfortable life and therefore he decide to stop the shows.

 2) describe the ‘Tanuki Show’ in your own words.

Ans-  The Tanuki Show’ it was watched by many people. At the jimmu’s instruction the kettle turns into tanuki and it was very amazing to the people who came for watching the show. When jimmu gives instruction the tanuki walk, run, jump  and dance therefore people were surprised and excited to see that stunts by the little animal. Jimmu and tanuki have very good bonding. Jimmu arrange the show and tanuki shows his skills . The show made jummu rich. After that they both live comfortably and stopped the show.

3) what reasons can you think of for the following:

  • The kettle turned into a tanuki when it was put on the fire.

Ans-  the kettle was the hiding place for the tanuki and tanuki shows himself only if he liked the owner of the kettle. Also if the owner likes tanuki too then the tanuki make the owner rich man. Therefore kettle turned into a tanuki when it was put on the fire because tanuki likes the owner of the kettle.

  • The tanuki decided to stay with Jimmu.

Ans- yes, tanuki decide to stay with jimmu because he picked him nicely and also spoken with him nicely, lovingly. Therefore the tanuki decided to stay with jimmu.

4) find the smaller words hidden in the following words:

  • Carefully-care, full, fully, car, rare.
  • Lovingly- love, in, lying.
  • Furry- fur, fry.
  • Playful- play, lay, fall, full.
  • Somewhere- some, where, home.

5) what would have happened had the old man kept the tanuki? Write in short.

Ans- when the kettle was put on the fire then the handle of the kettle slowly turns its shape and became a head. The spout grew into a tail. The body of the kettle form sprang four paws. The kettle turned into a Tanuki.

The tanuki jumped off the fire and bounded about the room like a ketten. It ran very pretty papered walls and even across the ceiling. The old man cloud not catch it. He also called his neighbour for his  help. After that the old man don’t want to kept this animals in his house therefore he sell it off to jimmu.