Worksheets for Class 8

We have made the best of people work on the worksheets for Classes VIII, IX and Xth, because we know that students deserve the best material to score and pass the exams with flying colors. The worksheets for Class VIIth are designed keeping in mind the essence of the coming of board examinations, with focus on the most relevant and important concepts. They are divided into Very Short, Short and Long Questions along with small exercises. They are based on the CBSE NCERT curriculum.

Worksheets for Class 8 Math, Science, English, Hindi, Computer, GK, LWV

Worksheet is the medium of practical learning through which students can understand their curriculum well. Students have to follow their textbooks in general for knowing different topics. In this case, teachers guide them for clearing the doubts and queries related to any chapter. Students need to follow additional resources during their self-study for doing any assignment and activity lessons. Expert teachers prepare worksheets after through research to fulfil the needs and expectations of students. Students will get the ways for achieving their learning goals easily by following worksheets. Students of class 8 will find out details about computer worksheets for their learning activities.

Importance of computer in academics:

Worksheet covers an important part of learning outcome for students along with their basic textbooks. All students want to understand topics of their curriculum from the beginning of their academic session. Worksheets will create the easier path for their complete preparation. If they follow worksheets regularly they will find out the effective learning outcomes over time. Students need to focus on their practice and revision after completing their syllabus. Worksheets include all types of learning activities with which students can easily practice their lessons. Besides that students will find out their preparation level when they will analyse their answer writing in worksheets. After that they can give more time on needed areas which will make them confident for effective preparation. Students will get an overall view of exam pattern about their school exam from worksheets.

Worksheet for computer:

Computer is a compulsory subject now for all classes like all other conventional subjects. Computer literacy is mandatory for all students and schools have included separate computer lab in every school. Being a practical based subject students must take part in their practical classes where they learn different computer applications with its various purposes. After school they need full explanation of all instruction for different computer applications. Experts prepare worksheets for all applications so that students can learn those in the absence of practical classes.

Class 8 is an important stage of secondary education when students learn many new topics. If they learn the topics better at initial stages then they will easily grasp the knowledge at advance level. For that students should follow computer worksheets of computer where they will get instruction in detail for all applications. Students may find it difficult to follow the right resources of computer worksheet. For that we have given the direct links of computer worksheet from where students can easily download and practice.

Class 8 Science Worksheets

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (April 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (May 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (June 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (July 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (August 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (September 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (October 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (November 2021)

Class 8 Computer Worksheet PDF Download (December 2021)

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Class 8 Hindi 


Chapter 1 – Dhwani

Chapter 2 – Lakh Ki Chudiyan

Chapter 3 – Bus ki Yatra

Chapter 4 – Deewano Ki Hasti

Chapter 5 – Chitthiyon Ki Anoothi Duniya

Chapter 6 – Bhagwan Ke Dakiye

Chapter 7 – Kya Nirash Hua Jaye

Chapter 8 – Yeh Sabse Kathin Samay Nahi

Pahad se Uncha Aadmi

Chapter 9 – Kabir Ki Sakhiyan

Chapter 10 – Kamchor

Chapter 11 – Jab Cinema Ne Bolna Sikha

Chapter 12 – Sudama Charit

Chapter 13 – Jahan Pahiya Hai

Chapter 14 – Akbari Lota 

Chapter 15 – Surdas Ke Pad