Who Will be Ningthou Class 5 Extra Questions English Chapter 10

Who Will be Ningthou Class 5 Extra Questions English Chapter 10 Solution

NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 10 Who Will be Ningthou Extra Questions and Answers.  CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 10 Extra Questions.

All Questions & Answers are very important because all are taken from Textbook.

  • Subject : English.
  • Level : Class – 5.
  • Chapter: 10
  • Topic : Who Will be Ningthou Extra Questions.

(1) True or false: – Give a supportive sentence: –

(i) The Ningthou an Leima did not think about their meeyam.

Ans: – False. The Ningthou and Leima never stopped thinking about their Meeyam.

(ii) The people did not loved their Ningthou and Leima

Ans: – False. The people also loved their Ningthou and Leima.

(iii) Sanatombi feels the pain of the people, birds, trees

Ans: – True

(iv) The king and queen had three sons.

Ans: – True

(v) The king and queens elder son’s name was Sanajaoba.

Ans: – true

(vi) The people shouted ‘Thouro! Thouro!’ for Sanayaima.

Ans: – False, The people shouted “Thouro! Thouro!’ for Sanajaoba

(vii) Sonatombi uprooted the tree, Khongnang.

Ans: – False, Sanatomba uprooted the tree

(2) (a) Where did the Ningthou and Leima live?

Ans: – The Ningthou and leima lived in the land of kangleipak in Manipur.

(b) Besides the people by whom the Ningthou and leima were loved?

Ans: – Besides the people the leima and Ningthou were loved by the birds and the animals.

(c) How many children the kind and the queen had?

Ans: – The king and the queen had three sons and one daughter. Their names were – Sanajaoba, Sanayaima, Sanatomba and Sanatombi.

(d) How many years later was their daughter, Sanatombi born?

Ans: – Their daughter, Sanatombi was born twelve years later.

(e) How did the king want to select their future king?

Ans: – The king wanted to select their future king by a contest, a horse race.

(f) How was the nature of Sanatombi?

Ans: – Sanatombi was a lovely child, soft and beautiful inside. And she was loved by everyone.

(g) Why did the birds flapped around the tree?

Ans: – The tree lay dead by the throne because of the contest. That is why the birds flapped around and searching for their homes in the tree.

(h) What did Sanatombi whispered near the Khongana?

Ans: – Sanatombi whispered near the Khongnang that “the Khongnag is dead and it was heart by the appear and now it is dead’.

(i) Why did the people of Kongleipak love their king and queen?

Ans: – The people of Kangleipak loved their king and queen because they were concerned about their meeyam and their happiness. AS well as they also cared for the birds, animals and trees.

(j) What was the condition of the contest?

Ans: – The condition of the contest was that – whoever reached the Khongnang, the banyan tree, first would be declared the future king.

(k) What strange thing happen in the contest?

Ans: – At the end of the contest a strange thing happened which was that Sanajaoba, Sanayaima, and Sanatomba all three of then finished the race together. All three reached the finish line at the same time.

(l) why did the Khangnang die?

Ans: – All the three sons of the king pierced the tree one by to prove themselves when the younger son rode his horse towards the Khongnang, IT was hard enough to uprooted the tree. He triumphantly carried the tree to the king and the queen. That is the reason behind Khongnang death.

(m) Why did the Ningthou choose sanatombi as the future ruler of kangleipak?

Ans: – The Ningthou choose Sanatombi as the future ruler because none of his sons would understand the pain of the tree, but Sanatombi feels the pain of the tree, as well as the people, the animals and the birds. She had proved that a Leima is one who doesn’t hurt anybody in Kingdom.

(n) What did Sanatombi do at the end?

Ans: – At the end Sonatombi stood like a small Khongnang with birds flying all around her. She held out her hands full of grain and the birds flooped about her, pecking at the food. They sat on her shoulders and on her head.

(o) Why did the king want to choose their future king?

Ans: – In the old days the eldest son always became the king. But in the present story the king wanted a worth man to be future king. That is why he want to choose their worthy future king.

(3) Write the English meaning of the following words –

(i)  Leima – Queen

(ii) Ningthou – king

(iii) Meeyam – people

(iv) Tunggi Ningthou – future king

(v)  Shagol thauba nupa – such fine horseman.

(vi) Thouro Thouro – Bravo Bravo

(vii) Phajei Phajei – wonderful wonderful

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