West Bengal Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 12 Someone

West Bengal State Board Class 8 English Solution: Lesson 12 Someone

Activity – 1

Tick the correct alternative

1.) The door was _____.

(b) small

S.S:– The poet therefore was feeling a mysterious .

2 .The poet looked _____.

(c ) to left and right

S.S:– because someone was knocking his door again and again .

3.) The busy beetle was tap-tapping in the _____.

(a) Wall

S.S:– This was a insect ‘Beetle’ sounds taptapping mentioned in the poem .

4.) The cricket was ______.

(b) Whistling

S.S:– because the poet felt sounds of insect cricket in the still and dark night .

Activity – 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text.

1.) Someone came knocking at the poet’s wee , small door .

2.) There was no stirring in the still , dark night .

3.) The poet heard the screech-owl’s call from the forest.

4.) The poet did not know at all who came knocking at his door .

Activity – 3

Answer the following questions

1.) Who do you think came knocking at the poet’s small door ?

Ans:- I think someone was knocking at his small door .But with a great sure he opened the door and looked to left and right but No one was there .Only there was a stirring in the still, dark night . Only the insects sounds were coming surrounding him. then after he realized that No one here at all one who came knocking the door

Activity – 5

Answer the following questions

1.) What did the poet do after he heard the knocking on the door ?

Ans:- when the poet heard knocking his door then he slowly opened it and looked here and there .

2.) What was the night like ?

Ans:- The night was just quiet and dark.

3.) Name the insect mentioned in the poem.

Ans:- There are two types of insects such as Beetle and Cricket mentioned in the poet .

4.) Why does the poet use the expression at all thrice in the last line of the poem ?

Ans:- Because he did not realize that who was knocking at his door again and again. He was feeling only a mysterious that someone was there and so his expression was ‘at all thrice’.


Activity 6 (a)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the given verbs in brackets:

1.) The Mayor will go to Pune next week.


2.) By next December, we will stay here for three years.


3.) Perhaps they will visit Dooars later.


4.) The boy has been watching television since morning.


Activity 6 (b)

In the following sentences underline the phrases and state what kind of Phrases they are:

1.) He wanted to speak to his teacher.

Answer: Prepositional phrase


2.) At this moment it’s raining hard.

Answer: Adverbial phrase


3.) To do well in the competition is my aim.

Answer: Noun phrase


4.) They live in a house made of wood.

Answer: Adjective phrase


Activity 6 (c)

In the following sentences underline the Clauses and state what kind of Clauses they are:

1.) The child ran away as soon as she saw the strange man.

Answer: Adverbial clause


2.) I saw an old woman who was carrying a child.

Answer: Noun clause


3.) The dog follows his master wherever he goes.

Answer: Adverbial clause


4.) We all thought that it would not rain today.

Answer: Adverbial clause


Activity 6 (d)

Change the following sentences from Active to Passive Voice:

1.) India won the World Cup in cricket recently.

Answer: The World Cup in cricket recently was won by India.


2.) The teacher was teaching English.

Answer: English was being taught by the teacher.


3.) Rani is singing a beautiful song.

Answer: A beautiful song is being sung by Rani.


4.) The wind blew away the rooftops of the houses.

Answer: The rooftops of the houses were blown away bythe wind.


Activity 7

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

1.) Wee                        –           That is a wee window.


2.) Stirring       –           He was a stirring politician.


3.) Busy           –           When you called me, I was busy doing work.


4.) Dewdrops –           There were tiny dewdrops on the leaves after it rained.


Activity 8 (a)

Suppose you spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house. Write a paragraph of about eight words on your experience. Mention the sounds that you heard there.


Last month, I with my family had been to Kamala forest. There we stayed at a forest guest house for 2 days. It was a beautiful guest house with all the facilities. On the second day, we spent a moonlight night. Also there was a power-cut. There was a pin drop silence. We could hear the sounds of many animals. It was filled with excitement and also some horror. The first sound that we heard was that of roar of a lion. It was my first time that I heard such sound. Then there were also some monkeys chattering. Then we heard the laughing of hyenas. All those sounds made us feel scared but it was altogether a different experience.


Activity 8 (b)

In about eight words write an autobiography of an owl enjoying the night.

Answer: Hello, I’m an owl. I’m a nocturnal animal and I feel active only at nights. When you people sleep, I’m awake and I enjoy the most in the nights. I roam here and there without any fear. The world at night seems so different and I’m lucky to experience the night life. I can go and see how the world looks like at night.

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