West Bengal Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3 An April Day

Tick the correct alternative

1.) When the warm sun has returned again….

(B) Visit the still wood.

2.) The sapling draws its sustenance from …

(C) earth’s loosened mould.

3.) The birds

(A) glance quick in the bright sun.

4.) The green slope throws its Shadow upon..

(B) the hollows of the Hills.

Activity – 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text.

1.) Spring is the season of blossoms Flowers.

2.) The coming on off storms is for told by Dark and many folded clouds .

3.) The birds move along by opening of the forest .

4.) The bright sunset feels snowy woods on the light.

Activity – 3

Answer the following questions

1.) Why do you think the poet ‘Loves the season well ? “

Ans: Because it is only one beauty which looks in natural spring season. It is just different enjoys to walk un forest during the spring season .The flowers glades are teeming with green leaves and In this season it is harvested .Birds also sing sweet songs and so The poet loves the season well.

Activity – 4

Fill in the chart with information from the text .

Who Did what
1.) The first flower springs in the forest.
2.) The forest glades are shining with bright.
3.) The saplings make its living from the loosen art mould.
4.) The drooping trees roam through stricken heart with winters cold.

Activity – 5

1.) Why is it sweet to visit the wood during springtime ?

Ans: yes it is very sweet to walk in the wood during springtime because there is enjoyment to feel peaceful our body and mind .Flowers blossom in such situation. The trees are filled with leaves .The flowers glades are teeming with its shine forms. During this all birds are their wings look with multi coloured hence it is sweet to visit the wood at the time of spring season .

2.) What does winter’s cold do to the tree?

Ans: Whenever winter’s cold falls hardly there are likely stricken towards hearts with chilly cold and so they fully wither.

3.) What time of the Day do you think it is when “ The green slope throws its shadows in the hollows of the hills ?”

Ans: It’s sunset Day (period ) when the green slope throws it’s shadows in the hollows of the hills.

Activity – 7

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words .

1.) Harvest : – During the harvesting , my uncle guides me to harvest .

2.) Teeming : — whenever we think of forests glades which are teeming with shining forms.

3.) Thrives : – The saplings make their sustenance and thrives .

4.) Glance : — Wings of the birds are glanced in the blue sky as if their wings are glancing in colourful.


Activity 8(a)

Write a paragraph in about eight words on the changes that you see in nature when spring comes after winter.


The season of spring brings joy in the nature. After the winter, there comes the spring which is the middle of the March. The leaves shed in the winter season. But it is in the spring new leaves and flowers blossom which make nature beautiful. The birds feel free and sing sweetly. The sun shines brightly in this season and everything looks bright.


Activity 8(b)

You have a separate routine of work in the morning and in the evening. Write a page in your dairy on that part of the day which you prefer more.

Answer: I wake up at 5.00 am. My day starts from going for a walk then I come back after 1 hour. I have breakfast around 8.00 am and then I get ready to go school. I attend school from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Then, I go back home around 5.30. Then I have my badminton classes to attend. After that, I return home around 8.00 pm. Then, I study for 2 hours and have dinner at 10.00 pm. I go to sleep at 10.30 pm.

I like the morning part of the day because it is the time when I feel fresh and active.

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