West Bengal Board Class 8 English Solution Lesson 5 Princess September

West Bengal State Board Class 8 English Solution: Lesson 5 Princess September


Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative:

1.) When the little bird hopped into Princess September’s room, she was sleeping in her bed.


2.) The little bird perched on the finger of the Princess.


3.) The sisters of Princess were envious of her.


4.) Princess September was advised to put the bird in a cage.


Activity 2

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:

1.) Princess September was crying alone in her room.


2.) A little bird hopped on to the end of the Princess’s bed.


3.) The bird sang a beautiful song.


4.) All sisters came together to advise Princess September.


5.) The Princess was advised to put the bird into a cage.


6.) Princess September feared that the bird might forget her.


Activity 3

Answer the following question:

1.) How do you think Princess September spent her days when the bird was away?

Answer: Princess September spent her time thinking about the little bird. She thought that he might forget it.


Activity 4

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

1.) The little bird was surprised when September carried him to the cage, put him in and shut door on him.


2.) At dawn, the little bird wished to be let out from the cage because he wanted to have a good fly while the dew was still wet on the ground.


3.) Princess September told the bird he was better off in the cage because he had a beautiful golden gate.


4.) The bird told the Princess that it could not sing as he wanted to see the trees and the lake and the green rice growing in the fields.


Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

1.) ‘So he suspect nothing.’ Who is ‘he’? Why did he not suspect anything?

Answer: Here ‘he’ refers to the little bird. The little bird didn’t suspect the Princess as he was used to September’s holding him that way.


2.) Why did the little bird stop in the middle of his song?

Answer: The bird stopped in the middle of his song because he felt stuck in the cage. He didn’t feel free there.


3.) How did he try to free himself from the cage?

Answer: The bird tried to slip through the bars of the cage, but he couldn’t. He also tried to beat against the door but all was in vain.


Activity 6

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statement in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers.

1.) The little bird was happy to see the rice fields and the lake from within the cage.

Answer: False

The rice fields and the lake and the willow trees look quite different when you see them though the bars of cage.


2.) When the bird did not eat a thing, Princess September grew anxious.

Answer: True

The princess was anxious.


3.) The next morning Princess found the bird hopping around the cage.

Answer: False

She gave a startled cry, for there the little bird lay with eyes closed, and he looked as if he were dead.


4.) The bird was granted freedom.

Answer: True

“Then take your freedom, “ the Princess said.


Activity 7

Answer the following questions:

1.) How did Princess September try to make the little bird happy?

Answer: The princess picked up the cage and walked down to the lake round which grew the willow trees. She stood at the edge of the rice-fields and showed the little bird everything that it wanted to see.


2.) Why did the Princess give a “a sob a relief”?

Answer: When the Princess heard the little bird’s heart still beating, she gave a sob a relief.


3.) Why was the little bird granted freedom by the Princess?

Answer: The Princess realized that the little bird was not happy in the cage and she loved it enough to make it free and be happy.


4.) “Then he opened his wings and flew right away into the blue.” Would the little bird return to the Princess again? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I think the little bird would come back to the Princess because it loved the princess and he also promised that he would never forget her.


Activity 8(a)

In the following sentences underline the groups of words that do not have a subject or a predicate and do not have a finite verb and do not make complete sense:

1.) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.


2.) The sun rises in the east.


3.) The farmer lived in a house made of straw.


Activity 8(b)

In the following sentences, underline the group of words that do the work of an Adjective:

1.) He was a man full of hope.


2.) A necklace of great value was stolen.


3.) This is a table made of wood.


Activity 8(c)

In the following sentences, underline the groups of words that do the work of an Adverb:

1.) The bird stood in the corner of his cage.


2.) He spoke in a confident manner.


3.) It’s raining at this moment.


Activity 8(d)

In the following sentences, underline the groups of words that do the work of a Noun:

1.) Travelling by train gives me great pleasure.


2.) The child refused to answer my question.


3.) He wanted to go home.


Activity 8(e)

1In the following sentences underline and identify the phrases:

1.) The wind blew with great speed.

Answer: Adverb phrase


2.) The king wore a crown made of diamond.

Answer: Adjective phrase


3.) The little girl did not know what to do.

Answer: Noun phrase


4.) She is a lady of great patience.

Answer: Adjective phrase


Activity 8(f)

In the following sentences, underline groups of words that have a Subject and a Predicate and form parts of the main sentences and have Finite verbs:
1.) He was surprised when she carried him to the cage.


2.) He drew a picture which was very beautiful.


3.) I did not go to school as I was unwell.


4.) Indian cricket team is confident that it will win the match.


Activity 8(g)

In the following sentences, underline the main parts of the sentences that are Independent and circle the clauses that depend on the main parts:

1.) Although he was unwell(depend), he went out. (Independent)


2.) He is a king(Independent)who is very powerful.(Dependent)


3.) Rani said(Independent)that he had met my brother.(Dependent)


4.) When she was hungry,(Dependent)the baby cried out.(Independent)


Activity 9

Replace the underlined words with their antonyms:

1.) The boy wrote a different story.

Answer: The boy wrote a same story.


2.) The mother placed the child gently on the bed.

Answer: The mother placed the child rudely on the bed.


3.) On hearing the news he felt very uneasy.

Answer: On hearing the news he felt very easy.


4.) The gate was opened by the porter.

Answer: The gate was closedby the porter.


Activity 10 (a)

Suppose you are a member of an organization that works for prevention of cruelty to animals. You come across a monkey in chains being made to perform tricks. You watch it for some time till it suddenly starts talking to you of its sorrow.

Answer: Monkey : What are looking at?

Me : You can talk!

Monkey : Yes, I can.

Me : That is strange. So tell me how you feel being chained all the time.

Monkey : It the worst thing ever. It pains a lot.

Me : I feel so sad about you.

Monkey : I can see the sympathy in almost everyone’s eyes. But they cannot do anything.

Me : But I really want to help you out. I hate to see animals like you being mistreated.

Monkey : What can you do?

Me : I can take you out from here. I will plan something.

Monkey : Thank you. This means a lot. You are the first one to help me.


Activity 10 (b)

Suppose you have to obey the orders of someone from morning to night. You are not allowed to act according to your own will. Write a paragraph in about eighty words describing your feelings in this situation.

Answer: I feel like I have become a robot. I feel like I’m stuck. From morning to night I have to order to the orders of someone else. The life has been changed 360 degrees ever since then. I’m a kind of person who doesn’t take orders without any reason but now this feel like a punishment. Earlier I used to live my life according to my own terms but now even for small things, I have to take someone else’s order. But there is one positive thing that I might develop discipline and become patient.

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