GK Worksheets

General  Knowledge (GK) Worksheets for Students

Worksheets are practical workbooks where professionals create multiple tasks for readers to make their learning experience enjoyable. Worksheets are always creative and innovative which includes various images and covers multiple topics in a single form to encourage students. Here, parents will definitely find the most comprehensive format for general knowledge worksheets for their children. This worksheet is prepared in a way that not only readers but also teachers will find it interesting to teach. There will be various forms like questionnaire, puzzles and quizzes will be present for making the learning process more engaging to all. General knowledge is an unending path where children will find no limit in their learning so it’s really important for enhancing their interest from basic level.

General Knowledge (GK) Worksheets for Students

Benefits of General Knowledge Worksheet:

From the printable general knowledge worksheets children will definitely get the path of extending their learning more. For being printable children can use any worksheet of their chosen topics depending upon their requirements. That is why they do not need to spend much time and money to buy a full copy of general knowledge workbook. General knowledge is a vast area where multiple small sectors are included for educating children. They often find it difficult to remember all information of general knowledge. So, general knowledge worksheets are here for giving children a practical experience and making them remember easily. When they will practice all topics and find out answers by their own even learn the themes from various stories its will be effective for them. Visual learning always leave greater impact on mind so does the worksheets. General knowledge is not only a subject but also it is a skill which enhance the learning capacity of students. Students will find all topics arranged in well-organised way within the printable format of worksheets.

Time of using General Knowledge Worksheet:

The most advantageous fact of printable worksheets is that it makes the learning simple and enjoyable. Children learn to explore more through the engaging and exciting activities included within general knowledge worksheets. Parents should engage their children from the initial stage of learning which kindergarten period of learning is. It creates easy and progressive learning environment where children do not need to put extra efforts and hard work. With the time being children learn new topics of general knowledge easily within limited time period. We should encourage youngsters from the very beginning of their learning journey. Once they gain confidence and start believing in themselves they get the power in growing throughout their entire life. With the approach of worksheets we encourage children to apply their imagination by enhancing their knowledge power simultaneously. For that we should present the most effective learning worksheets for children which will help children to achieve their learning goals.

Finding Suitable GK Worksheets:

There are millions of worksheets for general knowledge are available for children in internet. So, it is quite difficult to choose the effective and right resources for students. So, our first duty is to find out the most engaging, error free ad useful worksheets for children. Pre-schoolers and school goers can easily rely on our selective sources of printable worksheets to educate children in general knowledge. Parents and teachers will find all worksheets as well-organised with which they can teach children appropriately. In fact, children can read and practice these worksheets by their own without guidance. Once they find the exploration exciting and effective for their own growth they will concentrate on general knowledge by their own. Now, parents do not need to spend much amount of money in buying workbooks for their children. Instead they can just find out the right resources, download it and print it according to their convenience. Children can learn critical concepts and topics easily though the picturesque presentation of worksheets. Children will find learning as an adventure through worksheets. Professional educators prepare worksheets after prolonged research so we can completely rely on it. General knowledge is a topic which gets extended and updated over time which cannot be available always within books. But in online version resources will always be updated version so choosing printable worksheets for learning is always a wise option. Parents will find download links for worksheets in the given links.

Jumbled Words for Class 1 GK

National symbols

Land animals

Animal and their babies

Our flag

Know your Cartoon Friends

Independence Day

Golden words

They made us proud to be Indians

Fairy tales

Famous in India

Odd One out

The sky above us

Caring for mother Earth

Dance in India

Milk is good for health

Fruits and vegetables


Eye care

Plant World

Let’s Shop

Months of the year

Food for brain

Games of India


Jumbled Words for Class 2 GK

States & Their Abbreviations Worksheet

States and their Capitals Worksheet

State, Capital & Cities

State Name Word Search

Answer & Locate

Independence day


Sports equipment

Around the world

Animal Groups

Animals that live in water

Tips for healthy teeth

Tour of India

Folk dances

Largest in India

Amazing animals

Largest in the world

Unique fruits

Indian dance

Saint Teresa of Kolkata

Intelligent Animals

World’s Extremes

The Taj Mahal: India’s Jewel

National Sports

Famous Animal Safaris

Natural Wonders

Mera Bharat Mahan

Famous residences

Banned in Countries


Jumbled Words for Class 3 GK


  1. What is General Knowledge Worksheets

Answer. General knowledge worksheets are practical workbook which is also printable and children can use it when they need.

  1. At what age children can follow printable worksheets

Answer. Toddler, kindergarten goers and higher standard students can follow printable worksheets throughout their learning.